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Having your blog and name featured on a top site feels great, almost like a love affair.

That’s the allure of guest blogging: fame, reputation, and success.

However, it’s not just about that – guest blogging can also be a powerful tool for building links to your site.

However, our question is – Are you considering guest blogging for the sake of earning backlinks only?

We agree that backlinks are an important aspect of guest blogging. However, things are way more different than they appear.

Picture this: Let’s say you are an aspiring YouTuber from the fitness industry. You started making videos. However, you haven’t garnered the traction you desired for. The simple reason is that no one knows you.

Now you decided to reach out to fellow creators so that you can gain exposure. People start noticing you when you get recommended by prominent entities within your industry. Moreover, your work gets more viewership than it usually gets.

The same analogy applies to guest blogging as well. When you do it right, you expose yourself to a new audience.

That is where your start earning natural links through guest blogging.

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Your wait is over. Now you are going to explore the ways to natural link building. Here are they:

1. Know Where To Pitch

The first step in your natural link building process is understanding what needs to be ignored.

Refrain from pitching to random sites. Here you should pitch to sites that are relevant to your industry. Here are the best practices that you can count upon:

(i) Choose Your Niche Wisely

It is pivotal that you must choose the niche mindfully. And to choose the niche website, all you need is some common sense. If you’re a beauty blogger, there is no point in linking to a recipe-sharing site. Right?

If you can add value to the audience, they will recognize you. They search for you. And you’ll stay on top of the mind of your audience.

(ii) Evaluate The Performance Of Your Site

Before you write your content or pitch to the site, take some time to gauge the site’s metrics.

  • We recommend sites with at least 40+ DA are good to go.
  • A robust social media presence encompassing more than 15k followers.
  • Website traffic of at least 10K.
  • Thorough, insightful problem-solving content (1500-2500 words).
  • Optimum site experience.

(iii) Don’t Post If They Don’t Give You A Featured Bio

Don’t like a site that doesn’t allow you to share your feature bio. Your aim is to establish your credibility. So there is no point in investing your time in something that doesn’t serve the purpose.

You’re not reaching out to them as a ghostwriter, right? So what’s the point in running after sites where you don’t get a featured bio?

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Create A Compelling Pitch For Natural Link Building

How many emails does a leverage person receive everyday? A lot of. Right?

Now tell us, out of the emails you receive daily, how many do you open? Few or hardly any.

Let’s assume you are a publisher with decent website metrics. It’s no secret that, being a site owner, you may receive hundreds of emails everyday.

Here a guest post pitch comes into the picture.

So, the second step to your natural link building journey is creating a next-level pitch.

(i) Do Your Basic Research

Give it time to analyze the contributor site (the site that accepts your guest post).

Here Are The Pointers To Follow:

  • What type of blogs do they mostly accept?
  • Who is their target audience?
  • What type of content gets the most attention?
  • Have you researched who else is sharing guest posts on the site?

(ii) Introduce Yourself

Let’s be honest with you. No one wants to link to a site with poor metrics. Therefore it is pivotal that you tell the reader about yourself.

If you were the publisher, you’d also be eager to know the sites you like using. So, tell the publisher about yourself and how your guest content can contribute to the site.

(iii) Send Personalized Pitch

The internet is flooded with guest post pitches. However, you must refrain from following any templates blindly. Why?

As every publisher comes with a different niche and different requirements. You must also take those into consideration.

Don’t be generic with your pitch. Tap into the specific requirement of the publisher and send a personalized pitch.

Always remind one thing you’re not pitching to a website; you are pitching to a human.

Stick to the guidelines – Every blog has its own guidelines that vary from publisher to publisher. If you are creating a guest post pitch to keeping those guidelines in mind – your pitch.

Be on point – Be precise while you are writing your pitch. Don’t add redundant information. Be clear and concise with your pitching.

3. Grab The Attention Of The Publisher

Grab The Attention Of The Publisher

To hook the publisher, you must first understand their expectations.

Most of these sites receive a lot of pitches, so it can be tough to stand out. However, there are ways to increase your chances of getting published.

One way is to be creative and grab the attention of the editor. If you can develop a unique and compelling pitch, it will be hard for them to ignore your content.

Remember, it’s not just about the quality of your writing but also about how you present your ideas.

So, put on your thinking cap and devise a pitch that will make the editor sit up and take notice.

Once you identify the topic of interest of the publisher, you are good to go.

Introduce yourself and your background to build connections and increase your approval chances.

Also, look at other guest bloggers on the website and learn from their posts and websites to improve your chances of being chosen to guest blog.

4. Write Stellar Content That Hooks The Readers

Write Stellar Content That Hooks The Readers

Natural link building revolves around quality content. So it is pivotal that you create content with high value and directly speak to your audience.

Creating content is challenging because you must produce the content you promised in your pitch.

Many don’t read purely for enjoyment unless it’s a specific type of literature. Generally, people read because they have a purpose or a need.

This could be to acquire the information they can utilize, find a service that can simplify their life, or seek inspiration to bring excitement into their mundane routine.

You must aim to address what they want to hear from – NOT what you want them to hear.

If you observe the popularity of top blogs, you’ll find that they share something people love to hear – most importantly, they do it in their own style.

Another important aspect of your content is HEADLINE.

The headline must speak directly to your audience. Refrain from using a generic headline that doesn’t attract users. User power words to hook your audience.

Next, you must dig deeper into your content. Surface-level information won’t suffice to educate your audience. You must show your authority and expertise instead.

(i) How To Write Guest Content The Right Way?

Here are some best practices that you can follow:

  • Tailor your content that revolves around the reader’s expectations.
  • Do your research and think of the questions that readers can have.
  • Use stats and figures to support your content.
  • Take a different perspective. Look, the information is already there. Your job is to represent it in a different way and stand out with your content.
  • Talk about benefits. How can you add value to your readers?
  • Keep your sentences and paragraphs short – make them readable. Your sentences must not exceed 20 words. And your paragraphs must not exceed more than 4-5 sentences.
  • Add visuals to make it engaging and fun to read.

5. Be Clear With The Outcomes That You Want To Achieve

Be Clear With The Outcomes That You Want To Achieve

Natural link building is about knowing your goals. If you’re a guest blogger, you’ll likely have the opportunity to include a link in your author bio section.

However, before you hastily add a link to your home page, take a step back and consider your desired outcome.

What do you hope to accomplish with this link?

Maybe you want to entice readers to subscribe to your email newsletter, peruse your online store, or follow your blog.

Whatever it may be, focus on the end goal and choose the most effective page to link to help you achieve it. Don’t miss the opportunity to drive traffic to your desired destination!

Stay Responsive With Natural Link Building Efforts

As natural link building is an organic process, it requires some time.

Guest blogging involves more than just publishing your content and moving on. It’s about connecting with people on a genuine, individual level.

When readers leave comments on your post, take the time to respond and engage with them.

Answer their questions and start a conversation. This kind of active participation can help boost your conversion rates and keep you top of mind for readers.

Don’t miss out on connecting with your audience and building meaningful relationships!

And That’s A Wrap!

We hope that you got an idea about how you can leverage guest posts for natural link building.

Natural link-building is a challenging game. Give it some time to experience results.

If you think that you don’t have the time to do it single-handedly, you can seek external help.

However, only some agencies know the art of natural link building. So if you know any agency that offers quality natural link building services – you’re lucky enough. It will give you a chance to earn natural backlinks.

That’s For The Day. Feel Free To Reach Out For More Natural Link-Building Tips. 

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