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In order to understand Link Building tips, let us begin with a simple question-

Do you recommend a good restaurant for your best friend or a bad one?

If you are not trying to pull any pranks, chances are that you are going for the first option. This simplicity is key to understand Link Building.

In this article, I help you with the top 10 good quality link building tips for 2021. I cover some important questions like-

  • How can link building tips and SEO helps drive traffic to my website?
  • What are the good links and bad links?
  • How can I check the metrics of link building? Is there a tool for the same?
  • Is a bad link building dangerous for the health of my website?
  • What are Guest Posting Services? Is it similar to link building and SEO?

Top 10 Link Building Tips: Problems in Understanding

When people try to figure out what link building is, confusing responses on the internet muddle their thoughts. Link Building is a simple element to carry out. You do not need to have a software engineering degree from MIT to ace it.

Therefore, the next question that arises is- why has everyone tried to make it so damn complicated?

We need to understand that if a digital marketing issue is simple, there is no market for it. Simplicity is not good for business. Hence, there are many on the internet who try to problematize it.

You need to have a guide/advice forum, which offers simple and uncomplicated advice. Many people shout at the top of their voices about updates from Google, Moz, Ahrefs, and others.

These updates are important, but what are these updates about is the main thing to understand. If you have been true to the ethics of building good quality links from the very start, you need not worry about these updates.

These updates are worrisome for people who have used unscrupulous ways to get backlinks. Bad and manipulative methods to climb the SERPs have made the health of these sites deteriorate post the updates.

What is Link Building?

Link building is a process where you simply put out addresses for your website on other websites. These other websites should industry related, reputable, and have a lot of organic reaches.


The ‘address’ as has been casually mentioned are hyperlinks for particular pages of your website. This helps audiences reading a content piece on another website to follow the link and land up on your page.

Link building is critical for the health of your website. More importantly, it is essential for Google. It helps you rank well on SERPs, and drives traffic from other websites to your website.

All this sounds easy, but with the advent of paid link buying and guest posting, things have taken a turn for the worse.

Google has come down heavily on link selling sites and companies. Google is also heavily penalizing companies, which are using or promoting plagiarized content and spun articles to artificially place links.

If you want to know about the ethical white hat link building, you can get in touch with one of the best link building companies in the world.

There are many ways in which you can create good quality backlinks. From choosing link building directories to buying links, to link requests, you can do it all.

However, I feel that two ways are critical for ethical link building. This will help you score well on the SERPs and not invite Google’s wrath at the same time.

In order to know about the top link building tips in 2021, you need to start with the following two ways-

a. In-Content Link Building:

This is a great way to build credibility and become an authoritative industry voice. If you are going for in-content link building, you need to provide solutions for problems. This will help you gain a massive organic following.

In-content link building is the preferred way for brands and digital marketing agencies. This has been proven to drive organic traffic to your service pages, or blog pages.

b. Social Media Link Building:

Social Media link building is another key way in which you can help drive traffic to your website.

By sharing good quality articles on social media, you can help drive traffic from your social media to your website or blog.

Another way is to ask content sites or journals, which have a massive following to share your links. If they agree to share your links on their social media handles, imagine the kind of traffic you can get.

Why Link Building is Important?

Link building is the surest way to help Google rank your website. When Google closed down its Page Rank Algorithm, it identified links as an indication.

A good website was one which was had links on good performing websites, and people were clicking that link and shifting to a new page.

Nearly after twenty years, I can safely say that links and link building are still the most complete way to rank the quality of a website or a webpage.

How Link Building Has Changed in 2021?

On the other hand, twenty years means a lot of time for updates, best practices, and tutorials. The foundations might remain the same, but the means of getting there have definitely changed.

Earlier getting 500 links from one bad website was good enough, but not anymore. Now getting 500 links from 500 decent websites is much better. All this is better not in my eyes or your eyes, but Google’s.

The earlier statements point to the fact that it is essential to have your links placed on a good quality website. Diversity matters as well.

It also makes a lot of common sense. If you have more websites with lesser links, you are automatically attracting diverse audiences and traffic.

Another great change has been Google’s emphasis on good quality relative sites. For instance, if you were a health brand, it would not have mattered if you had placed links on a +50 DA technology site. Google has changed this.

The relevance of your link should be compatible with the relevance of the website where you have placed the link. A health brand website linking to a health-related journal/e-magazine is perfect for Google.

Relevancy is the new PageRank.

The placement of the link also matters a lot. If your link is placed in-content, it will get more weight and percentage from Google. Audiences too will be able to understand them as original and authentic.

Using spun article software, or plagiarised content is a big ‘no’ from Google. If the site in which you have linked is using spun articles, Google is going to come down harshly. This also qualifies as a bad link.

Top 10 Link Building Tips in 2021


1. Link to Authority and Relevant Websites:

Relevant Websites

As I have stated briefly, one of the biggest updates from Google promotes relevancy. You should always link to sites that are relevant to your business/industry and are high performing.

What are high performing sites? Ones that have good traffic, high Domain Authority (DA), and Domain Ranking (DR). It would not be a bad idea to check for the number of backlinks a site has.

Avoid having links on generic websites. You can select web pages that are similar to your niche. This will help with Google, as well as help you gain a great amount of relevant traffic.

2. Social Media Link Building:

Social Media Link Building

In-content link building is good, social media link building is even better. Social Media giants are increasingly promoting links organically.

If you are able to convince good websites and brands to share your linked articles or pages, your success will be infinite.

Small link building tips- try to ask publishers if they will be able to share your article/link with their email subscriber database. They usually take a small price but having your links sent to 30,000 odd people. Priceless!

3. Quality Content: Whether it’s 2021 or 2050

Quality Content

Always ensure that the content that bears your link is of the highest quality. If your article is informative, educational, and offers great solutions, you will get much more link-driven traffic.

People do not follow links simply for the heck of it. People will click on links only if they see value in them. If you combine this with our first point, (relevancy) you have hit upon a jackpot.

As a result of the article being of quality, publishers would also accept the articles and links much more easily.

4. Long Format Content:

In addition to the quality of the article, the word length matters a lot as well. Think about it for a second.

What information or guide would you rather believe in when it comes to buying a car? Will you pay attention to one that is 300 odd words, or one that is over 2000 words long?

The answer is simple. Google thinks that the long format articles with links in them are informative and credible. Likewise, audiences too would go for long structured articles as being more genuine.

5. Anchor Text and Keywords:


Naturally, placed anchor texts and keywords have a better chance of being clicked than ones that are artificial.

While exact matches for keywords and partial matches have nearly the same impact on search and keyword, I have a different interpretation of the same.

Always try and use anchor texts/keywords that make sense. ‘Wedding Photographer Victoria’, when used in the context of an article, will be impossible to pace naturally.

However, ‘Wedding Photographer in Australia’ will be easy. According to insiders at Google, the ‘in’ really does not make much of a difference.

6. Stay Away from Black Hat Link Building Strategies:

Black Hat Link Building

If you have a digital marketing agency on a retainer, always ask them about which web pages are hosting your links.

I usually give my clients a link building report with the URLs of all the web pages that bear the links.

This helps them check for themselves about the relevancy of the sites in which their links are. Please stay away from Black Hat Link Building strategies.

You might get away with it for a very long time. However, please be rest assured that Google and the web police are going to catch you soon.

True Story- I once had a client who used black hat link building for the first year or so of his automobile review site. He got successful using the strategy. After the first year itself, he stopped, reading about how Google penalizes sites. After 4 years, Google and others penalized him for his bad decisions in the first year. His site, which had a DA of 67, 80k organic visitors, DR of 58, was de-indexed! Can you believe that?

7. Do your Link Building Research:

Link Building Research

It is not a good idea to leave everything to your digital marketing agency. Before undertaking a link building campaign you should find out about its core concepts.

You should also do a competitor analysis. The two best tools on the market for link building and SEO are MOZ and Ahrefs.

While they offer paid subscriptions, I can vouch for it being a great value for money tool. You will get tons of credible information that you can use to optimize your link building and SEO strategy.

If you find it confusing, sit down with your digital agency and ask them to guide you in the process.

8. Link Building through Videos:

I read an interesting piece of statistic the other day- YouTube has as many as 200 million monthly subscribers. 1 billion hours of watch time every month.

If you are smart, you should have a YouTube channel (in addition, you should also be on Vimeo). If you are smarter, you will have links placed in the description section of the video.

Video content is the ‘big thing’ now. Your link building strategies should definitely have a YouTube and a Vimeo angle to it. According to some estimates, you will get more clicks on YouTube than on static article content.

9. Explore Quora, Glassdoor, and Reddit as Credible Options:

Platforms such as Quora, Glassdoor, and the now aged Reddit, are acquiring a serious reputation. With millions of visitors every day, Quora offers brands some very interesting possibilities.

You cannot make a company account on Quora. However, if you are smart enough, you will figure out ways to make a personal account be the voice of your brand.

For example, if you are a biscuit brand, you can do the following.

Lookup for threads on snacks and biscuits

Lookup for threads on healthy eating

Comment in an informative and educated manner in the thread. You should appear as though you are not affiliated to any brand. After you have made your comment, share a link to the biscuit brand, which I find most healthy.

You will be amazed at the possibility Quora can offer you.

10. Internal Links are as important:

Last, but not least, have internal links between your blogs and the inner pages of your website. Do this in an organic manner, and not in an artificial or forced manner.

If you have written an informative blog on digital marketing in 2021, and offer solutions, you can place a link on the blog that leads to one of your service pages.

Internal links are very important for Google. This also helps in announcing confidence and credibility for your brand.

Why is Google Changing Link Building Assessment Criteria?

There has been a serious crackdown by Google on link manipulation and inauthentic backlink placements.

There are reasons why Google is taking this seriously. For starters, millions of people, lawmakers, and world leaders are criticizing Google and others for manipulation through money.

Think Facebook, data breach, US Election scandal, Cambridge Analytica, and the list goes on. EU, WTO, and other world bodies have pulled up Google for anti-ethical activities. This has made Google and other tech and web giants skeptical and careful.

Digital industry experts predict that the clampdown will be even more severe than the last Panda Update from Google.

Google and others are moving away from authenticity, organic content, and credible information. If your digital marketing strategy is genuine, ethical, and organic (to some degree), you will see a significant bump.

If you want to know about ethical white hat link building, you can get in touch with one of the best link building companies in the world.

The Final Word

Any digital marketing strategy including link building cannot happen in an isolation. It has to be done simultaneously with your SEO, SEM, SMM, and others.

There is also a need for clients to be autonomous of their agencies when it comes to link building. It is imperative that brands do not listen to any and everything said by the agency.

It is essential that brands know about the details of link building. Think of placing links as breadcrumbs on the road. Good hosting sites will always let your breadcrumbs be there. In other words, people will always be able to get their directions to your site.

If you are able to follow our link building tips, you will be very successful for your brand. This guide will help you climb the SERPs, drive new traffic, and help in sales. Yes, that is a certain possibility.

My link building tips have been compiled after over ten years of experience in the domain of link building.

A good link building strategy does wonders for your SERPs. I have seen businesses convert from revenues of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars in a couple of months.

Small Tip– Link Building Tips can help you meet your sales targets effectively. Good quality links in great publications can drive a huge volume of traffic to your landing page. Why do I know this? I sold over 5000 pieces of a cell phone variety for a client. P.S. The client had South Korean ‘links!

For any other information on Link Building Tips or digital marketing hit us up in the comments section.

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