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Blogger outreach is a powerful way of expanding the reach of your brand and business. You should not only rely on the flowers you have on social media to share your compelling content. You can use the available blogger outreach opportunities to increase the reach for your social media and blogs.

Developing a blogger outreach strategy is not a hard thing. Mark Schaefer, a marketing guru, and author explain that only 2% of the followers you have share your content. No SEO specialist, marketer, or business leader can ignore this statistic.

Blogger outreach can create a significant impact on your marketing strategy. According to Neil Patel, the co-founder of KiSSmetrics, 81% of internet users trust what they read in blogs. 61% of people use the recommendations of the bloggers to make purchases.

High-quality links will boost your traffic, and one of the best ways to achieve these objectives is blogger outreach. Brent Gleeson, Forbes contributor, asserts that people relate with bloggers on a personal level.

Individuals read blogs from people who are similar to them. Most readers aspire to be like the blogger. This article will give you some tips on how to improve your outreach tactics. The next section will look at the best blogger outreach opportunities.

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5 Blogger Outreach Opportunities to Boost the Reach of Your Brand

1. Transform Your Top Followers into Brand Ambassadors:

Brand Ambassadors

It is important to focus on growing your audience. However, you shouldn’t forget about your current top followers. These are the 2% followers that are already sharing your content. Most people who share your content have there following and you can tap into it.

Any loyal customer who regularly tells others about your brand can help you in marketing. However, their following may not be as powerful as the blogger outreach influencers that you plan to target. However, these are accessible brand ambassadors that love your business.

Therefore, you need to engage with your ‘Alpha Audience’ to leverage them. Build a rapport and enhance the relationship that you have with them in a meaningful way. It is one of the blogger outreach opportunities that you should not overlook.

To achieve this objective, you should:

Create a List of Your Alpha Audience on the Social Media Tool: This audience comprises of the followers who share your content the most and already have an engaged or broad audience. Follow them on a private list and favorite and retweet the content that they share.

It will generate connectivity between them and put you on their radar. You can use a social media tool such as Sendibleto in building your contact list. The app will help you to save time and simplify the whole process.

Monitoring Their Blogs on Feedly: You should create an Influencer category on Feedly and use it to monitor their blogs. Regularly check the content that they are sharing and comment on them. Once you become part of their blogging community, you can be sure that they will notice you.

Give them Sponsorships for Brand Ambassadors: Give your top followers sponsorships whenever they are available as an incentive. It could involve offering steep discounts or sending free products. it should be your first list when looking for blogger outreach opportunities.

2. Use the Most Relevant Influencers to Create Blogger Outreach Opportunities:


It is not hard to use blogger outreach to get influencers. Google is the best place to start your search. Search for first page bloggers who have high domain authority websites.

This step-by-step plan will help you in finding your influencers.

  • Set Up Commun.it: This tool is good at helping people to identify their followers. It will help you even if you pay for a month or set up the free trial. Once you get your influencers, you can add them on the Sensible private list.
  • Set Up BuzzSumo Alerts: Setting up alerts on BuzzSumo for the top keywords on your brand will see you get several articles on email every day. You can monitor the shared content to point out writers who are talking about relevant or similar topics.
  • Create a List Using Google Search Operator: The beauty of Goole is that it pre-qualifies your influencers. If these people are ranking highly in Google, you can be sure they are authoritative. After identifying them, follow them on both Feedly and your list.

Your blogger outreach list could be a simple spreadsheet that has some critical information. The best list of headers includes their site and/or blog, email, domain authority, social authority, LinkedIn ID, Facebook account, and Twitter handle. These influencers can create great blogger outreach opportunities.

3. Develop a Plan to Approach Bloggers:

After creating a list of your influencers and brand ambassadors, you should now reach out. Aim to connect through a subtle touch point by starting your blogger outreach campaign on the right footing.

The best practice is to keep it short and concise as you pitch to influencers. Carefully draft a pitch letter that will compel your potential influencers to give you the audience you desire.

The human brain goes through an evaluation process when deciding to delete or read an email. These questions include; who is sending the email and is it spam? How long will it take? & what does the sender want?

These Tips Will Help You to Create Your Pitch

  1. Keep it Short: This point is critical when you are reaching out to industry leaders. These people don’t have the time to read long stories. Therefore, keep it short if you want to grab their attention.
  2. Get Personal: Personalization will give the relationship a positive start. You can design a template but give it an element that is unique to that influencer.
  3. Remain Professional: You should convey authoritative and professional confidence to make your pitching more compelling.
  4. Be Transparent: Most influencers will delete your email if you present yourself as a salesperson. Be transparent about your expectations and what you can offer in return. Your primary goal should be building a relationship.

4. Create Content That Will Attract Influencers and Bloggers:

Attract Influencers and Bloggers

According to Marketergizmo, attracting influencers isn’t a single pitch letter away. You should audition relevant topics that your target influencer audience will enjoy.

Influencers have cultivated trust with their followers, and your content should not make them lose it. It does not make any sense to pitch to an influencer who doesn’t have anything in common with your brand or business.

Influencer marketing campaigns that have an inconsistent audience and/or personality will result in budget wastage. Reach out to social media influencers who match the character, audience, and strategy of your brand.

Ask yourself whether their audience will receive any helpful information. What is in the content for the influencer? Will it solve a problem? How can everyone, including followers, benefit from the relationship?

5. Develop Long-term Relationships:

Long-term Relationships

After developing interest from influencers, you should continue building the relationship. The goal is to develop a long-term relationship as long as it is still profitable. You can evolve your relationships by;

  • Following them continuously and sharing their content
  • Commenting on their social profiles and blogs
  • Using paid amplification for their content. It is not harmful to spend a few dollars to amplify their content that is on your Facebook page
  • You can also give them a call and even meet over a cup of coffee.

Make good use of the above blogger outreach opportunities and you will begin to see the desired results. Let us look at more specific strategies for your blogger outreach.

9 Hacks for Blogger Outreach Opportunities

  1. Blog search engines and blog directories.
  2. Blog aggregators and story
  3. Communities, banners, and badges
  4. Check blog comments
  5. Explore the inbound links to blogs
  6. Find out which inbound links to competitors
  7. Google it
  8. Pay for Crowd-Sourced Services
  9. Scrap Long Links List With ‘Klipper.’

1. Blog Search Engines and Blog Directories:

Bloggers can add their website on several blog directories and search engines. With a few clicks, you will easily find the articles that you are searching for in certain subcategories. Extract and filter them to match the quality of your metrics. You can find them by googling the term ‘blog directory.’

2. Blog Aggregators and Story:

Blog aggregators are a great source of blogger outreach opportunities. You can search them by latest posts and categories.

3. Communities, Banners, and Badges:

When you come across excellent blogs that you would like to approach, you will discover that most of them are part of closely-knit blogging communities. They like talking about them and will link out t the main community site through links, banners, or badges in the blog sidebar. These sites are great for anyone who is looking for blogger outreach opportunities.

4. Check Blog Comments:

Bloggers like to comment on the blogs of their colleagues. Sharing, discussing, and commenting on one another’s blog helps them to build their traffic and audience. It will tell you that the blog is active and allow you to find and connect with like-minded bloggers in your niche. You can find several blogger outreach opportunities by going through the comments of an active blog.

5. Check the Inbound Links to Blogs:

This point is closely related to points 3 and 4 above. Bloggers who are in communities like to comment, share, discuss, and even link to the blogs of their colleagues. You can find more blogger outreach opportunities by running their site through the backlink checker of your choice. You will find several blogger outreach opportunities from the other bloggers in the niche.

6. Check the Inbound Links to Competitors:

You can get some nice blogger outreach opportunities by investigating the backlinks of the competitors that are ranking highly. Investigate the blogs that are linking to your competitors and investigate why they are linking to them. It could be a recommendation for their products or services or a review. There is a high possibility that anyone who is linking to review the site of your competitors will also review yours. You can add such influencers to your outreach list.

7. Use Clever Search Quarries to Google It:

Most savvy bloggers are willing to receive your products and review them. These bloggers also accept writing opportunities and place advertisements. You can use it as an excellent opportunity to create new blogger outreach opportunities.

8. Premium Crowdsourced Services:

You should not confuse this with the old-school guest blogging community services such as Guest, Post Joint, and Blog Guest among others. These platforms allowed bloggers to advertise the opportunity of exchanging links and guest posts or the opportunity of publishing on their site for money.

In this case, we are talking about communication and marketing software companies to allow you to find bloggers, social influencers, and journalists and connect with them. The companies crowdsource some of their data while the other is indexed to the web based on the metrics and characteristics of the blog.

It is an excellent starting point to get great blogger outreach opportunities. However, it can cost you a lot of money every month. Some of the examples include BlogDash, Group High, and Cision.

9. Use Klipper to Scrape Long Lists of Links:

While doing outreach, you may have to save several links from the categories of the blog directory. Klipper is a chrome extension will save you a lot of time. You can drag selections around the links you wish to ‘klip’ and get it in a CSV. Klipper is an excellent strategy for getting blogger outreach opportunities.

Blogger Outreach Opportunities: Final Thought

These tips will take your search for blogger outreach opportunities to the next level. Bloggers, influencers, and journalists are also searching for visibility. You can also become their brand ambassador as they help you to push their products.

The guiding principle is developing genuine and long-term relationships. After initiating the influencer outreach, make a continued and regular effort to water the relationship so that it can bloom into a mutually beneficial outcome.

You will get more responses when you target and pitch high-quality influencers. Creating blogger outreach opportunities to move your brand and business to the next level. Create more influencers and you will direct high traffic to your website. Don’t forget to include a clear call to action at the end of your outreach.

Would you like to create the best blogger outreach opportunities for your brand, feel free to contact us at  [email protected]. Our team will make sure that you get the best from your campaigns and move your brand in the right direction.

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