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Have you ever posted a message on another website’s blog? If so, you are already familiar with the concept of a guest blog.

A guest blog is when a third-party writer contributes their content to another website. Before the content gets published, the website owners go through the content. After ensuring whether or not the content follows guidelines, the content is published.

You must be wondering what the use of contributing your content to another website is. Well, the contributor writes guest posts to get exposure.

If you are in the digital content marketing industry, you must be aware of how important backlinks are for the blog post. Just like drinking water is important for us to maintain healthy juice inside our body, backlinks are important for Blogs to maintain healthy SEO juice.

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What Are Backlinks

A backlink is one of the most used words in the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Bloggers who have just started blogging often get confused about the true meaning and importance of creating backlinks.

If we put it simply, a backlink is an incoming link to a webpage. When a web page adds your web page URL to its content, it is called a backlink. Backlinks play an influential role in your web page ranking.

That means a page with lots of backlinks ranks higher than a page with fewer backlinks.

Building backlinks to your web page takes time and effort. However, once you have enough backlinks to your webpage, it gives a significant boost to the webpage.

Here Are A Few Simple Ways:

  • You can add your website links to your social media pages and profile.
  • Look for the post that is performing well, do some modifications and expand its reach with more backlinks.
  • Do guest posts and add a backlink to your website.
  • Contact influencers from your niche and convince them to talk about your website and also ask them whether they can add a link to their website or channel.
  • Interview the same industry influencers and send them back a link. They will certainly do the same.
  • Lastly, you can buy blog posts on other websites to create backlinks.

Out of all the backlink practices, buying guest posts comes out as the most controversial practice. Most people believe that buying blog posts for creating backlinks might be considered black hat SEO.

In fact, it can be true if we see them as buying and selling backlinks. But the truth is that this practice is legal as there is no policy to control the exchange of links.

Buying Blog Post – Is It Legal?

Yes, it is 100% legal! In fact, it is a great method to get a quality backlink to your webpage or website. Backlinks add value to your link-building optimization efforts and send positive SEO signals to search engines.

Let’s break down how guest posting works and whether or not paying for the guest affects your web pages.

First of all, Google or, as a matter of fact, any search engine cannot track down whether you are paying for the guest post or simply exchanging links. So, you can count this out as one of the factors that can result in penalizing your guest posting effort.

Search engines are only interested in the fact that what type of website you are selecting for your guest post and link-building strategies. After that, they evaluate the credibility of your link and its content.

Then they match the guest post with the niche of the platform where the content is published. If the niche differs, it will send a negative SEO signal to the search engine.

However, if the niche matches, search engines consider the link-building strategy to be valid. That being said, it’s certain that buying blog posts is legal, and now you know, how!

How To Buy Blog Posts?

Blogging is the most effective tool to get the most relevant traffic on your website. Blogs act like the voice of your brand and share valuable information. However, what if you do not have time to create high-quality content for the backlinks? You should look for someone who does.

There are dozens of websites online that claim to offer the best content for your needs. However, this doesn’t mean that you will go with the first link-building services you come across. There are too many things you need to consider before you can go with a solution.

  • Required Niche.
  • Your inspiration.
  • Your preferences.
  • And, of course, your budget.

Once you answer all the above points, buy blog posts from a content service provider that can offer you a tailor-made solution.

Let’s explore the avenues that you need to check before venturing into a service.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

No matter how good or engaging your content is, it will never rank on the search engine result page (SERP) if it is not SEO optimized. Search engines are much more coveted to rank your blogs on the first page if they contain SEO-rich content.

Why SEO-Rich Content?

  • Higher SERPs: Search engines rank your website higher if it is SEO-optimized. When your web page ranks on the first page, users consider it to be highly authentic. 
  • Increased Conversion Rates: SEO-rich content can familiarize readers. This is because your content was pushed forward for the keywords searched for. That means your content stands true to what users are looking for, thereby converting them to paying customers.
  • Brand Credibility: One of the best aspects of SEO blog posts is that they boost your website’s online presence with top-page rankings. Thus, boosting your brand credibility. 
  • Better User Experience: The better your content is optimized, the better the user experience. With the right SEO optimization, users can find your blogs easily on the search engine.
Topics Trends & Variety

Most people buy blogs without having an idea of their niche. Well, that is just a waste of money. When buying blogs, you need to be clear about the topics you are searching for. Allow the writers to create content that is relevant to your industry and serve your purpose. But at the same time, monitor their approach and guide them.

Many website owners make the mistake of posting blogs covering the same thing on their websites. This might seem like a strategy to get more traffic to the website. However, you are missing one important principle of sharing content – redundancy & plagiarism.

If you are sharing the same content repeatedly, your website becomes full of redundant information, which can result in plagiarised content.

When you buy blog posts, it is a good idea to talk with the teams who will write the blogs for you and create an editorial calendar.

Having An Editorial Calendar Can Help You With:

  • Clearing schedule and priority topics.
  • Capitalizing on the trendy topics.
  • Preventing content duplication.
  • Tracking the content that has already been published.

3. Engaging, Quality Content

Engaging, Quality Content

It is important that you get only the best content for your website, and do not get under the false impression that readers do not read the entire content. Readers love engaging content that communicates with them and answers their queries.

To ensure your blogs are of the highest quality, hire only professionals who know exactly what you need. The best way to measure their work quality is to ask them about their previous work. If the blogs do not appeal to you turn back!

4. Consistency


The next thing you would like to consider is the volume of blogs you purchase and their publishing frequency.

Consistency with your content and its publishing is important. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to publish a blog every day. This is a mistake that most bloggers make. They post daily just because they are under the impression that it works for them to bring good results.

In truth, consistency depends on your marketing and sales. For instance, if you want to buy blog posts to promote your product and services, publishing blogs twice or thrice a week will get the job done.

5. Brand’s Voice

Brand’s Voice

Alongside quality blog posts, brand voice is something that must be looked into. You must ensure that the blogs you are purchasing have the essence of what your brand is known for. This can only be done with the matching tone and approach.

However, this is one of the difficult parts of buying blogs. You will hardly find anyone who matches your needs. Here is some advice for you. If you do find one, no matter what, stick with them. It will help you in the long run.

Essentially, an ideal writer will be able to assess your page and mimic the brand’s tone, but it can be a time-consuming process.

6. Pricing: Budget Vs. Quality

Pricing Budget Vs. Quality

You likely have a budget for purchasing blog posts – and you should! This helps to stay within the limit of your business operation cost. However, setting a budget doesn’t mean you will pay thin for Blog Content Writing.

You must understand that creating appealing online content is an art. The best writers will not sell their work for peanuts. These people are trained to write content that inspires your audiences.

Furthermore, they are the ones who are well-versed in SEO-rich content and keyword optimization. Understanding the quality of work you will get can help you set realistic goals.

Do not fall prey to perilous cheap content thinking that you have saved several hundred bucks on your content marketing strategy. Digital content is all about quality; invest in quality to get the best ROIs. 

7. Check For Original Content

Check For Original Content

When you’re considering purchasing a blog, it’s essential to ensure that the content is original and unique to the website. Duplicate or plagiarized content can harm your blog’s credibility and SEO rankings.

Here’s A More Detailed Breakdown:

  • Copyscape: Use online tools like Copyscape to check the blog’s content for plagiarism. This tool scans the web to identify any instances where the content may have been copied from other sources. It’s a vital step to confirm the originality of the content.
  • Similar Content: It’s not uncommon to find similar content online, especially in popular niches. However, you should be cautious if you discover extensive duplication. A saturated niche with too much repurposed content might not serve your goals well.

8. Clearly Explain What You Want

Clearly Explain What You Want

Communicating your expectations to the blog writing service is crucial for getting favourable outcomes. Here’s a more detailed explanation:

  • Topic And Keywords: Clearly define the topic and keywords you want the blog to focus on. This helps the writer understand the subject matter.
  • Tone And Style: Describing the desired tone and style can be challenging. Provide examples from other blogs or articles that capture the tone you’re looking for. This visual reference helps writers understand your preferences.
  • Continuity: If you plan to buy multiple blog posts from the same provider, you won’t need to provide examples repeatedly, as the writer will get accustomed to your style. However, initially, using sample posts from other sources can be helpful.
  • Show, Don’t Tell: Demonstrating your expectations through examples is often more effective than just describing them. Whether you’re commissioning blog writing or doing it yourself, this principle holds true.

Now that you know the key considerations before buying blog posts online…

… let’s shed light on the process of choosing the right services.

How To Select The Right Blog Writing Service?

How To Select The Right Blog Writing Service

Choosing the right blog writing service is crucial for the success of your blog. Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

  • Not All the Same: While it may seem like all blog writing services are similar, there can be significant differences in quality, style, and expertise. Writing isn’t one-size-fits-all.
  • Quality Matters: The right choice can significantly impact the quality of your blog posts and the overall collaboration experience.

Okay, let’s start the process!

Look for Blog Content Writing Services That Fit Your Brand

This section emphasizes the importance of choosing a blog writing service that aligns with your brand’s unique requirements:

  • Voice And Tone: The service you select should be capable of matching the voice and tone you want for your blog. This is essential for maintaining consistency and authenticity.
  • Technical Understanding: It’s vital that the writers understand the technical aspects of your business. They should be able to write convincingly about your products, services, and industry. This ensures that the content is accurate and credible.

Ask For A Blog Sample

Requesting a sample before committing to a blog writing service is prudent.

Here’s Ahy It Matters:

  • Sample Work: Seeing examples helps you assess whether the provider fits your brand well. It provides insight into their writing style and quality.
  • Investment: Making a small investment to test a blog writing service is comparable to testing an ad on a small scale before launching a broader campaign. It allows you to gauge the provider’s suitability for future blog purchases.
  • Relationship Building: Establishing a positive working relationship with a blog service is almost as important as the content itself. Good relationships often lead to better work and smoother collaboration.

Don’t Base Your Decision Solely On The Price

While budget considerations are important, making decisions solely based on price can have drawbacks:

  • Value Over Price: The article advises against choosing the lowest-priced option solely because it’s cheap. A well-crafted, effective blog can justify its cost by delivering higher sales and engagement.
  • Balancing Act: While you should work within your budget, sometimes investing a bit more upfront can yield better long-term results.
  • Flexibility: Price should not be the sole determining factor when buying blog posts. Being overly cautious with your budget could hinder your blog’s potential. You can always switch to a new provider if the returns don’t justify the expense.

Buy Blog Posts With A View To Building A Long-Term Relationship

Building a lasting partnership with one blog writing service can be highly beneficial

  • Advantages of Long-Term Collaboration: A long-term partnership allows writers to understand your brand’s voice and style better. Expect faster turnaround times and streamlined communication.
  • Improved Consistency: Continuity in content creators leads to more consistent and cohesive blog posts.
  • Streamlined Communication: Working with the same service enhances communication efficiency over time. Writers become familiar with your preferences, reducing the need for extensive guidance.

You Are Ready To Buy Blog Posts!

Now that you know everything about buying blog posts and what you need to consider before availing of services, you will understand just how complex buying blog posts can be.

If you are currently looking for Blog Content Writing services, BloggerOutreach might be the solution you are looking for.

We have a team of professionals who are well-versed in all kinds of writing styles and niches. Our blog writing services will help you establish highly effective blogs.

When you avail of our services, you can expect your blogs written by consistent writers or a group of writers who understand your needs and deliver them perfectly.

Contact us to know more about our services or to simply buy blog posts.

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