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How to get backlinks in authority websites is a question that has haunted many an SEO expert.

No matter how long you have been in the industry the challenges keep on pushing you.

If you have set up great relations with bloggers, the client’s budget becomes an issue.

On the other hand, if you have succeeded in mastering guest posting, the client’s website authority becomes an issue.

Agencies, which offer link building services aim to build quality backlinks through a number of strategies. Some of the most innovative ones are blogger outreach services and guest posting services.

In this article, we will look at problems of link building for small brands. We will specifically look at how they can get backlinks on authority sites.

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Why is get Backlinks in Authority Websites Important?

get Backlinks in Authority Websites

Google counts backlinks as one of the top three ranking factors for search. The other two being quality content and On-Page SEO optimization.

Getting backlinks or link building forms part of the Off-Page SEO strategies.

According to Google, backlinks are recommendations that authority sites give to your website.

For example, if you have a great content piece. Other websites will give their users access to your article.

This is done as the article is intended to add value to an already existing piece of literature.

For Google, any content, which adds value to an already existing search intent, deserves a backlink.

More backlinks translate into better chances of ranking for your industry keywords.

Why brands should get backlinks from authority sites is common knowledge. However, since this is a beginner’s guide. I will elaborate on the process.

You can also think of the following points as some of the major advantages of link building services.

  • Getting backlinks boosts a website’s credibility.
  • It helps in driving traffic from authority sites to your website.
  • Building backlinks helps climb Google’s search rankings.
  • The higher a brand is ranked for a keyword; the better is the chance for CTRs.
  • The higher the traffic count, the better will be the sales and revenue generation process.
  • Backlinks also lead to better SEO metrics and health of a website.
  • Contributes to networking, exposure, and connections in the industry.
  • Helps in planning high ROI Lead Gen and Sales Conversion Landing Page Campaigns.

Many other benefits come from getting backlinks on authority websites.

However, the above-stated advantages are the major ones.

In other words, most brands want to do link building for the above benefits.

Most link building services agencies also promise benefits that are aligned with the above points.

Good Backlinks and Bad Backlinks- What is the Difference.

According to Neil Patel, there are good links and then there are bad links.

Even though link building is supposed to help you out, it might just have disastrous repercussions for your business.

When Google sees an external backlink on your website, it can choose to take any one of the following three actions-

  • Award you for the recommendation, improve your metrics, rankings and so on.
  • Do not take any action as they found the links to be not beneficial to your website or contributing to the users.
  • Penalize you on account of building bad quality backlinks from spammy websites and directories.

This is why Google stresses get backlinks on authority websites. Authority translates into the authority site having-

  • Huge traffic flows.
  • A substantial amount of backlinks.
  • Great quality content.
  • High authority on social media platforms.
  • High metrics and SEO scores like Domain Authority, Domain Rankings, Google Index Rank and so on.

The better the website you get a backlink for, the better are your chances of benefitting from it. You cannot do link building from any site anywhere.

Relevancy is key when it comes to linking to an external website. In other words, for Google- ‘Relevancy is the new PageRank’!

The best Link Building Services look to execute backlink building on authority and relevant sites. This is also where Google’s Quality Guidelines and ‘intentions’ become important.

For Google, content should be created with the aim of being useful to related audiences. Google values the organic process of building links above everything else. This means only White Hat SEO strategies are acceptable to Google.

Black Hat or Grey Hat Link Building strategies are going to invite Google’s wrath!

How to get Backlinks in Authority Sites: The List

1. Guest Posting Services:

Guest Posting Services

Guest Posting is one of the most innovative and time-tested digital marketing strategies. It involves reaching out to publishers and pitching an idea for a content piece. If the publisher likes your idea, you send him or her a draft and ask to be published on their website.

Following this, the publisher gives you a backlink in the Author Bio section of the page. This is the traditional definition of guest posting. While guest posting might look easy, it is not an easy feat to execute.

This is because reaching out to publishers, following up, and negotiating takes time and effort. This is why most brands look to work with agencies, which offer guest posting services.

2. Blogger Outreach Services:

Blogger Outreach Services

In the past couple of years, blogger outreach has replaced guest posting as one of the top link building strategies. Blogger Outreach is the process of reaching out to bloggers and influencers in your industry niche.

It involves establishing relations with the bloggers and submitting a content piece. In digital marketing terms, this is known as Sponsored Posting. The blogger /platform publishes the content under that head for its users.

The sponsored content piece carries a backlink for your website. When the blogger’s community clicks on the link, they come to your website and engage. Most brands use blogger outreach for product reviews, new launches and so on.

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3. Create Backlinks in Local SEO Directories:

Local SEO

Not all link directories are bad. Some directories are specific to businesses and are helpful for users. For example, if you are a law firm or a legal attorney, you should have a page on the District’s Official Directory for Legal Practitioners. The same goes for Doctors as well.

In fact, in 2019, there are many businesses, which can claim to be part of some review listing sites. They may be food-oriented, or entertainment related. In addition, brands should also look at using Google My Business effectively, when it comes to building backlinks.

Building backlinks in local directories will not only help your Local SEO, but it will also help drive traffic to your website. Government sites are always high authority. If you are able to get a listing in such sites, you will see a marked increase in your metrics and rankings.

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4. Build No-Follow Links on Quora and Reddit:

Most experts will tell you that No-Follow links are not worth working for. However, I would like to differ from them respectfully. As compared to do-follow links, no-follow links work only to take traffic from website A to website B.

In other words, they do not help rankings or affect the metrics of a website in a positive manner. This does not mean that they are not helpful. By engaging on Q and A platforms such as Quora and Reddit, you can drive traffic to your website.

The trick is to become an authoritative voice on anything concerning your industry. By composing a useful and informative piece of content in the answer section, you can motivate people to click on your website link.

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5. Create Infographics and Ask Publishers to Link their Content to it:

Creating stunning infographics takes time, effort and a lot of investment. You need to sit down with a designer and create at least ten slides of riveting, engaging and useful content.

However, at the end of the day, the question that arises is- Is it worth it? Absolutely!

Every digital marketer worth his salt can tell you that Infographics are great when it comes to getting backlinks. All you need to do is reach out to Publishers who are writing on a similar topic.

You will have no dearth of websites publishing content on similar topics. You will easily be able to compose a list of the Top 50 authority sites with similar content.

All you need to do is compose an email, explain your infographic and sell it to them. Publishers want great content for their users. They will have no problem in placing your infographic and giving you a link.

6. Unleash the Full Potential of Content Marketing:

Content Marketing

Have you ever wondered why everyone is a Blogger these days? Anyone and everyone are using content marketing to grow their brand, build awareness and make sales.

Why shouldn’t you do the same? There was a time when it was only ‘search’, which could make your content visible. However, with the rise of social media, your visibility and exposure can hit sky high in no time.

Creating a blog and saturating it with high-quality content will help get you discovered. It will also encourage others to link to you and quote you as an authority. The key is to use social media in a planned and structured manner.

Content Marketing is a highly powerful and competent digital marketing strategy. The quality of content is going to determine how successful will your content marketing strategy will be.

In the hands of the right content marketing agency, a brand can build awareness, quality backlinks in a matter of months.

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7. Create Shareable Content for Social Media:

Social Media

You will notice that I have not directly mentioned social media as a link building execution strategy. While social media serves the same benefit as Quora or Reddit does (no-follow links), it should be used in a different way.

This means that your social media strategy should aim at building your reputation. In other words, personal branding is as important to get backlinks on authority websites like the above six points.

Social media is where most of the top bloggers, influencers, and publishers are. This is why engagement with them is critical to building your brand. Follow, like, comment and tag them. Once you start creating something good, people will respond.

This is where networking and relationship building becomes important. You need to reach out to the right people, engage with them on relevant topics and sell yourself as a digital marketer. Once you are able to make some noise, you will see the trickle-down effect soon enough.

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If you ask me the best way to get backlinks in authority websites, I would point you to blogger outreach services. However, one size does not fit all. It all depends on what approach you would want to take for your link building strategies.

You should always remember that Google expects you to ‘earn links’ the hard and organic way. In this article, I have tried to stress the importance of good quality content. However, I have tried to incorporate innovative strategies also that will accelerate the organic process.

At the end of the day, link building services keep growing in importance because Google values links. Likewise, every SEO service has a strong link building component.

If you ask the head of the SEO team at my company about what is SEO, he will answer this in two words- link building!

This goes to show that links are important if any website wants to succeed on search.

Do-follow, no-follow, good or bad, all links serve a purpose. They become the digital footprint that you have always have to take with you.

I hope this article, get backlinks in authority websites has helped you understand a bit about backlinks.

If you need any other information about Link Building Services or Blogger Outreach Services, feel free to reach out.

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