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When talking about a powerhouse web-marketing strategy, the first two names that come to mind are – content marketing and SEO. Each of these is steadfast in its arena and, therefore, gets admired by everyone. But, when it comes to content marketing vs. SEO, which one should you choose?

If you are new to the scene of digital marketing, choosing one could be a bit confusing.

But, there’s no need to worry. With this guide, we will help you learn about content marketing and SEO point-by-point.

We will discuss their individual benefits and offer some insights on their collaborative advantages too. So, keep reading till the end!

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – An Introduction

SEO, in essence, is a web-marketing strategy, which helps in optimizing a website. This way, it becomes easier for the same to rank higher on search engines.

Such an increase in visibility can also increase the flow of organic conversions and traffic for a business.

But, how really does SEO marketing work?

While you’re improving your website’s SEO, your focus should be on optimizing your site for your users. So, what do you have to do to achieve the same?

  • You will need to create a better and more user-friendly UI system.
  • The loading speed of pages should be faster than usual.
  • While opening, the web pages should not stutter at any point.
  • Try making your website lighter by using well-optimized images. This way, you can improve your page’s informative persona while reducing the risk of crashes.
  • Use relevant keywords throughout your website, especially in the content section.
  • Almost 50% of organic web traffic comes from smartphone users. Therefore, you must ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.
  • Finally, try to link your web pages with various other authoritative websites. A search engine, like Google, will notice this and consider them as endorsements. So, the overall outlook of your website will seem much more valuable.

Making your website SEO-friendly will make you accessible to many of your potential clients.

So, does this mean that SEO wins the battle of content marketing vs. SEO? No, not really. Let’s head on to the next section to know more!

Content Marketing – A Better Option Than SEO?

Contrary to SEO, the focus of content writing or link building services might seem a little limited. But, trust us – it is much more expansive than you can imagine.

The primary focal point of content marketing is to generate informational and engaging content for a website. It enables the site owner to keep users on their webpage for a prolonged period.

So, naturally, they can accumulate more organic web traffic than others. Content creating also improve online reputation and boosts your overall authority altogether!

Due to these reasons, many consider the tussle between content marketing vs. SEO to be more even.

But, what are some of the examples of content marketing?

Well, blog and guest posting services are considered to be the most common part of this strategy.

Social media advertisements, email marketing, and website posts are also a part of the same umbrella.

Content Marketing Vs. SEO: The Common Differences

Nature-wise, content marketing, and SEO are pretty different than each other. So, let’s check out a little more about them in detail.

1: Technicality

  • SEO

The technical approach of SEO seems a little more complex than that of content marketing. While optimizing your website, you will need to use various tools to see what’s best for your website. For example, Google Analytics is a popular application used to research relevant keywords for a web page. In addition, you may have to use other techniques to take of loading speed, mobile-friendly views, etc.

  • Content Marketing

Contrary to SEO, while working in the content marketing department, your primary focus will be on your readers. So, you need to find out a specific design for writing or using photos that suits your niche audience. Besides, you have to create different backlinks to make your audience come back to your website again. However, you will not necessarily have to use too many tools to do so.

2: Audience

  • SEO

While improving the SEO of your website, you will have to consider the viewpoint of both your users and search engines. Additionally, you will need to understand the SEO rules, avoid crawlers, and many more. Furthermore, using title tags, weighing in relevant keywords, writing SEO-friendly headers will also be a part of your job. So, your audience will not be only humans in this regard.

  • Content Marketing

The audience of content marketing or writing will be the human community. So, while you will need to maintain SEO rules when writing, it will be your readers who’ll drive your web traffic. But, how does this happen? By writing relevant and informative content, you can keep your users reading them for a prolonged period. It, in turn, will increase their staying duration on your website and generate web traffic. It is the primary difference between content and SEO marketing.

3: Structure

  • SEO

When talking about structure, SEO will require more technical knowledge than content marketing. With search engine optimization, you will need to follow a step-by-step procedure to improve your website’s outlook. For instance, you may start by structuring your web design first and then move on to the website building part. Unfortunately, structuring the SEO of a website is not much flexible as well. If you do something wrong, it may affect the whole practice severely.

  • Content Marketing

Content marketing will be a little more subjective. Its strategies will depend on the audience you are dealing with. Hence, the techniques will not seem too intricate anyway. Besides, as it is pretty flexible, you can change your strategic direction in any manner you want. But, remember, when you are building a specific content marketing strategy, you must plan your steps. Otherwise, things might go wrong for you.

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Content Marketing Vs. SEO: Can We Use Them Together?

Let us be clear about something – while building your website; you will need both content and SEO strategies to shine in the digital world. Hence, choosing between content marketing vs. SEO can be a difficult task. So, why don’t you try to incorporate them together?

Here are some tips that may help you in this regard –

Understand Your Target Audience

When talking about web design, the likings and dislikings between various niche audiences can be different. For example, moms love a kid-friendly outlook of a website with plenty of pictures of toddlers. However, most musicians admire a more dynamic and colorfully-designed webpage.

So, understanding your niche audience will be critical for building both your content marketing and SEO strategies.

The best way to know your audience would be to check their background and needs. You can also go through their demographics to learn when they might be online or not.

This way, it will be easier for you to plan your content posting routine altogether.

Find Relevant Keywords According To Your Niche

One thing that is common in the battle between content marketing vs. SEO is the usage of keywords.

If you do not use or place them strategically, it will be almost impossible for you to improve your SEO ranking.

Keywords will be necessary even when you are writing sponsored posts. So, make sure to strategize everything before investing your time in keyword searching.

Content Marketing Vs. SEO: What Should Be Your Primary Focus?

As we have mentioned before, both content and SEO will be vital for your business. However, if you think closely, content marketing offers you more scopes for increasing your search engine ranks. It helps you in engaging your audience more with your website. It, in turn, can generate a decent amount of web traffic for you.

Additionally, if you are using keywords correctly, it will be easier for your audience to find you. Also, you can earn through content marketing by writing reviews for an organization or business. Placing outbound links to their website intuitively can prompt your audience to visit it.

If they buy anything after going through your link, you will be reimbursed by the company. However, let us be clear about something. We are not considering content to be the clear winner in the battle between content marketing vs. SEO.

But, we would suggest you focus more on your content than creating a new SEO strategy every now and then!

Create Your Very Own Content Marketing Strategy Right Now!

While we don’t want to create a contrast by talking about content marketing vs. SEO again, we hope that you’ve understood the importance of blogging.

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