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While it’s understandable that your SaaS company’s main focus is on developing innovative technology. However, it’s important to remember that marketing plays a crucial role in driving business growth.

Having high-quality products is crucial for the growth of any business. But what happens if there are no interested customers?

Hold on…there is a solution.

SaaS companies can increase their game and attract 10,000 traffic to their site…

…if they know this ONE secret.

However, NOT many people know this.

In another way, even if they know this, they HAVEN’T realized the potential of this hack.

Here is how to increase website traffic for SaaS companies…

Guest posting is the way to go. Sounds cool?

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But..Why Guest Posting?

Guest Posting

We are a data-driven agency. So, the data will speak for itself. The following facts will reflect the real picture:

🔥Bryan Harris established a full-time business that generates over $15,000 monthly with just one guest post on Okdork. (Neil Patel)

🔥Guest posting can result in a significant increase of up to 75% in direct sales. (Adsy)

🔥Guest posts with in-content backlinks generate 387% more referral traffic than those with author bios. (BloggerJet)

🔥From a guest post on Moz, Jon Cooper was able to draw in roughly 400 readers. (Neil Patel).

Convinced? Well, knowing the secret is not enough! Knowing how to increase website traffic for SaaS companies is ‘the thing.’

But before that…

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…Let’s Understand Guest Posting A Bit More

From a superficial level, it looks like someone is featuring you on their site.

But, digging deeper, you will understand guest posting comes with a backlink.

When you write for high authority, niche-relevant sites, you will attract valuable backlinks.

Moreover, as the above data signal, you see a jump in your traffic. That is something you want (being a SaaS marketer). Isn’t it?

Remember, earning high-quality backlinks through guest posting is NOT a cakewalk. You need to be strategic enough to become the go-to choice of the readers.

At this point, the question is how to Increase Website Traffic For Saas Companies through guest posts…

…that looks natural and comes will a bunch of value.

So, here is the process.

Guest Posting For SaaS Companies – Road To Success

Your hunt to increase website traffic for SaaS companies starts here!

When you know how to tailor your guest post for backlinks, your SaaS website traffic will skyrocket.

Well, let’s take you through the entire process.

1. Research the SaaS Website (‘The ONE’)

Research the SaaS Website

How can you understand ‘this is the one that I was looking for’? This requires a decent amount of intelligence and knowing the steps right.

Start with keyword research. Identify the keywords related to your niche. Perform a competitor analysis. Check the backlinks of your competitors. Learn from them. Monitor their backlink profile. Conduct thorough keyword research and take it up a notch.

The biggest factor that comes here is RELEVANCE. Gone are those days when random link exchange garners higher traffic. Google has evolved, and they have become strict with respect to their policies. For example, a fashion or a beauty blog can not link to an SEO blog. Understood? So, when you find a site, make sure to tick the box of ✅relevance.

Next, metrics..metrics..metrics! Even if you are not paying attention or you might not have access to paid tools…

…ensure you check these three things:

🟣DA (Domain authority).

🟣Domain Rating (Domain rating).

These two metrics reflect authority.

🟣Wait, let’s not forget the traffic. Checking the traffic lets you understand how popular the site is.

Implement the tips and increase website traffic for SaaS companies.

2. Identify Link-Worthy Topics That Add Value

Identify Link-Worthy Topics That Add Value

Don’t get it the other way. We are not telling you to come up with something out of the box. Figure out content ideas that genuinely bring something to the table.

Well, we know that it is easier said than done. But do not worry.

Here Is How To Do It:

🟣To start with, it is a wise option to begin by thoroughly examining the content already present on the blog. Get the hang of their tonality, style, and, most importantly, what type of content their audience loves the most. How to find it, though? Tools like Ahrefs or Semrush will help you in the same.

🟣Next, perform a content gap analysis. Figure out the areas of improvement in terms of content.

🟣Take note of any relevant themes or ideas that have potential (yet unexplored). Explain it to the publisher.

🟣Finally, use tools like BuzzSumo to find content ideas. Enter a website’s URL into the tool to discover popular content that hasn’t been covered yet. Then, recreate and improve those posts for their benefit.

So, are you enjoying the insights? Well, you are taking steps to Increase Website Traffic for SaaS Companies.

3. Create Content That is Worth Linking To

Create Content That is Worth Linking To

So, you want to know how to write guest post content that SaaS website publishers will absolutely love linking to? Keep exploring.

We expect, at this point, you are done with keyword research. Moreover, you know the audience really well. When we mention audience analysis, we talk about understanding their:

✅Pain points, desires, aspirations, etc.

🟣Tailor SaaS website content to the interests and needs of the audience. Provide information and benefits that are relevant and valuable.

🟣Next, Focus on Quality. Make sure your writing is clear, engaging, and well-structured. Avoid fluff and deliver valuable insights.

🟣Now, it is better to Back Up with Data. Support your information with data, statistics, or case studies. This adds credibility to your content and makes it more link-worthy.

🟣People love to write from a unique perspective. Offer a fresh perspective or a unique angle on a relevant topic. Stand out from the crowd with your ideas.

🟣Make it visually tempting. Including visuals like images, infographics, or charts can make your content more appealing and shareable.

🟣Don’t forget about authenticity. Be authentic and genuine in your writing. Share personal experiences or stories to connect with readers.

Finally, Before submitting, carefully edit and proofread your content. Typos and grammar mistakes can be a turn-off for publishers.

💡Must-Remember: Stick to the guest post guidelines provided by the SaaS website. It shows you respect their requirements and are serious about collaboration.

4. Do You Know The Art of Guest Post Pitching?

Do You Know The Art of Guest Post Pitching

Let’s dive into the art of pitching your guest post content in a way that SaaS website publishers will love! Do it Rightly to increase website traffic for SaaS companies

Here’s A Simple And Effective TEMPLATE To Help You Get Started👇

Subject Line: [Your Idea + Benefit for Their Audience]

Hey [Publisher’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I’ve been an avid reader of [SaaS Website Name] for some time now, and I truly admire the valuable content you provide to your audience.

I’m reaching out today with a guest post idea that I believe will resonate with your readers and add tremendous value to your website.

Here’s a brief overview:

[Your Guest Post Idea]

[Explain your idea in a few sentences, highlighting the key takeaways and how it can help their audience].

Why It’s a Perfect Fit for [SaaS Website Name]:

[Explain why your idea aligns perfectly with the SaaS website’s niche and audience. Highlight any similarities to their previous successful content].

What Makes Me Qualified to Write About This:

[Share a concise bio mentioning your relevant expertise, experience, and any previous publications].

Proposed Outline:

[Provide a rough outline of the guest post to show you have a clear structure in mind].

Key Benefits for [SaaS Website Name]:

[Explain how your post will benefit their website, such as driving traffic, engaging their audience, or boosting their authority in the industry]. I’d be more than happy to work closely with you to customize the content to fit your editorial guidelines and ensure it resonates with your readers.

Looking forward to your thoughts on this idea. I’d be honoured to contribute to [SaaS Website Name] and its fantastic community.

Thank you for considering my pitch!

Best regards,

[Your Name]


[Contact Information]

💡In essence: When you are pitching to SaaS sites, be clear, concise, and show passion. Customize the template to suit each publisher and make it sound genuine.

5. Lastly, Relevant Anchor Text Placement Is Important

Relevant Anchor Text Placement Is Important

When it comes to anchor text placement, the biggest hack is to be ✅NATURAL.

Being natural is about aligning with the context (without disrupting the flow of your content). For example, if you have to choose between ‘link building tips 2023’ with ‘link building tips in 2023’, which would you like to choose?

No brainer, the second one, right? Because it sounds natural and comes with a meaning.

Next, always hyperlink your anchor text to a ✅RELEVANT content piece. Because relevant content always adds some value. The hyperlinked article doesn’t look out of context.

Bottom Line

By now, you have a clear idea of how to increase website traffic for SaaS companies. Being a SaaS Owner, It’s clear that you may have a lot on your plate.

If you want to build links through guest posting, it will take some time and effort. Moreover, If you’re unable to manage everything on your own due to a lack of time or expertise, consider seeking external assistance.

An agency specializing in link building can assist you in this matter as they are knowledgeable in the field. Opting for a reputable link building service is convenient as they offer a comprehensive solution to your needs.

They take care of everything, from reaching out to publishers and creating the content to obtaining permanent indexed links.

So, if you know such an agency, you are in luck.

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