Dogpile Search Engine: Latest Meta Search Engine In 2021 | In-Depth Review

dogpile search engine
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Have you heard of the Dogpile? In case you are wondering it is related to dogs, then let me tell you it is now. You can visit to know the truth, or you also can read this article on the Dogpile search engine. 

Dogpile com is an example of a metasearch engine. Just like Google, Yahoo! Dogpile is another search engine that you can use to get the answer to your queries. Here is an in-depth review of the Dogpile search engines, along with more additional information that you should know. 

What Is Dogpile Search Engine?

Dogpile is a metasearch engine on the World Wide Web for information. It fetches results from Bing, Yandex, Yahoo!, Google, and other popular search engines. The list also includes pieces of video and audio content providers just like Yahoo!

Features Of The Dogpile Search Engine

Features Of The Dogpile Search Engine

Here are the features that dogpile web search has to offer you. 

  • Category Links

It comes with links for helping users to focus their searches on some specific categories, such as Audio, News, and many more. 

  • Yellow Pages

Dogpile browser lets the users use yellow pages for searching.

  • White Pages

Dogpile search engine used to offer its users the facility of searching with the White pages. But unfortunately, from 23rd February 2017, the feature is no longer available. 

  • Web Search Box

Dogpile search engine has a web search box for typing the search term. Just type the keyword or keywords, then hit the search button, and the result will show.

  • Search Button

It is the button of the Dogpile search engine that you need to press to search the results.

  • Preferences

Users can set various types of customized search preferences to a page. 

  • Spelling Correction

In case the user misspelled any word in the search box, Dogpile search engine offers suitable suggestions for the spelling or automatically corrects it and shows the results on the basis of the corrected spelling. 

  • Search Filter

In Moderate settings, for multimedia searches, the Dogpile search engine blocks potentially explicit pieces of content. In Heavy settings, it blocks all the searches.

  • Statistics Bar

Dogpile search engine has a statistics bar that presents for the search item, how many results were returned.

  • About Results

Here you can get an idea about the Dogpile search engine’s policies related to non-sponsored and also sponsored search results.

  • IntelliFind

On the basis of the original search term, Dogpile search engine also recommends additional pieces of content.

  • Are You Looking For?

In case you have misspelled any search term or terms, Dogpile search engine provides suggested spellings along with other keywords that may be related to the original search term. 

  • Recent Searches

Dogpile search engine also keeps track of the most recent 15 searches. When you close the browser, the list will reset. 

  • Favorite Fetches

Dogpile search engine also comes with the popular searches that other users may have searched or are searching recently. 

Dogpile Search Engine Changes Name To Avoid Stink

When you heard the name Dogpile what comes into your mind first? Yes, it may be doggie doo. And when it comes to Europeans and British, they are more specific about all these things than Americans. 

So, only for Europe and the United Kingdom, the Dogpile search engine has changed its name to WebFetch. As per the reports, the new name WebFetch has wider international comprehension and also maintains a solid association with its popular cult dog mascot. 

Arfie is the mascot for Dogpile or WebFetch for Europe and the UK. The scenario is totally different for the United States of America. And there, it does not matter what your image is of a Dog’s pile. The very name Dogpile will stick to the useful search toolbar and metasearch engine.  

For most of the functionality Dogpile search engine offers, it has to rely on the other search tools. For normal searches, it takes help from About, Yahoo, Google, Overture, Teoma, and Ask Jeeves. When it comes to web directories, it has Open Directory, LookSmart, and About. 

The list does not end here. It also has some paid inclusion sites, such as FindWhat, Sprinks, and Overture. If you are thinking about vertical search engines, the names are Yahoo, Guaranteed Search Inclusion, PriceGrabber, ABC News, Ditto, and many more. 

For further information, you may like to know that WebFetch or Dogpile toolbar has managed to make some friends with its RSS Feed Reader. 

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