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  • What are PBN backlinks (With example)?
  • History of PBN backlinks.
  • PBN Footprints – Factors That Signal Google a website is Part of a PBN.
  • How do we identify PBN backlinks?
  • Why Should You Stop Making PBN Backlinks?
  • Stop Making PBN Backlinks – DO this instead.

Table Of Content

What Are PBN Backlinks (With example)

PBN Footprints – Factors That Signal Google A Website Is Part Of A PBN

  • Hosting – On same IP/Same date registration.
  • Site design – common design, theme, type of content.
  • Site ownership/who is.
  • Content Duplication.
  • Similar backlinks.
  • Same Google Analytics account.
  • All domains linking to the main website.
  • Batch Analysis: Use tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, and SpyFu for batch analysis. Identify domains with unusually high backlinks compared to referring domains. 
  • External Links on Homepage: PBNs may have a separate section on their homepage with links to external domains.
  • Blogspot/WordPress/Google Sites Links: Analyze backlink profiles for links from microblogging or community sites. Distinguish between natural and artificially generated links. 
  • Suspicious Link Network Visualizer: Use link graph visualizers to identify clusters of suspicious domains. Investigate further using other PBN checks. 

1. Building Your Own Empire 

7 Reasons Why You Should Stop Building PBN Backlinks

1. Waste Of Money 

2. Prone To Penalty

3. Lacks Quality

4. Lacks Trust

5. Lacks Relevance, the GPS For SEO 

6. Deindexing Domino Effect 

7. Short-Term Gain, Long-Term Pain 

  • Finding the right (relevant) prospect for your brand.
  • Building a meaningful relationship that opens up guest posting opportunities.
  • Then, find the content gaps in the publisher’s site and curate your content strategy.
  • Next, creating SEO & E-E-A-T optimized content for readers and search engines alike.
  • Ensuring a seamless and natural anchor text placement that improves the overall user experience.
  • Following up with the publisher and ensuring a permanent link. 

Final Words

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