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If you are somewhat familiar with content writing services and SEO, you must know the term ‘backlinks.’ No matter how many updates Google undergoes, backlinks are still the most effective way to increase traffic on your site. You must acquire some do-follow links to establish your site’s authority in the market.

So, as you can see, the Link Building Services will not be obsolete anytime soon. It’s better if you figure out fast enough how to create backlink. Let’s take a look at our suggestions now.

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Why Are Backlinks Important?

The industry of content writing services is flourishing so much nowadays because of the backlinks. These links signal the Google search engine that enables Google to see how valuable your content is. If the search engine finds your helpful content, it will improve your ranking. The better ranking you will achieve, the better views your post will attain. 

Apart from improving organic rankings, backlinks also help you get referral traffic. People who are reading your content will voluntarily click on the backlinks to know more information about it. In addition, search engine bots will offer fast indexing to your website if you have some credible backlinks. So, we must identify how to build backlinks for our sites to increase their ranks.

How To Get Backlinks?- The Best Ideas Of All Time

The Link Building Services are thriving now. If you want to be a part of this booming industry, you must know how to create backlink for your site. We have mentioned some strategies on the list, so let’s dive in:

1: Start Guest Posting

In Guest Posting Services, you write content for other people’s blogs instead of yours. Now, as you write a free article for a site owner, they will send you 1-2 links for your site. You can use Ahrefs Content Explorer to find some reliable sites for guest posting services. 

You may wonder why we are promoting Ahrefs to find the best guest post site? The truth is, you will see some articles written on specific topics here. Thus, you can figure out what topics you must write the content on, to be accepted as a guest blogger. If you want to know how to create backlink, writing guest posts on trending topics will take you one step ahead in this journey.

2: Be A Member Of The Blogger Outreach Community

Blogger Outreach Services are not the same as Guest Posting Services. The former expects you to write free blogs for high authority websites. But, the latter expects you to mail new pitches to site owners so that they include your blog there. So, if you are wondering how to create backlink from authoritative sites, blogger outreach services are here for you.

There are some famous sites for blogger outreach services like The BloggerOutreach.io, TheHoth, Adsy, etc. If you manage to publish your content here, you will get some authentic backlinks from them. Your site ranking and website traffic will boost up automatically even if you don’t have an author bio.

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3: Take A Ride On The ‘Best Of’ Train

You can ask any professional in the content writing services; you will know how effective the Best X articles are. It is entirely based on human nature. People often search for the best laptops, best restaurants, or best dresses when they look to buy these things. So, writing the Best X articles will help you answer the ‘how to create backlink’ question.

It is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks for your site. That is because usually, there are fewer articles available on these topics, so your content will surely secure a rank on Google. However, rather than getting enough backlinks, this strategy will also increase your site’s click-through rate.

4: Launch Your Podcast Show

If you can start your podcast show, you can showcase more control over your content. For example, you won’t need to send new pitches to site owners like the blogger outreach services. If not, you can also think of being invited as a special guest on a podcast show.

All you’ll need is a good microphone, and you’ll be all set to take the first step in your how to create backlink journey. The more popular your podcast will be, the better your networking will be. It will help you generate an excellent do-follow backlink for your website. 

5: Take Help Of Journalists

I know what you must be thinking. You have tried this idea before, but it didn’t work, right? That’s because people like you are constantly bombarding journalists with email pitches, and of course, they can’t respond to all of them, right? If you are willing to know how to create backlink, approach journalists on a personal level.

You can leave comments on their articles, and more than often, they will reply to you back. You can also create a short video introducing yourself and your company. Thus, you will add a human touch to your pitch rather than the robotic email templates.

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6: Find Contextual Links

Do you want to know how to create backlink? There’s a more pressing question in this context: how will you get relevant backlinks? Just find articles that are related to your context and pitch for backlinks to the author. It will help you to build authentic links for your site and will increase your sales volume too.

For example, if you write an article on top digital marketing trends, find articles on similar marketing topics. Shortlist a few among them, and pitch to the author why they should send you backlinks. It will make your pitch more targeted, and these backlinks will make your site more personalized.

7: Use The Reverse Image Search Strategy

Do you have enough graphics and images on your blog? There is a high possibility that people are downloading your photos without giving you any credit. We mean, if they are using your images, the least they could do is to send you backlinks, right? We have a solution.

Copy all the URLs of your relevant images, and paste them on a new sheet. Next, start pasting one URL after another on the Google search bar and click on the search by image option. You will find all the sites that are using your images. Now, send emails to those site owners asking for backlinks. In most cases, people get a positive response to this.

8: Create A Conversational Content

Are you still looking for unique ways of how to create backlink? Then, we have just the right idea for you. Create conversational content like polls and quizzes because they generate a lot of buzz in the industry. Don’t show off your knowledge with irrational trivia. Just create a quiz that can make users interested.

You can use Uberflip, Outgrow, and ion interactive tools to create conversational quizzes. For example, if you follow the Buzzfeed quiz, you will see how effective of a method it is to get backlinks. You may not get many authority backlinks in this process, but something is better than nothing, right?

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9: Profile Links Are Easy

If none of the methods of creating backlinks have worked for you, you can always opt for this easy option. First, as a beginner in the market of Link Building Services, you will sign up on some sites to build a public profile of yourself. Then, on those profiles, you will paste the link to your website.

SEMrush, Triberr, Moz, Kickstarter are some sites that will let you build your public profile. I know this is not such a popular way of earning backlinks. But, if nothing else works for you, this one indeed will.

10: Keep On Updating Your Old Content

There are some topics in the content marketing industry that will never go old. So, if you find yourself with one of these contents, it’s time to update them with new data. For example, you had written an article on ‘top video games of 2020’. You can now write an article on ‘top video games of 2021.’ 

You won’t take much effort to write this article because you already have most of its data. Just update it with some new data, and share them on social media. If you don’t know yet how to create backlink, now you will.

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11: Leverage The Startup Directories

There are tons of startup directories that allow you to submit your site link. You may need to pay a small number of fees if you want to ensure that your site is listed there. But, if you don’t pay fees, it doesn’t mean your site won’t be registered there.

The beta list is one of the best sites to enroll your site because it is focused on early start-ups. So, if you are a beginner in the world of Link Building Services, Betalist is your option. However, if you are not willing to pay money on Betalist, other sites give you backlinks as well.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

We have handpicked some questions here that may still be lingering in your mind. So, let’s have a look at these;

How Many Backlinks Per Day Are Safe?
There is no limit to per day backlinks. You can opt for as many as you want. But, one quality link is better than hundreds of spam links. So, focus on getting quality links only.
Is It Impossible To Rank Your Website Without Backlinks?
One of the essential factors of SEO is backlinks. You can stuff as many keywords as you want in your blog, but they won’t rank if you put backlinks there. In addition, backlinks prove the credibility of your website, so you can’t rank a site without backlinks.
What Is The Most Effective Way To Get Backlinks?
The most effective way to get backlinks is to write original and unique content. If you are writing what everyone else is writing, it won’t increase your rank. So, focus on quality research before you write the article. 


We hope we have given some valuable answers to your ‘how to create backlink’ question. All of these options are proven as the most effective ways to get backlinks. Especially if you are a professional in content writing services, you know how valuable these are. If you have further questions regarding the article, you can post them in the comment box.

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