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SEO content writing is now a great adventure to the practitioners. It is like calculating a complex math problem and finding the secret of getting faster results. Over time, search engine factors advance, and Google algorithm updates increase.

The number of businesses that use SEO services also increase over time. Besides, there is a continuous rise in SEO agencies globally. Thus, there is a very high competition in the SEO market. It means that you cannot succeed unless your content stands out from the crowd.

Some old SEO practices are still applicable, but we have so many new developments. This SEO guide will help you to write the best SEO content this year. The most important thing is to make sure that you are writing your content for the user.

At the moment, the new icon when it comes to SEO is contextual content. It is among the most critical developments in this industry. No wonder you will find most SEO professionals context-based and contextual results.

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SEO Content: A Step-By-Step Guide:

Step 1. Carry Out the Right Keyword Research

Keyword Research

The initial step in SEO has been the same for several years i.e., keyword research. You can elaborate on the descriptive terminologies by deploying the killer questions and topics of interest. The keywords help the writer to describe the SEO topic to the users in the best way possible and optimize it for the search engine.

It is not hard to find the right keywords for your SEO content. Once you know your target keyword, you can get several derivatives. The market has several tools to help you find the best keywords that generate traffic. Some examples are the Content Assistant and Keyword Tool that work together.

The best SEO content should be of high quality, evergreen, and valuable. Therefore, you should be at the top of the game so that readers don’t flag your content as worthless. You should strive towards becoming the best SEO content writer in the industry.

Valuable content will go beyond the screen and break the glass. You have to make your visitors feel that they are in the right place. No one will trust you unless you offer the content that he or she requires. The secret is using the right keywords in your SEO content.

i) Using Contextual SEO Content Results

To achieve the right standards, you should understand the search context for your potential customers and fill in the gaps. You cannot succeed unless you know the interests and needs of your potential customers.

The conventional search of keywords has several limitations. It does not offer topical results based on the search quarries. A simple keyword has a lot of information and several related topics that you will find online. For more accurate results, Google has developed patents to help people use knowledge bases to understand the context.

It pays more attention to topic-related results to make the whole process use probabilities to work. When users search on Google, the engine will use its system to display landing pages that have related topics and text.

You can take advantage of this information to get new ideas for contextual SEO content keywords. Focus on the intent of the user and how you can win their heart and convert them. You can either provide informational or brand content.

If you go for brand SEO content, you will have to search for your competitors and see what they have to offer. If you take the informational path, you have to check what most of the users are searching for online. Most search keywords are informational, and people want to know or understand something.

The secret lies in choosing descriptive and relevant keywords. Once you have the right keywords, it will help you in selecting the topic for your SEO content. Focus keywords will help you a lot when dealing with on-page optimization. Look for multiple keywords that are related to the first one.

ii) Get Topics That Will Pass the Test of Time

The topics that you choose should continually draw the audience to your website. The SEO content of evergreen articles will not expire over time. The best SEO content should also solve the problems that most people are going through.

A good SEO article can be a discovery for some people and a story for others. Such topics will make your content to trend for an extended period. The uniqueness of the SEO content will keep it alive while the mystery will draw the attention of the reader.

The secret of success is to get a topic that will engage the online community. Content immortality is not hard as long as you understand a few tricks. Your content should be able to evolve and have a visual effect.

The business environment keeps on changing, and your SEO content should adapt to this trend. Gone are the days when writers would stuff SEO content with keywords. Look at the topics that you competitors are ranking for best to get some inspiration.

You will get a lot of insights from the topics that your competitors are using. However, use more unconventional methods to write your content if you want it to stand out. Visuals have a critical role to play in the industry.

Besides, bulleting, highlighting, and numbering a recipe will make it look easier and simpler. The format that you choose depends on the type of content that you are writing.

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Step 2. Use the Information That You Gather To Make a Summary List

After collecting the focus keywords and phrases, you need to come up with a list. Write a title or topic, but you can modify it once you finish the article and add the focus keywords. To create the piece of content that will stand out, go through a list of your competitors, and add the ideas that you get.

The conclusion comes at the end as you have to summarize all your findings. The summary will help you to visualize the template for your article. It is good to make a more attractive piece of work instead of following a basic look.

Step 3. With the UX in Mind, Craft a Visual Template

UX means that you know the behaviors of your users, and hence, you can anticipate and give higher freedom to read and use your content.

Using a template to write your article gives it a natural flow. You web content should have clean visuals (gifs, videos, and images). Have a cover photo that has the title of your article on it. It will be easy to share this content on various social media platforms.

The best piece of content should be easy to follow and straightforward. Make sure that the structure of your article syncs with the design of your website. You can implement the layout quickly by using an open-source CMS (content management system) and not a customizable HTML website.

The information that your website displays critical to SEO. The visuals and text should attract the attention of your visitors. Including the print button will help your readers to get the physical version of the content quickly.

The secret is to understand the behavior of your target audience. In some cases like cooking, the printed version of a recipe makes the content more useful. Therefore, the format that you use depends on the type of SEO content.

The other critical elements for your page include optimized images, site speed, and sharing button. The other features that you need to keep in mind include;

  • Adaptable screen resolution
  • Using location integration in local personalization
  • Separating sections of text and images and using white space to overlap your content
  • Simple font with reasonable line spacing and size.

Step 4. Write Your Amazing Content Piece for SEO

Quality Content

Once you have all the requirements in place, you need to put your writing skills to work. It is the beginning of the actual content creation process. Some of the technical capabilities during SEO content writing are using creative abilities and natural language.

It can be time-consuming and difficult to write blog posts that are SEO friendly. The good news is that SEO will make your content rank better in the search engine. Highly readable web pages use a descriptive topic, correct grammar, unique content, personal opinion, and a real conclusion.

i) Include Tags in the Body and Title

When writing SEO content, tags will help the search engine to understand the structure of your article. The search engine results display tags as big blue links creating a high influence. The title should be attractive, engaging, and relevant to motivate the users to click on your page.

Besides, make sure you fulfill the promise that you make in the title in your text. If Google does not like what you add, it will use the information from the page content and Meta description to re-write the title tag.

It is good to make sure that you have a relevant title tag. Include the focus keyword, descriptive, and let it be of the right length. When creating CTR, make sure you;

  • Create actionable titles
  • Use brans leverage
  • Create unique title tags
  • Don’t use the title case
  • Include body tags.

ii) Use Images, Video, and Audio content to Animate Your Text


Video content will increase your conversion rate and boost your content. Websites with amazing videos rank top in the search engines. Video content engages the visitors, creates intimacy, and appeals to emotion.

Eighty percent of consumers prefer to use demonstrative videos to make a purchase decision. You can use Vimeo, Dailymotion, or YouTube to upload video content to your website. It will help you to bring more traffic to your site.

iii) Use the Power of Internal Linking


Internal linking adds a lot of value to your webpage. It will help the search engine to understand your web content. Internal linking will also increase the period that users stay on your website by navigating within the topics of interest.

Internal linking will help you write something that you would like to provide further explanation. You can link to a previous page that explains that concept. Bad linking represents poor architecture and can confuse or mislead users.

Make sure you are pointing to accurate, live, and valuable web pages. You also need to link to the right anchor texts. It is not a complicated process as long as you understand what you are doing. However, don’t over-link and 10 to 15 links are suitable for 1000 words article.

iv) Your Content Should Be Mobile Friendly


Google uses the Mobile-first index to rank web pages. Your website should display different search results for the mobile in comparison to the desktop in the search engine. The search engine crawls, indexes, and ranks mobile data differently from desktop users.

You need to focus more on the mobile index because most people are using mobile phones to access the internet. Mobile results create dynamic and responsive websites. It serves structured data for mobile and desktop versions.

Make sure you use the mobile site in the search console. Mobile searches continue to increase, and your SEO content will not rank unless your website is mobile-friendly.

Step 5. Spread the Word 

SEO content amplification is a great way to reach out to a broader audience and significantly multiply your links. It is mandatory to amplify your SEO content if you want users to know about your website and increase traffic.

Once you finish writing your article, the process should not stop at this point. You need to create awareness around the content and push it to all the people who could have an interest in your work. Amplification goes beyond emailing or traditional social media marketing.

The amplification process will help strengthen the signals of your SEO post. It is one of the best ways to enhance the readability of your post.


Writing for search engine optimization can be hard if you don’t have the required skills. You need to use white hat techniques to avoid penalties from Google. Every action that you invest in should deliver the desired results.

There is no need to waste your time and effort when you can leave this task in the hands of professionals. SEO experts have the right skills and knowledge to help you deliver organic content to your website. The secret is getting traffic that you can convert into leads.

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