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Do you want to know the secret sauce to land your writing on top-notch websites?

If you want more people to read your content, guest posting is the answer.

It’s like having a megaphone for your content, but instead of shouting into the void, you’re getting featured on other sites and reaching a wider audience.

And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love more traffic and potentially making some extra cash?

Crafting a great guest post pitch is key to making this strategy work for you.

Now the question is – how to write a perfect guest post pitch?

Here’s the real talk: no one-size-fits-all approach guarantees success every time.

Since every publisher is unique, their guest post guidelines will vary.

So let’s roll up our sleeves and make your pitch irresistible!

However, don’t sweat it cause there are some proven tactics that many successful bloggers swear by when crafting their pitches.

Let’s dive in and learn from them!

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7 Step To Craft A Compelling Guest Post Pitch

‘How to write a perfect guest post pitch’ – we know this question has been bothering you for some time.

Let’s not keep you waiting anymore.

1. Your Pitch Should Complement The Blog’s Overall Theme And Tone

Your Pitch Should Complement The Blog's Overall Theme And Tone

Okay, so you’re considering reaching out to a publisher.

First, you must make sure your content idea aligns with the blog’s vibe.

We mean, can you imagine pitching an article about vintage cars to a vegan food blog?

Yeah, not a good look.

Take some time to dig into the blog’s style and what kind of content they usually publish. This way, you’ll know what their readers are into and can come up with a pitch that’s a perfect fit.

Alrighty, you’ve got a few blogs in mind where you’d love to publish a guest post.

Even if you’re a regular blog reader, you need to switch gears and view it through the eyes of a writer.

Start by checking if the blog has any comments on its guest posting guidelines.

You don’t want to risk getting rejected because you missed an important guideline. Ensure you’ve got all the necessary info before sending the pitch.

Wait! Don’t just stop at checking out the blog’s guest post guidelines – dive into their archives and see what kind of content they’ve been putting out lately.

Look for any gaps you could potentially fill with your unique spin. Maybe you’re an expert in a particular area their audience is really into – that could be your ticket!

2. Check The Guidelines Minutely

Check The Guidelines Minutely

When you ignore the guest posting guidelines, chances are higher that your pitch might get overlooked or rejected.

Following guidelines is key. But sometimes, it can be tough to find them.

Some blogs may not want to be bombarded with pitches, so they don’t post their guidelines or make them hard to find.

But don’t let that stop you! You can still understand the content the blog publishes by reading their existing posts.

It may take a bit of digging, but it’s well worth it if you want to send a tailor-made pitch to the editors.

Let’s Give You The Key Parameters Of Guest Posting Guidelines:

  • Audience.
  • Tone (Most blogs prefer a conversational tone that is easy to understand.)
  • Check the post types (‘How to’/’guides’/’ first-hand experiences’/industry insights, etc.)
  • Look for the topics they usually cover.
  • Does the contributor site allow you to cover already touched topics? Most sites don’t allow the same.
  • Analyze the word count of their guest articles. Do they prefer 1000 words, 1500 words, or more than that?
  • How many backlinks can you include per post?

Strictly follow the above strategies. Knowing the guidelines will immensely help in figuring out ‘how to write a perfect guest post pitch.

3. Generate A List Of Potential Topics

Generate A List Of Potential Topics

Now that you have done your homework figure out the topics. Now, it’s time to do more research and develop some topic ideas to pitch.

Finding gaps in the blog’s content or related topics within your niche will be useful in crafting your ideas. However, other factors must be considered when creating a strong topic idea.

Remember the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) when brainstorming ideas for your pitch.

Including high-volume keywords in your topic ideas can demonstrate your knowledge and potentially increase the chances of the target blog accepting your pitch. Plus, a well-optimized post can attract more readers to your content and drive traffic to the target blog.

You can also consider writing about trending topics, but it’s crucial to approach them from a unique angle. Avoid recycling information that can be found on every other website and instead strive to provide a fresh perspective that will captivate the target audience.

It’s a good idea to offer more than one topic idea when pitching to a target blog unless they have explicitly asked you not to. Providing several options increases your chances of getting accepted, even if one of your ideas doesn’t fit.

Aim for around three to five ideas, which should give the editors variety. And don’t worry if some of your ideas get rejected – you can always keep them on a list for future guest post submissions.

4. Write A Brief About Your Topics In Your Pitch

Write A Brief About Your Topics In Your Pitch

You’re almost midway through your search for how to write a perfect guest post pitch.

After finalizing your topic ideas, the next step is creating a brief description for each.

Your description should include the proposed post’s title or headline and an optional SEO keyword that could help increase its visibility.

Including an optional anchor text and URL can also help generate leads for the post.

For the summary section, give a comprehensive overview of what the post will cover.

For instance, if you’re pitching a guide on how to write guest post pitches for bloggers, start by briefly outlining what the guide will include.

When summarizing your post, it’s important to keep it concise yet informative.

Give a brief overview of what the post will cover; for example, consider this article “How To Write a Perfect Guest Post Pitch – 7 Pitch Ideas”. Sharing the title and brief lets your user understand the context of your article.

Additionally, mention any brands, products, or services you plan to feature to avoid surprising the target blog with unapproved links.

Including such links without prior approval can be spammy and harm your acceptance chances.

It’s good to mention any key references you plan to use, especially for interview-style posts.

You don’t need to create an extensive bibliography, but a few citations can demonstrate your knowledge and credibility while also providing a glimpse into the depth of the post.

5. Personalize Your Pitch

Personalize Your Pitch

You enquired about how to write a perfect guest post pitch. Let us ask you another question.

What separates a generic guest post pitch from a personalized one?

Let’s Take Two Examples👇

(i) Generic Guest Post Pitch


I am <name>, a <write about yourself> with over a year of experience in the blogging industry.

Let me congratulate you on creating a fabulous, informative, and engaging platform.

I went through some of the articles and found them interesting and well-researched.

I want to connect with people around the world through blogging. Also, I want to connect with you and write an article to fulfill readers’ needs and clear their confusion so that they get what they want from us.

And, I feel this can be the start of something really productive.

Hoping to hear back from you with a positive response.

Till then, stay positive and test negative!

Thank you.



(ii) Personalized Guest Post Template

Hi <recipient name>

I hope this email finds you well.

I’ve been a longtime reader of your publication and love the great content you consistently put out.

As someone who’s passionate about [Topic], I wanted to pitch a guest post idea that I think would be a great fit for your readers.

I have vetted and found that you haven’t covered [Topic]. The post would be about how to [specific angle related to Topic], drawing on my experience and expertise in the field.

As an ardent follower of your blog, I am sure that this is something your readers would love.

I’d love to chat more about it and answer any questions you might have.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing back from you!


[Your Name]

(iii) Problems With Generic Guest Post Pitches

So, what is the key difference between the pitch email examples shared above?

Lack of personalization in the first pitch – as simple as it may sound.

Personalized Pitches Revolve Around The Following Factors:

  • Content that hasn’t been covered yet.
  • Any specific perspective that the readers would love to hear.
  • Explain to the publisher how the guest content can add value to their site.
  • Addresses the recipient by their first name.
  • It depicts that the guest writer invested some time in understanding the content, style, tone, and audience of the publisher’s blog.

6. Subject Lines Are Pivotal

Subject Lines Are Pivotal

So if you are wondering how to write a perfect guest post pitch, stand out with your subject line.

Ask any marketer; you’ll get the same answer.

Be practical. Do you think that you’re the only one who is sending pitches to the publisher?

Don’t live in a parallel universe. The publisher’s inbox is bombarded with guest posting pitches across the world. A catchy subject line will tempt them to open your email.


Being a leading guest post service provider, we have seen many people making the same mistake.

So, you have to write actionable, compelling words that attract people.

Let’s take an example of a good headline:

“Industry insights on [Topic] that your readers need”

Speak directly to the requirement of the publisher. Showcase that you’re different from others and think about your benefit.

7. Submit A Guest Post

Submit A Guest Post

Congratulations! Now you have to understand how to write a perfect guest post pitch.

It’s time to submit your pitch and wait for approval.

Oh, wait for a second! Before you send your pitch, check whether you made any grammatical errors. If yes, edit them all – there is no room for mistakes.

Remember that big websites can take a while to reply, even if you send a killer pitch.

The internet is all about speed, but sometimes people are busy and can’t reply immediately.

So don’t get discouraged if you don’t hear back immediately unless you’ve talked to the person in charge yourself.

Ready To Write Your Guest Post Pitch?

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