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If you are someone from this SEO landscape, you have heard about E-E-A-T, right? Well, you might have so.

But what you don’t know is that building links is easy when you know how to produce E-E-A-T content.

If you haven’t, don’t worry! We will also take you through this. But before doing that tell us, how can you combine link building with E-E-A-T?

The biggest quality of a link building content is relevance.

Small heads up – we are talking about guest posting content here. (Guest posting is writing from fellow sites and earning a link to yours.)

Okay, let’s get back to what we were talking about a moment ago – link building and E-E-A-T (guest posting content). Ahh, yes.

Let’s do one thing. Before going deeper into the core of this, let’s understand E-E-A-T.

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What Is E-E-A-T?

What Is E-E-A-T?

What is the purpose of E-E-A-T?

E-E-A-T is a content guideline defined by Google that aims at content evaluation. There are four pillars to it:

  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trust

In a specific field, the more experience you have, the better you understand failures.

The skill set is defined by expertise, right? Expertise shows how much knowledge you have.

Your content gets authority when you have results, facts, and figures.

When people learn that you provide quality content, they begin to trust and respect you.

Let’s take an example. Imagine a hypothetical character named Jenny. She’s an SEO expert with 17 years of experience.

With her blog, she shows first-hand knowledge and backs up her claims with facts.

Suppose Jenny wrote an article about SEO mistakes, and a beginner wrote an article on the same. Which gets prioritized by Google? Jenny’s article because it has Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust.

Creating content of this nature leads to link building.

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Why E-E-A-T Content Matters In Building Links?

Why E-E-A-T Content Matters In Building Links?

People love to link to content that comes from experience and expertise. When you follow E-E-A-T guidelines for crafting your content, you automatically end up producing content that attracts people.

So, the more value you create with your content, the more people link to you – you end up building niche-specific links.

In Turn, You Will Experience A Boost In:

  • Ranking
  • Traffic
  • Credibility
  • Online Reputation

How To Create Link Building Content Keeping E-E-A-T In Mind?

It’s not just about finding and evaluating link opportunities. You can prove to other sites the mutual benefits of following E-E-A-T principles for your “link bait” pages.

If both sites have good content, Google sees the link as natural, which boosts their authority. Here’s how we found highly effective content forms for building links.

To produce content, we’ve vetted and figured out the following ways:

1. Establish Your Expertise As A Subject Matter Expert

Establish Your Expertise As A Subject Matter Expert

Building links is easier when content is written by experts.

You need to know what you’re talking about. Expertise is the key to your content. Your content should act as a go-to choice for your audience.

If you are an expert in a specific field, good enough. If you are not – hire an expert writer. This is where content writing agencies come in handy. They possess a team of niche writers who have the prowess at their specific niche.

2. Pay Attention To YMYL Content For Building Links

Pay Attention To YMYL Content For Building Links

What is YMYL content? YMYL stands for your money, your life. They are solely focused on topics or pages that impact a person’s future, health or happiness.

Create content that directly speaks to the needs of the audience. Tap into their needs, desires and aspirations. When you do the same, you start building a connection.

So, here is the hack – make sure your content provides personalized solutions.

3. Seek Out First-Hand Information For Building Links

Seek Out First-Hand Information For Building Links

Can you create content that no one ever produced? How can you do that?

Building links is easy when you show a personalized experience.

This could be possible to buy when you conduct interviews, surveys, and research. Get those insights, understand where we are going wrong and then come up with the solution.

In case you are operating on a smaller level, and you do not have the resources to do the same, go for surveys.

4. Search For Link Prospects

Search For Link Prospects

Keep a close eye on sites for building links. Check for:

  • Relevance
  • Popularity
  • Decent metrics

HARO link building is another thing you should consider. HARO is helping a reporter out. Here journalists or bloggers post source requests. You get backlinks when you respond to these requests with valuable content.

5. The Rise Of Information-Driven Content Fuels Link Building Process

The Rise Of Information-Driven Content Fuels Link Building Process

When you add stats, data, or facts to your posts, you’re more likely to get views. Why? Because data is a sign of validation. It establishes your claim. Therefore, every blogger refers to stats/facts/data to establish their claim.

Imagine creating content “20 digital marketing trends in 2023”.

Creating a topic with facts and figures takes time, but once you do, people will refer to your content and you’ll start building links.

6. Create A Topic That Talks About Different Tools

Create A Topic That Talks About Different Tools

Shortcuts are popular. They love tools for that reason. You’re more likely to get visitors if you create content that offers tools.

Vet it and find tools that solve a specific problem. Doing so will help you gather information related to that.

Then, compile a content piece encompassing all the tools. How about creating a blog on “50 link building tools for 2023”. Sounds impressive? Your audience will also love this type of topic as it comes with a solution.

7. Make It Memorable

Make It Memorable

It also serves as an excellent platform for engaging with influencers and expanding our digital PR network thanks to its historical and factual basis, which establishes credibility and authority.

Our goal is to build meaningful relationships with influencers by asking them what they think of past trends. This will enable us to collaborate on future content and establish ourselves as industry experts.

8. Skyscraper Technique

Skyscraper Technique

As long as you become smarter, the Skyscraper technique still works well after E-E-A-T is implemented.

How can it be effective for link building?

You need to think of your content as a startup that aims to solve a specific problem. Just like a startup, your content should also address a specific problem.

By making it as comprehensive as possible, you get more attention and attract more people to your content. As a result, you build more links.

And That’s A Wrap Up

We hope that by now you have understood how link building and E-E-A-T can go hand-in-hand.

Here are things that we have discussed till now:

  • Demonstrating personalized experience will get the upper hand in the coming time.
  • E-E-A-T specific content helps you improve your ranking, traffic, leads, and visibility.
  • Expertise, YMYL content, and data-driven topics get the upper hand.
  • Apart from these, make your content memorable, search for link prospects, and share content around tools.

We hope you get our point.

It is not everyone’s cup of tea to create content that adheres to E-E-A-T guidelines. It requires expertise and a strong team of writers with niche expertise.

Here’s where link building services like ours come in. We (BloggerOutreach) are the world’s leading B2B SEO provider with a robust team of SEO writers who have:

  • Expertise in different niches. You can consider them as subject matter experts.
  • Experience of at least 10 years in the specific niche.
  • They can mould them and match the style, tonality of the publisher’s site.

If you want a futuristic content plan that helps you generate long-lasting results, book a free strategy call.

In this 30-minute call, our experts will give you a proven blueprint that fuels your link building process.

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