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  • What falls under Google’s spammy link criteria?
  • Google’s John Muller’s opinion about spammy links.
  • How to check if your links are spammy.
  • Effective strategies to FIX spammy links.

Table Of Content

Can You Tell Me What Google Considers Spammy Links

(i) Paid Links Intended To Manipulate The Rankings

(ii) Excessive Link Exchanges

(iii) Automated Link Creation

(iv) Link Requirements In Agreements

(v) Text Advertisements And Advertorials

(vi) Low-Quality Directory Or Bookmark Links

(vii) Hidden Or Keyword-Rich Widget Links

(viii) Widespread Footer Or Template Links

(ix) Forum Comments With Optimized Links

2 Tips By John Mueller Think About Spammy Links

Tip-1: The 404 Situation

Tip-2: Disavow Like a Pro

How To Check If Your Links Are Spammy?

(i) Organic Traffic Plunge

(ii) Keyword Rankings Take A Hit

(iii) Referral Traffic Surge – Beware Of Spam

(iv) Backlink Boom Isn’t Always Good

(v) Watch The Spam Score

How To Analyze Spammy Links?

Step 1: Referral Domain Analysis

Referral Domain Analysis

Step 2: Analyze Domain Authority (DA) And Page Authority (PA)

Analyze Domain Authority (DA) And Page Authority (PA)

Step 3: Scraped Content Analysis

Scraped Content Analysis

Step 4: Spammy Anchor Text Analysis

Spammy Anchor Text Analysis

Step 5: Malicious Website Analysis

Malicious Website Analysis

Effective Strategies To FIX Spammy Links

1. Reach Out To Website Owners

Reach Out To Website Owners

2. Knock On The Hosting Company’s Door

 Knock On The Hosting Company's Door

3. Google Disavow Tool

Google Disavow Tool

Spammy Links: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

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