Refund Policy

Blogger Outreach’s Ethical Mission Statement

As one of the leading Guest Posting, Link Building and Content Writing platforms, Blogger Outreach aims to maintain high ethical standards. This means that we try to fulfil our commitment with honesty, integrity and trust.

In our experience of over 10+ years in the SEO industry, we have come across clients of all shades and kinds. There have been many who have lauded us for maintaining such standards and have continued with our relationship for over a decade. There have been others who whose conduct has been questionable.

Blogger Outreach realises that there is a serious credibility crisis in the industry. This has forced almost all our competitors to offer a strictly ‘No-Refund Policy’. While we do not blame them, we understand where they are coming from.

Does Blogger Outreach offer a Refund Policy for Advertisers?

On Blogger Outreach, we provide a Refund, subject to a number of considerations-

  1. We try to talk to the advertiser and understand his or her concerns about why they are seeking a refund.
  2. On an average, we try to address the issue with three rounds of consultations and revisions to ensure that we arrive at a consensus with the advertiser, publisher and the platform.
  3. If there is a question regarding the content, we work with the team to make it to the standards required by the advertiser.
  4. Publishers have some set guidelines when it comes to Guest Posting. Some do not accept Naked Links and we inform the advertiser about the same.
  5. If for some reason, we are unable to reach the publisher chosen by the advertiser, we offer a range of similar sites, with the same metrics, price points and niches.
  6. If an advertiser is engaging in any activity, which we deem is unprofessional, we will remove the advertiser from the platform.
  7. Please remember that Refund only takes place for Advertisers placing orders from the Platform itself, and not directly.
  8. Our Support and Customer Relationship Teams examine all the Refund Requests on a case-by-case basis.
  9. If they feel that there is a genuine case of Refund, which is arising, we will surely make the Refund. The advertiser need not be worried on that front.
  10. If the Refund has been initiated, it will reflect on your Account on the platform within 48-72 hours.

How can I initiate a Request for Refund on Blogger Outreach?

If you want to start initiating a request for Refund, please compile an email in the following format-

  • Order Detail Transaction ID- xxxxxxxxx
  • Name-
  • Reason for seeking Refund-
  • Contact Email ID-
  • Message-

Please email the format to [email protected]

We will go through the request and assure you that if there is anything wrong, we will initiate the refund policy immediately.

Thank you.