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Ranking high in the search engines takes a lot of effort and time. Everyone is looking for the best tips on how to improve SEO. You can implement several techniques to achieve this objective. The good thing is that you can do some of these things by yourself.

However, you can miss some essential things if you are not sure of what you need to do. It is good to do an audit to check whether you meet the requirements. The remaining section in this article will help you learn how to improve SEO.

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How To Improve SEO In 2022:

1. Optimize Your Headlines And Titles:

Optimize Your Headlines and Titles

Some of the basic optimization practices include title optimization and keyword research. Therefore, you have to ensure that your website targets the right keywords. Title tags have the heaviest weight in SEO. Therefore, you have to make sure that you include your keyword in the title.

Your headlines should also have proper keywords. The first thing on the page should be H1 because it is the most important headline. It can be like the title in some cases though this is not always the case.

If you are running a PPC campaign, those titles can inspire you. PPC titles focus on conversion and hence will benefit your SEO in several ways.

Optimizing your Meta will also motivate readers to click on your link. Having your focus keyword there will increase the chances of showing up in the SERPs. It is an excellent technique on how to improve SEO. After this, you can begin to target multiple keywords on one page.

2. Prioritize Pages In Site Navigation:

Site Navigation

The most important structural element on any website is navigation. Linking to the other pages on your website will add a lot of weight to the links. You can link some of these pages from your navigation menu.

When you include these links on all pages of your website, it will make the pages to look important in the eyes of Google. It explains why homepages have the highest authority on all websites. The reason is that the logo that is on all pages links back to the homepage.

3. Adding Breadcrumbs On The Pages:

Adding Breadcrumbs

Adding breadcrumbs can benefit your website a lot especially if you are dealing with an eCommerce site. The reason is that breadcrumbs create structure within your website. Most online stores like linking their products from the category pages.

Therefore, the category pages will send equity to product pages and make them stronger. However, your category pages should rank high because you optimize them with the most search keywords.

Breadcrumb consolidates the strength of the category pages by linking all the related products and subcategories to them.

Things will be pretty easy if you are using CMS. Most templates come with breadcrumbs and you should check for these in all template settings. You can be sure of getting something out there for your brand.

For a custom platform, you will need coding knowledge to undertake this task. However, programmers will do this with a lot of ease and it is not a huge expense.

4. Tracking Implementation On Your Website:

Tracking Implementation

Tracking is a crucial element on any website. Failure to track your traffic and rankings won’t allow you to spot the problems on your website. Do your pages have a big bounce rate? Can you find ways how to improve SEO especially if they have a high search volume?

You will not tell whether you are making any progress unless you monitor your organic search traffic. Tracking will help you to know whether your ranking has dropped or the search engine penalizes you.

Several tools can help you monitor several issues on your pages including the organic search traffic. The top ones are Google Analytics and Google Search Console. It is not hard to install these tools once you have an internet connection.

You can even install them through your CMS plugin. The Google Tag Manager is the best for tracking code implementation. You will find them easy to manage over time. Other solutions like Hotjar will need a lot of experience to implement.

5. Installing An SSL Certificate:

SSL has been one of the ranking factors since 2014. The reason is because of the security features that are in it. Cybercrime has been increasing as people continue to share sensitive data online.

It is not hard to install an SSL certificate on your website. Most hosting providers help their clients with this task. You can also use the CloudFlare solution to install SSL on your website. It is a great tip for anyone who wants to learn how to improve SEO in 2022.

6. Secure Your Maps Listing:

People cannot steal this thing from you easily and it will add a lot of value to your website. Google My Business can help your business to be listed on Google multiple times. Besides, it will also link back to your site.

Users will find your site with a lot of ease if it isn’t ranking well already. After creating a list or claiming its ownership, be keen to feel out all the details correctly. Also, add great pictures of your team, products, and location. It will help you to build trust with your customers.

7. Compress And Optimize Your Images:

Optimize Your Images

Would you like to know how to improve SEO using images on your website? These features consume a lot of physical space in your server. Therefore, they will consume a lot of space on the visitor’s device hence taking a long time to load.

Slow loading times have adverse effects on conversions. First, compress the physical size of the image on the disk. Image compression will not compromise the size and quality of your pictures.

Several tools can help you to compress your images as you upload them to your website. Image compression will help you to give your website a responsive design. It has one of the best solutions on how to improve SEO.

8. Increase The Speed Of Your Website:

Speed of Your Website

Apart from images, several other elements can affect the speed of your website. Apart from the files, database quarries and PHP conflicts can take a very long time to load.

Limiting the number of plugins can help you to increase database loading times and avoid conflicts. Therefore, do away with any unnecessary extensions and plugins on your website. It entails getting rid of the elements that don’t provide any value to your website.

For example, you can replace the slider plugin with a CTA button or static image. There is no need to waste resources on things that people rarely click on. Making proper use of space has the right answers on how to improve SEO.

9. Use Keyword Rich Anchor Texts To Interlink Your Pages:

Anchor Texts to Interlink

One of the best ways how to improve SEO is the use of internal links. Use specific anchor texts to link to important pages on your website. It has a lower risk than using keyword-rich anchor texts to build backlinks.

Besides, you have full control over internal linking. When you publish new content, always link it to relevant pages on your website. You can also edit the old posts on your website to include internal links to the new content.

The most important thing is to insert relevant internal links.

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10. Link To Relevant And Authority Websites:

Most people prefer other websites to link back to them. However, no one will link back to you unless you share the content for other authors. It is one of the best strategies on how to improve SEO.

Google uses backlinks to identify the content it will rank at the top of the SERPs. Therefore, it is good to rank to great content if you want to take your SEO efforts to the next level.

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11. Make Your Social Media Profiles Secure:

Social Media Profiles Secure

It is good to secure all your social media profiles even if you are just using a few. Social media is one of the best platforms to get backlinks to your site.

The most popular platforms are LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. You can also consider Reddit, Yelp, SoundCloud, or other niche-related platforms.

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12. Enhance The Share-ability Of Your Posts And Pages:

Share-ability is the other tip on how to improve SEO. Social media can help you to get viral and get more traffic. People Can read your posts and like them but it does not mean that they will share them. Therefore, you have to make sure that you facilitate this process.

Add the like and share buttons to your pages. Focus on the social platforms that are most relevant to your website. Also, add CTAs to content within your website. An excellent strategy is called locked content and you can use a share to unlock it.

Locking some tips or PFDs can increase the number of tweets or shares on your website. It is one of the best approaches if you want to learn how to improve SEO.

13. Share The Content Of Other People:

Share the Content

You also need to share interesting content even if it does not come from your website. Sharing the content of other people encourages them to share your content too.

Personal profiles are not indexed and hence it is good to get shares from other pages. Therefore, Google will not see the backlinks that come from such shares.

14. Ask Customers And Friends For Reviews:

Friends for Reviews

Once you get a secure Google MyBusiness listing, you need to get some reviews. The challenge with most people is that they ignore this step yet it is crucial.

A customer review is a local SEO factor that can increase your ranking. Getting reviews is easy for any firm that offers high-quality services. If your services are poor, customers are likely to leave a negative review.

Encourage your happy clients to leave behind a review and you will love the results that you see. It is a practical solution if you want to learn how to improve SEO in 2022.

15. Custom Design The 404 Error:

404 Error

The 404 error indicates that the internet address you are looking for is unavailable. The error is common when you are dealing with a huge website. People who land on these 404 errors will inevitably leave your website hence costing you a lot of money.

You can fix this issue is creating a custom design for the 404 pages and including a call to action to it. The strategy will help you to reduce the bounce rate on your website.

16. Post-Fresh And High-Quality Content:

High-Quality Content

You will get more traffic when you post high-quality content on your website. You can go to new heights by starting a blog for your website. People like to consume highly informative content on your website. Avoid promotional content because it will only drive traffic away from your website.

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The secret is to come up with new topics and ideas for your content. The best blog posts will answer the questions that your customers have. Use the right keywords in a natural way when writing your content.

The other thing that you need to do is update and improve your current content. You can always get a better version of your content as customer needs change. Your pages compete with others online and you need to stand out.

Add new content to your current article and you will improve it. You can even add new keywords and links to your content. It is the best solution if you are looking for the best ways how to improve SEO.

When you get new information about your article topic, be keen to update it. Updating your article over time will always keep it fresh.

The last tip here is to repurpose your current content. It will help you to get new traffic for your website. Share this information with your users and they will love it. Content offers the best answers to how to improve SEO in 2022.

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17. Make A Mobile-Friendly Website:

Mobile-Friendly Website

This SEO tip is not easy to implement. If your website is too old, it may call for a whole redesigning. The situation may also rebuild it from scratch.  Google is now running on a mobile-first indexing process. Google will rank your website depending on how people view it from mobile devices.

You can install a responsive design to make your website mobile-friendly. However, the plugins you install can affect some of the functionalities of your website. Make your website mobile-friendly and you will start ranking high in the search engine.


With all these tips, you now know how to improve SEO in 2022. Can help you implement the best SEO practices for your brand. The most important thing is to follow the right techniques and you will succeed.

Do you have any suggestions on how to improve SEO, feel free to drop your comments here! We have a highly-qualified team that will respond to any queries or concerns.

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