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One of the most critical inbound marketing tactics is to increase the click through rate (CTR) of the website. It is a crucial step in content marketing because if your content is not clicked enough times, it means it’s not working.

But, most people can’t increase the click through rate of their content because they are now fully aware of the concept. Once you grasp the idea of a CTR, there will be no stopping you from acquiring a high rank on Google.

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What Is The Click Through Rate?

If you have ever been into the ocean of inbound marketing, you must be familiar with the term ‘click through rate’. It is the number of visitors that are directed to your website through a particular hypertext link. And it is more than a metric of performance marketing. It is beneficial for both the publishers and advertisers if you know how to use it correctly.

So, what is a reasonable click through rate? On average, a click through rate of 2.5% is considered good in our industry. When you divide the ad clicks with the ad impressions, you get the click through rate. Therefore, if you wonder what a good CTR is, anything more than 2% is your answer.

How To Increase The Click Through Rate?

The Latest Google Updates are all about an increased click through rate, so we have to improve it as much as possible if we want our content marketing plan to be fulfilled. Depending on your position, your CTR will range from 3%-30% on Google. You may optimize your function, improve your title, meta description, or the URL, to attain this task. If you are still confused about a good CTR, remember if your content has 5 clicks and 100 impressions, its ctr score is 5%, which is high.

Now, let’s find out about some ways that can help us improve the ctr rate.

Idea 1: Improve The Quality Metric Score

Quality score in Google ads metric that gives your keyword a score of 0-10. It is an advanced form of measuring the relevance of your advertising according to the Latest Google Updates. If Google scores the keyword higher, it means the probability of someone clicking on your ad increases.

It depends upon the website landing page’s pay-per-click rate and the topic relevance of your keyword. The best way to improve the quality metric score is to place the keyword on the most critical positions. For example, put in on the headline, URL, and the meta description because these can help it attain a good ctr.

Idea 2: Leverage The Ad Extensions

If you use the best ad extensions, they can increase your ad’s URL size and make them appear more relevant on Google search results. It will be a valuable strategy for an inbound marketing professional because the goal of an inbound marketer is to attract customers. Now, if the ads they create appear more relevant on Google, they increase what? Yup, you guessed it right. They increase the click through rate.

You may use the site link extensions because they add 2 extra lines on the URL to make them more relevant. You can use call extensions if you are into sales and increase your click through rate for the next sales pitch. There are also promotion extensions and price extensions that may suit your need for content marketing.

Idea 3: Use Smart Bidding

You have to be quite experienced in inbound marketing to use this strategy. However, with the correct application of Google Automation, you can enable Google to increase the ctr of your website automatically. It is one of the perks of the Latest Google Updates that can improve your ad’s performance noticeably.

This update uses an auction time bidding technique that means the Google algorithm uses machine learning to develop the keyword bids. It is a time-saving technique because you don’t have to crawl through each keyword to do the bidding manually anymore.

Idea 4: Run A Split Test

The Latest Google Updates seem to be working a lot in your favor recently. One such favor is the split test that you can run on your ads to check which variation gets the highest amount of clicks. For example, you may run 2-3 variations to judge the highest click rate on each of those content. Then, when they have run for a moderate amount of time, find the ad with the worst-performing click through rate, split test it, and rerun it.

When you run the split test on the worst-performing click-through ad, make sure to remove the previous version. Else, it will create too many advert copies of the same content that may confuse you later. Also, if there are too many ads in one category, it will lead to a poor ctr score.

Idea 5: Remarketing Campaign Is The Key

This technique will allow you to serve the right ad to the right users. For example, with remarketing campaign technique, you can choose to show an advertisement to a specific group of users who have previously reviewed products related to it. If you offer the ad for a top gaming mouse to a nerdy teenage girl who probably has no idea what to do with it, she won’t ever click on it.

So, the remarketing campaign technique will enable you to sell more products with tailored ads to your existing customers. Besides increasing the click through rate, this technique is known to be a time savior too.

Idea 6: Be Unique While Writing Your Ad Copies

This idea is for those who do not want to get involved in technical jargon and naturally want to increase their website click through rate. Be original and unique when you are writing the ad copy. If you are writing an ad copy similar to your competition, your ctr rate would likely suffer.

One of the most important strategies of content marketing is to create unique content. That is what you are going to need for this idea. Keep the unique selling points in mind when making the ad copy, and it will increase your ctr score.

Idea 7: Create Visually Stimulating Content

Visual stimulation is essential when your motto is to increase the ctr score for your content. Research has shown that a reader is likely to be more interested in reading content if it has images. So put yourself in their shoes, and judge. Won’t we be more interested in reading an article that has got pictures in it than a long, boring article with just words?

Yes, you are right. Visual stimulation is essential to increase the click through rate, and content marketing professionals may already know it. Almost 90% of marketers believe that content with images gets more click through rate than content with no pictures.

Idea 8: Increase The Speed Of Your Website

There are too many websites with everything needed to pass it on an excellent ctr score, but it takes a lot of time to load. There go all your efforts down the drain because if your website takes too much time to load, users won’t click on it. It will make the users frustrated, and that will likely result in negative opinions about your site.

So, optimize the speed of your site, and make sure it opens fast on both computers and mobile phones. Since most people are smartphone users today, you must optimize your site’s speed to make it more mobile-friendly. 

Signing Off

If you are in the inbound marketing field, you must know other ways to improve your website’s click through rate. However, on this list, we have mentioned a few easily implementable ideas and are not tough to measure. It will help you improve the ctr score for your ad and increase your website traffic. So, best of luck to all the future marketers. Then, get ready to witness a flood of audiences on your site.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. How Do You Calculate The Click Through Rate?
When you divide the number of times your ad is shown on the search engine with the number of times your ad is clicked upon, you get the ctr score. So, the simple formula for calculating the click through rate is Click ÷ Impressions = CTR. Divide the total clicks with the total impressions, and multiply it by 100 to get the accurate result.
2. What Is A Good CTR For A Blog?
Not only for a blog but for all types of content, a CTR with an average score of 1.91% is good. However, blogs that score a 0.35% average ctr score are also considered exemplary. But, for a standard measurement, a score of 1%-1.91% is a good CTR for a blog.
3. What Is A Good CTR Adsense?
The average rate of CTR Adsense varies from .50%-3%. However, a good CTR Adsense will be from 3%-6%, in our opinion. But, if your CTR Adsense’s score is too high, it may have certain risks, so be careful.
4. What Is A Good CTR For SEO?
A good CTR score will improve your SEO score, so these concepts are interdependent, it seems. On average, a title of 15-40 characters can bring a good CTR for SEO. A long title means more keywords, and that will represent the probability of a better SEO rank.

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