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You can earn millions of dollars through guest posting.

You may be thinking that we are boasting! No, my friend, that is 100% true.

You know what? There’s been a lot of false information floating around in this space. That’s why it’s no surprise that most people are in the dark and don’t know the truth.

It’s frustrating when misinformation spreads, but we can help clear things up!

Guest posting, popularly known as guest blogging, involves writing your own content and requesting a publisher to publish it on their website. (For those who don’t know, a publisher is a website owner or a blogger.)

The Reasons For Guest Posts May Vary:

  • Some want to drive more traffic to their website.
  • While others seek to increase exposure and establish themselves as an authority.
  • Some do it for branding purposes.
  • People also do guest posting to create quality backlinks.

If you’re a publisher, you can reap monetary benefits from accepting guest posts. 

Let’s come to the point – how can you make it from guest posting?

This article will focus on 10 ways that help you make money through guest posting.

Let’s dive in!

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20 Money-Making Avenues Of Guest Posting

We assume you know how to write a perfect guest pitch and the best practices for guest posting. Now, it’s time to explore how to make money from guest posting.

1. Paid Guest Posting

Paid Guest Posting

Who would want to advertise on something other than a high-quality site with a strong online presence?

Websites and blogs will pay you to publish guest posts on their site. People will automatically come to you if your site has higher traffic and quality metrics (DA, DR, Spam Count, etc.).

They will pitch you for publishing their articles. Who wants to advertise on something other than a high-quality site?

The process is simple – these websites and blogs are looking for exposure and will pay to have their content featured on your site.

As a result, you can charge them a fee for publishing their guest posts. This is known as paid guest posting.

To get started with paid guest posting, you must build a website with a solid online presence and high-quality metrics. Once your site has these, other websites and blogs will approach you with offers for paid guest posts.

However, it’s important to remember that accepting paid guest posts should be done cautiously.

You want to maintain your website’s quality and integrity by accepting low-quality or spammy content.

Therefore, ensure that any guest posts you accept are high quality and relevant to your website.

When you follow the above best practices, you can easily make money from guest posting.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

You can include affiliate links in your guest post and make money from guest posting – when readers purchase through those links.

Two Things You Must Consider There:

  • The niche must align with the products or services you want to promote.
  • A high-quality guest post that provides value to the readers.

Include your affiliate links in the post and disclose that you may earn a commission.

Promote the guest post on social media and other platforms to increase visibility and attract more readers.

As readers click on your affiliate links and make purchases, you earn a commission on those sales.

Remember to follow the rules and guidelines of the platform where you post the guest content. Always disclose your affiliate links to stay transparent with your audience.

3. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts promote advertisers’ products or services. Accepting such orders aid you in making money from guest posting.

You can create content for advertisers that promote their products or services and get paid for it.

Accepting sponsored post orders increases your chances of making significant money. The key is to create high-quality content that engages readers and provides value to the advertiser.

This way, they are more likely to come back to you for more sponsored posts, and you can build a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy content creator.

So, consider incorporating sponsored posts into your guest posting strategy to make money.

4. Sponsored Reviews

Sponsored Reviews

If you are searching for how to make money from guest posting, here is a less-known way.

Some bloggers opt to accept free products instead, which they review honestly on their blogs.

This business model works effectively because it ensures that the products being reviewed are of high quality and can withstand honest scrutiny.

Also, by accepting free products, you can avoid the hassle of negotiating payment and trying out new products for free, which is always a bonus.

5. Writing Guest Reviews For Products

Writing Guest Reviews For Products

Are you established as a guest writer? If so, you can make money from guest posting.

Write guest reviews and earn through them if you’re a guest writer, especially if you are established.

Many businesses are looking for product reviews to gain exposure and may be willing to pay for your services.

You can charge a fee for writing reviews of their products or services and publish them as guest posts on your chosen platforms.

6. Advertising Revenue

Advertising Revenue

You can earn advertising revenue from impressions and clicks if you own the website or blog where your guest post appears.

This means that if people see or click on the ads on your website, you can earn a share of the revenue.

Common ways to earn money from advertising include Pay Per Click (PPC) and Pay Per Impression (PPM) advertising.

7. Brand Partnerships

Brand Partnerships

If you’re a blogger or content creator, you can make money from brand partnerships through guest posting.

When you collaborate with brands, you can create high-quality content that promotes their products or services and publish it on your blog or on other websites as a guest post.

This can help increase brand awareness, drive traffic to the brand’s website, and ultimately lead to sales.

Brands may pay you for creating and publishing such content, depending on your audience size and engagement rate.

It’s essential to maintain transparency and authenticity in your guest posts while promoting the brand. This can help establish trust with your audience and create long-term partnerships with brands.

8. Content Creation

Content Creation

Brands are always on the look out for creators who can make content that promotes their products or services. And if you are a web content creator, you can earn through guest posting.

Not every blogger/content creator can earn from guest posting. Put yourself in the shoes of an advertiser. They will connect to you provided you have some popularity within the niche. You must have high traffic, ranked articles, DA, DR, etc.

9. Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Businesses or advertisers may post guest content on your site in return for leads.

By doing so, you can reach a wider audience and attract potential customers by writing and publishing high-quality content on other websites.

In your guest posts, include a compelling call to action encouraging readers to take the next step, such as signing up for a newsletter or requesting more information.

You can capture their contact details and convert them into leads.

Remember to focus on providing valuable information and establishing yourself as an authority in your industry to build trust with your audience.

So, start pitching guest post opportunities and watch the leads roll in!

10. Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

If your site has robust metrics, brands will consider you an influencer. They will pitch you to promote their product or services.

Keep The Following Things In Mind:

  • Your site must have a substantial following in the niche.
  • Include a strong call to action encouraging readers to visit your website or purchase.
  • Negotiate fair compensation with the influencer for your guest posts, whether a flat fee or a percentage of the sales you generate.

11. Guest Posting Consulting

Guest Posting Consulting

Yes, you can earn money by providing guest posting consulting services. This involves offering your expertise and guidance to clients who want to improve their guest posting strategy.

Additionally, You Can Provide One-On-One Consulting Sessions, Where You:

  • Assess their current approach.
  • Provide personalized recommendations.
  • Help them develop a more effective guest posting strategy.
  • Writing SEO-friendly guest content.

When you follow these best practices in your guest posting strategy, you can make money from guest posting.

12. Content Distribution

Content Distribution

You can charge clients different prices for distributing their content through guest posts.

You can charge a flat fee for each piece of content you publish on behalf of your clients.

Another approach might be to charge by the domain authority or traffic of the website, which would result in higher-ranked websites costing more.

You can also charge a monthly retainer fee, allowing clients to submit a certain number of guest posts each month.

You could also consider performance-based pricing, where you receive a percentage of the traffic or leads generated from the guest posts.

It’s important to communicate your pricing structure clearly and the value clients can expect to receive from your distribution services.

Tailor your pricing to your expertise, the quality of the websites you have access to, and the desired results for your clients – ultimately make money from guest posting.

13. Social Media Promotion

Social Media Promotion

You can use your guest post to promote your or clients’ social media accounts and earn revenue through:

  • Sponsorships
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Advertising.

14. Selling Books

Selling Books

Not many people know that they can make money from guest posting by promoting books.

Identify popular blogs or websites that cater to your book’s target audience. For example, look for food blogs or recipe-sharing platforms if you’ve written a cookbook.

  • Pitch Valuable Content: Reach out to these blogs with well-crafted pitches, offering to write a guest post that provides useful information to their readers. For instance, if your book is about personal finance, you could pitch an article on “10 Money-Saving Tips for Young Professionals.”
  • Showcase Your Expertise: Write an engaging guest post highlighting your knowledge and demonstrating your authority. Use examples, personal anecdotes, and practical tips. If you’ve written a self-help book, share a transformative experience and offer actionable advice.
  • Subtle Book Promotion: Within your guest post, subtly mention your book’s relevance to the topic. For example, if you’re writing a post about productivity, mention how your book provides a comprehensive guide to optimizing time management.
  • Include Author Bio And Links: At the end of the post, provide a concise author bio that introduces yourself and mentions your book. Include a link to your book’s sales page or your website.
  • Engage With Readers: Actively engage with readers by responding to comments and questions. This fosters connections, builds trust, and increases the likelihood of book sales.

15. Podcasts


Do you run a podcast? You can use guest posting to promote and make money from it.

Guest posting can be an effective strategy to promote your podcast and earn money from it.

Here’s How You Can Do It👇

  • Identify Relevant Blogs Or Websites: Look for platforms that have an audience that aligns with your podcast’s niche or target audience.
  • Pitch Podcast-Related Content: Reach out to these blogs with pitches for guest posts that revolve around podcasting topics, such as “How to Start a Successful Podcast” or “Interviewing Techniques for Engaging Podcast Episodes.”
  • Share Valuable Insights: Write high-quality guest posts that provide valuable insights and actionable tips related to podcasting. Offer unique perspectives, share success stories, and provide practical advice that readers can implement.
  • Mention Your Podcast: Within your guest post, mention your podcast in a natural and relevant way. For example, you can reference an episode that complements the topic or offer a sneak peek into an upcoming episode.
  • Include Podcast Links: In your author bio or within the body of the guest post, include links to your podcast’s landing page, specific episodes, or subscription platforms. Make it easy for readers to find and access your podcast.
  • Engage With Readers: Once your guest post is published, actively engage with readers by responding to comments or questions. This fosters connections and encourages readers to check out your podcast.
  • Monetize Your Podcast: To earn money from your podcast, consider incorporating sponsorships, advertisements, affiliate marketing, or offering premium content or merchandise to your listeners.

16. Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing

Guest posting is a great way to showcase your writing skills. When you write for other sites, you attract new people to your content.

If the audience like your writing style, if you can drive traffic, and if you can engage people – advertisers will hire you as a freelance guest writer.

First thing first – you need to build your audience. Aim for providing high-value content. Money is a byproduct of a robust audience base. So aim for that only. Following the same, you can easily make money from guest posting.

17. Guest Posting Courses

Guest Posting Courses

Share your expertise by teaching others how to write successful guest posts. You can offer consulting services or create a course based on your own experience and success.

You Can Include The Following In Your Course:

  • The challenges you faced and how you overcome them.
  • How to create a stellar guest post pitch?
  • They industry insight of guest posting.
  • How to outreach the right way?
  • A hands-on training on guest posting.
  • How to research for guest post?
  • Case studies of your past clients and how they got benefited from your services.

18. Selling Physical Services

Selling Physical Services

Certain businesses provide physical services within a local area. The good news is that even a small business can use guest posting to drive traffic to their websites. In turn, they make money from guest posting.

The key is to focus on targeting local blogs with their guest posts. By doing so, you can reach their desired audience and attract potential customers specifically interested in local services.

19. Sell Your Guest Post – Customized Content To Websites

Sell Your Guest Post - Customized Content To Websites

If you manage multiple blogs or work as a versatile freelance writer, you have the flexibility to create customized content for various niches without concerning yourself with the relevance between their site and yours.

Your main focus is to seek out opportunities that offer good compensation and secure your payday. This approach allows you to cater to a wide range of topics and industries, maximizing your earning potential and adapting to the needs of different clients.

By being open to diverse niches, you can expand your opportunities and make the most of your skills as a writer or blog network owner. So, instead of limiting yourself to a specific niche, embrace the freedom to pursue lucrative opportunities across various subjects and industries.

20. Sell Your Guest Posts To Magazine Websites

Sell Your Guest Posts To Magazine Websites

The last on your how to make money from guest posting list is ‘Magazine Websites’.

Magazines typically have a more selective approach when it comes to accepting posts compared to most blogs. However, this can work in your favor as they often offer higher payment rates.

Magazines are accustomed to paying rates that align with the quality and standards of print publishing, rather than the lower rates commonly seen in content mills.

Moreover, by contributing to magazines, you have the chance to connect with editors, which can be valuable for building professional relationships and expanding your network.

Print editions can also give your work a sense of prestige and credibility.

Although magazines may have stricter acceptance criteria, the potential benefits, such as higher pay and networking opportunities, make them a worthwhile avenue for writers seeking greater recognition.

How A Guest Posting Agency Can Help You Make Money From Guest Posting?

Now, you know the avenues that help you earn from guest posting.

However, one thing you need to remember is that guest posting is a time-taking process. If you want external help, you can work with any reputed guest posting agency.

Agencies like BologgerOutreach can play a significant role in helping you earn through guest posts.

Here Are The Benefits Of Working With Us:

  • Access To 50,000+ Websites: We have established connections with reputable websites and blogs. They can provide you with opportunities to publish your guest posts on these platforms, enhancing your visibility and reaching a wider audience.
  • Quality Content Creation: Our experienced, skilled writers can craft 100% original and SEO-optimized articles for your guest posts. Quality content is crucial for capturing readers’ attention and generating interest in your offerings.
  • Maximizing SEO Benefits: We optimize guest posts with relevant keywords, proper formatting, and backlink strategies.
  • Building Relationships With Publisher: Our client relationship team helps facilitate communication and negotiate publishing opportunities on your behalf. These relationships can lead to recurring guest posting opportunities, increasing your chances of earning through guest posts.
  • Tracking And Analytics: Agencies know how to evaluate your guest posting efforts correctly. We can track metrics such as traffic, engagement, and conversions, helping you measure the effectiveness of your guest posting efforts and make data-driven decisions.

BloggerOutreach can help you get the best ROI from guest posting services efforts. 

Learn more about our guest posting services.

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