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  • Link relevance.
  • 5 Categories of link relevance.
  • 6 ways to link relevance impacts the quality of backlinks.
  • How Google perceives link relevance.
  • Key factors that determine the quality of backlinks.
  • How to check whether a link is relevant or not?
  • Secrets to build relevant links.

Table Of Content

What Is Link Relevance 

5 Categories Of Link Relevance

6 Ways Link Relevance Improves The Quality Of Backlinks

6 Ways Link Relevance Improves The Quality Of Backlinks

Google Loves Link Relevance

How Google Evaluates Link Relevance?

How Google Evaluates Link Relevance

1. Page Content Analysis

2. Anchor Text

3. Source Authority

4. Relevance Of Source

5. User Engagement

6. Link Placement

7. Link Diversity

8. Freshness

9. Spam Detection

How To Check If A Link Is Relevant Or Not?

Checking Link Relevance With Ahrefs 

  1. Site Explorer:
    Enter the website’s URL in “Site Explorer” for an overview, including domain rating and backlinks.
  2. Backlink Profile:
    Navigate to “Backlink profile” > “Referring domains” to analyze linked sites. Industry-related domains signal relevance.
  3. Top Pages:
    Access “Organic search” > “Top Pages” to explore the website’s high-performing content, revealing its thematic focus.
  4. Content Gap Analysis:
    Utilize “Content Gap” under “Site Explorer > Organic search” to compare keyword rankings. Similarities indicate potential relevance.
  5. Anchor Text:
    Visit “Site Explorer > Backlink profile > Anchors” to inspect anchor text. This unveils the site’s covered topics.

Checking Link Relevance With Semrush 

  1. Domain Overview:
    Input the website’s URL in “Domain Overview” for SEO metrics, offering insight into the site’s overall theme.
  2. Backlink Analytics:
    Explore the site’s backlink profile in “Backlink Analytics” > “Referring Domains.” Industry-related domains signify potential relevance.
  3. Top Organic Pages:
    Visit “Organic Research” > “Pages” to uncover top pages, aiding in understanding the site’s thematic relevance.
  4. Keyword Gap:
    Use the “Keyword Gap” tool to compare common keywords between your site and the potential backlink. Overlapping keywords suggest relevance.
  5. Anchor Text:
    In “Backlink Analytics,” check the “Anchor Text” section to understand the context of backlinks. This provides insights into the site’s content relevance.

Top Secrets To Building High Quality Backlinks

Things To Do 

Things To Avoid

How To Monitor Relevant Backlinks

  1. Track And Analyze Metrics:
    Use Ahrefs and Semrush to monitor referring domains, domain authority, anchor text, and backlink traffic regularly.
  2. Disavow Irrelevant Backlinks:
    Conduct a backlink audit using Google Search Console. Disavow irrelevant or spammy backlinks to protect your SEO.
  3. Competitor Analysis:
    Monitor competitors’ link profiles to identify link-building opportunities. Reach out to sites linking to competitors for mutual benefits.

Monitoring Relevant Backlinks:

  1. Track And Analyze Metrics:
  • Why: Regularly monitoring backlink metrics helps assess the health and relevance of your link profile.
  • How: Utilize tools like Ahrefs and Semrush to track referring domains, domain authority, anchor text distribution, and traffic generated from backlinks.
  1. Disavow Irrelevant Backlinks:
  • Why: Irrelevant or spammy backlinks can negatively impact your SEO efforts and rankings.
  • How: Conduct periodic backlink audits using tools like Google Search Console. Identify and disavow irrelevant or low-quality backlinks to maintain a healthy link profile.
  1. Competitor Analysis:
  • Why: Analyzing competitors’ link profiles provides insights into potential link-building opportunities.
  • How: Identify sites that link to your competitors but not to your site. Reach out to these sites, emphasizing the value you can provide and proposing a mutually beneficial link exchange.

Final Takeaway

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