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Ah, We really love this topic.

Creating great content is of pivotal importance, especially regarding link building. But the question is not content; it’s making your content link-worthy.

So, how can you choose a topic and write link building articles that naturally attract links?

When you have this secret, links come to your automatically. And significantly too!

Many people talk about evergreen and long-form content (they work well). However, we have seen people hardly talk about THIS (revealing later). Because a lot of people either do not know or find it difficult to create.

We found the ultimate hack for link building articles through our experience with many brands.

Are you curious? In other words? What is the ultimate link building weapon? Continue reading…

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Focus On Statistical Topics (Facts, Figures, etc)

Focus On Statistical Topics (Facts, Figures, etc)

Statistical content is Link-worthy content and naturally attracts backlinks to your website. This is especially important for bloggers and social media content creators who need to provide evidence for their claims.

Adding statistics to your content makes it more credible and appealing to others who might want to link to it.

For this reason, it’s essential to include relevant statistics in your content to make it more link-worthy and increase its visibility.

The beauty of this topic is that you do not need to reach out to people; they will automatically link to yours. This way, you create something that is worth linking to.

Well, we expect you to understand the importance of statistical topics in link building articles.

How To Craft Statistical Link Building Articles That Attracts Link?

How To Craft Statistical Link Building Articles That Attracts Link

Statistical link building articles are not just a piece of content. In fact, they are a reflection of careful strategy, meticulous research, and smart presentation.

Now, let us teach you how to create Statistical Link Building Articles (that attract links).

1. Decide The Topic Strategically

‘Should I select the topic first, or does data come first?’

We know that this question is rattling around your mind.

The best topic to focus on can vary based on the data or subject matter at hand.

If you possess a high level of expertise in a particular area, choosing a topic within that field may be wise.

Conversely, exploring further could be a promising option if you have original data related to a specific topic.

Ultimately, the key is to balance your strengths and assets with the available information. In turn, you transform opportunities into the most impactful and meaningful results.

2. Vet And Research The Data

Before you actually prepare your content piece, it is important to collect the data first-hand.

In that case, you can bank on several tactics:

🟣 First, if you have original data, you are most welcome. If not, you can conduct surveys. Hence, you get an array of data to come to a conclusion.
🟣Moving forward, conducting thorough research and collecting as much data as possible would be wise. It ensures the most accurate analysis.

3. Seek Help From Your Community

Do you have a decent social presence? If not, then it is time to leverage it.

Ask questions of people and let them put their answers to them. Moreover, you can conduct polls and get the data.

If you are writing your link building article for a large company, you’ll likely find online forums where the audience engages. These Forums are great for starting a discussion on a topic you want to create content for.

Numerous companies manage comprehensive customer contact databases and regularly disseminate newsletters.

Hence, consider sending email surveys or forms to collect information. You can sweeten the deal by providing a discount code or a prize entry as a reward.

4. Present It Smartly

Next, how to present statistical link building articles (without being too cluttered). In the event of presenting a statistical link building article, segregation works well.

To clarify, let us assume that you are producing an article entitled ‘50 SEO statistics in 2023’

At this moment, you can write 50 points one by one.

Contrary to this, when you categorize SEO statistics into – off-page, on-page, technical, algorithm, etc…

…you are making it more concise and easy to read.

For example, check this LinkedIn article (90-Point SEO Checklist For Startups).

In spite of sharing all the pointers together, we segregated it and made it more scannable. This way, when someone reads it, they can easily locate the information they need.

Comes next – visuals.

Enhance the overall reading experience of your link building articles by incorporating captivating visuals.

When you do it, you see a significant increase in the satisfaction level of your readers.

Moreover, clear and concise language can effectively convey your message. Plus, it makes and makes your content more accessible and engaging.

✅In essence, your goal is to simplify complex concepts to attain higher reader satisfaction.

5. Take Unique Perspectives

Making your content is an art. When you write a statistical link building article, it is an optimum strategy that you take a different angle.

Look at these two examples:

‘50 facts about content writing.’

Now, read this – ‘50 exciting facts about content writing that earns backlinks and drives massive traffic.’

It’s no secret that the second one is way more captivating than the first one. Because it is targeted and solves a specific problem.

So, here is the key takeaway: Review data carefully and identify significant points. Extract interesting insights and findings. Use them to craft a compelling storyline or headline.

Another interesting way is to present data demographically. It attracts a range of local audiences to it.

Finally, It Would Look Much Better If You Use The Following:

  • Pivot chats
  • Tables
  • Preference-specific data

Best Practices Of Statistical Link Building Articles

If you want to get the desired result, you need to go by the RIGHT practices. These practices will empower you with the best results.

These Are:

🟣When writing statistical link building topics, ensure you know what your audience wants. Take time to understand their audience better and tailor your content that directly speaks to them.

🟣Next, creating a statistical link building article isn’t enough. That must add value to your audience. Refrain from being generic. Simply niche down and write and choose specific topics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. How Do You Write A Link Building Article?

A: To write a link building article, start by analyzing your target audience. Then, focus on adding value to your content and make it truly link-worthy. Finally, think about how your article can benefit your audience and offer them something valuable.

Q2. What Is Link Building In Content Writing?

A: Link building in content writing is the practice of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own content. It’s like building connections between different pieces of content on the web, which can boost your website’s visibility and authority.

Q3. What Content Is Best For Link Building?

A: The best content for link building is data-driven statistical content. Statistical link building articles often include research, surveys, and studies that provide valuable and credible information. It attracts links from other websites looking for trustworthy sources.

Q4. What Is A Link In An Article?

A: A link in an article is a clickable element that connects you to another webpage when you click on it. It can be a hyperlink to a different website, another page within the same website, or even a downloadable file. Links help readers navigate and find more information related to their reading content.

Bottom Line

Who doesn’t love backlinks? Especially when it comes naturally.

To summarize, curating statistical link building topics lets you become the go-to choice of your audience and content creators.

Remember, links will become a byproduct when you focus on value addition.

We hope that you got your answers. For further guidance, you can speak to our link building expert.

Till Then, Happy Link Building!

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