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  • “What are referring domains? Can you explain it to me in layman’s terms?”
  • “I often get confused between referring domains and backlinks. Can you explain it to me”
  • “In link building, people talk about referring domains. The question is, WHY?”
  • “There are already a lot of tips to improve referring domains, and I get sucked into them. Could you tell me the top 1-2 tips that actually work?”

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Understanding Referring Domains From A Layman’s Perspective

Understanding Referring Domains From A Layman’s Perspective

Referring Domains vs Backlinks – Differences Explained

AspectsReferring DomainsBacklinks
DefinitionSource websites of the backlinks. Precisely, the websites that are linking to yours.Hyperlinks from/to another website.
One word explanationWebsites.Links.
ReflectsThe credibility and reach of a particular website.The popularity of a specific page, article, or resource.
Also Known asLinking domains.Inbound links.
RelationshipBetween different websites – referring domains are the source of backlinks.Between different pages – backlinks come from different referring domains.

Why Are Referring Domains Important In Link Building?

How To Check Referring Domains?

1. Google Search Console

2. Use Google Analytics

3. Leverage Ahreh’s Free Backlink Checker Tool

Top 2 Ways To Improve Referring Domains?

Guest Blogging

Warm Up Your Prospects

  1. First, you should compile a list of sites you want links to.
  2. Create a LinkedIn profile (relevant details and a professional photo).
  3. Connect and engage with them. Meaningful comments on their posts are highly appreciated. Try to initiate conversations.
  4. You can also send them a DM to discuss a specific topic.
  5. After you do this for a month or so with your prospects, send the outreach emails.

Write Jaw-Dropping Content

  1. Unique and original content.
  2. Provide real-life examples.
  3. Share your personal insights.
  1. Written for people – not machines.
  2. Contribute to improving user experience.
  3. Matches the search intent.

Prepare Your Pitch And Send It

Get Help From Reputed Link Building Agencies

  • Have a proven track record.
  • Offers high authority sites with a higher DA, DR, and traffic.
  • Adheres to white hat SEO practices.
  • Possesses an in-house content team that writes original SEO-optimized content.
  • Doesn’t promise unrealistic results. Rather, it believes in the organic process that ensures permanent links.

Time To Grow Your Referring Domains Strategically

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