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Close to five to six billion Google searches take place every day. Google account for 79% of worldwide search traffic every year. The contribution of the other sites is Yahoo at 5.06%, Baidu at 6.55% and Bing at 7.27%. Therefore, it is crucial to optimize your business and search for SEO rankings on Google. However, SEO tactics are still valid on the other search engine, and you should not overlook them.

Most people have a challenge of making sure that their website is discoverable in the search engines. The key to SEO ranking lies in using high-quality ranking and link building. The most effective SEO techniques rely on these two fundamental pillars.

Table Of Content

This article looks at 15 ways to grow your SEO ranking. The content will pay close attention to;

  1. Conduct an SEO audit
  2. Understand the needs of your consumers
  3. Get mobile-friendly
  4. Use SEO optimized landing pages
  5. Leverage infographics
  6. Create roundup posts
  7. Optimize for RankBrain
  8. Improve the speed of your site
  9. Focus your Effort on YouTube SEO
  10. Use local SEO and local listings
  11. Leverage guest posting
  12. Have accessible and crawlable URLs
  13. Optimize your keyword search
  14. Use compelling meta descriptions and title tags
  15. Have a strong link – Game

1. Conduct an SEO Audit:

SEO Audit

Conducting an SEO audit will help you to understand why your site is not generating enough traffic. It is the first SEO technique to use whenever you want to optimize your website. After all, you cannot fix an issue without understanding where the disconnect lies.

You need to look at several elements when doing an SEO Audit. The top questions to ask yourself include;

  • Have you optimized your pages for relevant keywords?
  • Have you optimized your URL structure for crawling by the search engines?
  • Are there excellent links in your content?
  • Are you using the right meta descriptions and SEO title tags?
  • Do your images have proper alt tags?

You can make this process much easier by using a tool like SEMrush.

2. Understand the Needs of Your Consumers for High SEO Rankings:

In the traditional sense, understanding consumer’s needs may not qualify to be one of the SEO techniques. However, it is a critical element when looking for high SEO rankings. You cannot grow your audience unless you understand the expectations of the target customers.

You should know the value that you are bringing to your current customers and what the potential clients are searching for. Your offerings should be able to fill that void. The best starting point is sourcing for feedback from your target audience. You can leverage Google analytics, social media, and the comment section on your posts.

3. Get Mobile-Friendly:


According to January 2018 data, the mobile population was standing at 3.7 billion users. In February 2017, 49.7% of all the web pages that were viewed online were from mobile devices. Your business cannot afford to ignore this ever-growing number of consumers.

You can tap into this potential by using the mobile optimization SEO technique. Your visitors will have a frustrating time as they navigate through your website if you don’t optimize the pages for mobile devices. This category of consumers will take their business somewhere else if your site is not mobile-friendly.

The only solution is taking a mobile-first approach. Develop your pages for mobile and then optimize them for desktop and not the reverse. You could also develop dedicated mobile applications for your brand.

4. Using SEO Optimized Landing Pages to Get High SEO Rankings:

We cannot overlook the importance of having a well-designed landing page. Your lead generation capabilities and sales will increase manifold. You will bring in more traffic as you continue to create more content.

However, most businesses don’t apply this SEO technique because they are not aware of it. Most of them pay attention to the homepages and don’t think about the landing pages. Optimizing your landing pages for SEO will improve the conversion rate of your website manifold.

5. Leverage Infographics to Increase SEO Rankings:

Increase SEO Rankings

Most people are visual learners. It explains why the popularity of infographics has been on the rise. This strategy allows you to portray information that is complex in a more digestible and simpler format.

Content plays a critical role in building your audience. However, the visual appeal will draw in the audience and increase SEO rankings. Therefore, you should post infographics on your blog and share them on other sites.

An excellent starting point is creating explainer content such as “The best strategies for X” or “10 ways to do X.”

6. Create Roundup Posts:

The other effective technique to increase SEO rankings and grow your audience is doing expert roundup posts. These creations help to showcase how well you are connected and in establishing your thought leadership in the industry.

You can ask several influencers in your industry the same question in the roundups that you share. Compile all the answers that you get in a single post and share on your blog. This will give your readers an excellent 360-degree view of relevant issues in the industry.

A backlink can also be given. This will help your followers to check their blogs in exchange for their participation. You can also invite them to share your roundup with their audiences. Any interested party will click through and begin to follow your blog thus increasing SEO rankings.

7. Optimize for RankBrain:

The RankBrain algorithm from Google is a game-changer for SEO rankings and machine learning. It measures how individuals react with the search results that are on the first page.

You will get high SEO rankings in the search results if more users are happy with your content. Therefore, it is good to optimize your web pages for RankBrain if you wish to grow your audience. It is an oldie SEO technique but still a goodie.

In this case, the secret is to make sure that you have a high level of organic click-through rate. If your click-throughs begin to drop, RankBrain will drop your website to the bottom section of the page.

8. Improve the Loading Speed of Your Site to Grow Your SEO Rankings:

Loading Speed

Web pages take approximately 15 seconds to load on mobile devices fully. These are bad news for any brand. 53% of consumers leave mobile web pages that take more than three seconds to load.

You can improve the loading speed of your page through image optimization and browser caching. A tool like PageSpeed from Google will help you in analyzing and improving your web pages to enhance the performance of your website.

9. Concentrate More on YouTube SEO:

YouTube SEO

YouTube videos have the highest ranking in the search engine in comparison to other video platforms. Like Google, YouTube receives more than 50% of the searches. Therefore, you have to focus most of your effort on optimizing your content on YouTube to get high SEO rankings.

Pay attention to the small details like video length, thumbnails, description, and title as they all affect YouTube SEO. All these factors will make your content to be more discoverable on Google. It will result in high traffic for your brand.

10. Use Local SEO and Local Listings:

Local SEO

97% of clients use the internet to search for local brands in their vicinity. Therefore, you should have an up-to-date listing of your local directories. Even though we live in a digital age, most people still prefer to visit a physical store.

Therefore, you need to update your listing, working hours, contact information, and address on the My Business Page on Google. The other element of local SEO is associating your brand with the right long-tail keywords. Include your area of operation in the long-tail keywords to increase your SEO ranking.

11. Leverage Guest Posting to Grow Your SEO Ranking:

You can leverage on guest posting to make the most of the thought leaders in the industry. You can have other bloggers guest posting on your website, or you can guest blog on other sites. Both strategies will help you to expose your content and business to a new audience.

You can employ the ‘Push’ technique to bring your content to the vast and new potential audiences as you post on other sites. There is a high likelihood that they will begin to follow your content if they like it.

On the contrary, when you invite other bloggers to post on your website, you will employ a ‘pull’ technique. The bloggers will be advertising their content on your website to their audience, and they will end up visiting your site. They can stick around for an extended period to check on your content, and you may convert them to regulars.

12. Have Accessible and Crawlable URLs to Boost SEO Rankings:

The best way to grow your audience and SEO rankings is making sure that you are in the search results’ Golden Triangle.’ Having accessible and crawlable URLs is an easy and quick SEO technique that will help you to achieve these objectives. A tool like Screaming Frog can be of great help.

This point is crucial because you would like Googlebot’s spiders to get to your page and have an understanding of the available content. The crawlers will look at whether the format of the test is readable, use alt text to understand your vision and any other embedded code.

These initiatives will index your page in a better way and hence we cannot understate the role of an optimized URL.  All your efforts to improve SEO rankings will become irrelevant in the absence of accessible and crawlable URLs. These web crawlers will only rank you highly in the search engines once they understand what is on your web pages.

13. Optimize Your Keyword Research for High SEO Ranking:

Keyword Research

This SEO technique may seem to be outdated and generic, but it is still relevant nowadays. The only evolution is the focus on long-tail keywords and not the simple, generic ones.

Consumers won’t merely key in a keyword like “consultant” or “dentist” in the search queries. They go for more elaborate queries such as “Best online marketing consultants in California.” If you are serious about growing your SEO rankings and audience, you should include these long-tail keywords in your content and website.

14. Use Compelling Meta Descriptions and Title Tags:

This point takes us back to the place where your site and content is more readable and accessible by web crawlers and search engines. One way is to use the right title tags for the heading. These tags give the content of your website a coherent and good structure and make them more discoverable by the search engine.

Similarly, relevant and apt meta descriptions give the crawlers some context about the content of your page. Relevant tags and a proper meta description will provide you with higher SEO rankings in the search engines.

15. Have a Strong Link-Game?

Links are top-ranking aspects that search engines use to determine your ranking. Therefore, you should pay close attention to both external and internal linking to get the best SEO Rankings. Therefore, you should not ignore any broken links on your website.

Make sure that the sites you are linking to have high domain authority if you want to grow your SEO rankings. You can also benefit your SEO by sourcing links from such websites. You should also think of linking your low-ranking content to the high ranking one.

Link building gives your web content that extra nudge to attract more readers. You cannot go wrong in your push for high SEO rankings as long as you link to the right sites.

You should also search for any broken links for your website together with that of your competitors. If the context is ideal for your brand, reach out to these websites and request them to replace those dead links with your resources.

Final Thoughts on How to Grow Your SEO Rankings:

High SEO ranking will help you to grow your audience and improve the performance of your business. Therefore, you have to do all you can to make your website more readable and accessible in the search engine. You can achieve this objective by using up-to-date and effective SEO techniques. This list will help you to achieve this objective with the highest level of precision.

If you need further assistance to grow your SEO rankings, don’t hesitate to reach to us on [email protected].

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