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Link building is a critical component of SEO Services. Like any business, link building for lawyers helps them in many ways. If lawyers are looking to reach new audiences, link building is the best digital marketing strategy to achieve that. Link Building for lawyers helps in increasing website traffic, lead generation and establishes credibility. SEO Services Agency for lawyers can help set up the right link building strategies.

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Benefits of Link Building for Lawyers:

Some years back reaching out to lawyers, doctors, and other service providers for SEO and link building was underwhelming.

They did not understand how digital marketing could help them in terms of their business.

They would joke about the fact that they do not belong to the fashion or the food industry.

Why would anyone want to see the content or engage with it would be the standard question?

I requested one of the legal firms to give it a host for six months. We started with a small monthly investment of around $1000 USD.

I used this money to spend on creating blogs, link building, guest posting, and blogger outreach. At the same time maintaining an above average social media and website presence.

In six months, I was able to generate more than 200 qualified leads for him on legal issues like-

  • Accident Claims
  • Divorce Settlements
  • Alimony
  • Insurance Frauds
  • Consumer Court Cases

The leads kept pouring in from the entire state of Texas.

By the end of 6 months, the average monthly investment had risen from $1000 USD to $3000 USD.

Link building for lawyers is increasingly beneficial as it helps to-

  1. Reach out to newer audiences and prospects
  2. It helps in qualified Lead Generation (People who are seriously interested are going to get in touch. The leads in this industry are 60% hot at all times).
  3. It helps increase revenues directly and indirectly.
  4. It adds to the portfolio and establishes the lawyer or the legal firm as an industry authority voice.
  5. It helps build credibility in the community.
  6. It also works as an indirect word-of-mouth reference for people who suggest lawyers to their friends.

Link Building: Meaning and Definition

link building

In the previous section, I outlined some of the major benefits that link building for lawyers can bring. In this section, I would like to discuss the fundamentals of link building.

Link building is the process of placing backlinks in other industry related websites.

Google looks at link building as one of the top three ranking factors in search rankings.

For Google, a backlink in a high metric website is like a recommendation for your content and business.

This helps you establish your credibility with not only the digital world but also with search engines.

Link building helps you not only with regard to climbing the search rankings, but it also helps you reach out. By focussing on the correct intentions of link building, lawyers and legal firms can immensely benefit their businesses.

Link building is done through several channels. For example, the best ones are Guest Posting and Blogger Outreach.

The two types of links- both ‘Do-Follow Links’ and ‘No-Follow Links’ are beneficial when it comes to link building for lawyers.

  • Do-Follow Links:

Do-Follow Links serve the dual benefit of increasing SEO scores as well as attracting website traffic. Do-follow links are the ideal links that an SEO services agency can get for their clients.

However, most SEO services agency can get carried away and employ black hat strategies to get backlinks.

It is best that brands and businesses stay away from Black Hat Strategies and only work through White Hat ones. This will save you from incurring Google’s wrath and penalties.

  • No-Follow Links:

Due to manipulation by webmasters and spammers, Google introduced No-follow links to protect webmasters.

This enables them to give a no-follow link to websites that they are not very familiar about.

However, even though no-follow links do not contribute to SEO scores, they attract the right kind of traffic. If you are initially starting out, most credible websites will give you a no-follow link, but not a do-follow.

This is all right; as it helps, you get the required traffic flow and lead generation to a contact or query page on your website.

10 Steps of Link Building for Lawyers: The List

We have already discussed the nature, meaning, and advantages of link building for lawyers in the previous sections. Let us not look at some of the top 10 steps of executing link building-

1. Create Quality Content at all times:

Quality Content

Along with link building, quality content ranks as one of the top 3 ranking factors of Google. In the legal and medical industry, content is the main driver for any brand.

The legal profession might not have the glamour or the panache of the fashion or food industry.

However, it does offer services that are essential for millions of human beings on the internet. People are always looking for legal solutions online.

By creating high-quality technical content in a simple language, you will always be able to win trust. All content that should go out in your brand’s name should be-

  1. 100% original and non-plagiarised.
  2. The content should always offer useful information to people about problems.
  3. It should always establish a connection with a remedy of the problem.
  4. Ideally, it should be a long format content (1000+ words).

Quality content, especially offering simplistic and affordable solutions can help attract audiences.

Quality content also plays a major role when it comes to good websites accepting your guest posts and blogger outreach activities.

2. Guest Posting Services:

Guest Posting

In order to attract related audiences in new areas, lawyers and law firms should look at websites, which accept guest posts. You need to create high-value content for good websites to accept your guest posts.

Once the topic and content are good, the other website will publish it on their platform.

They might also give you a couple of do-follow or no-follow links that you can link to your service page, contact page or even the blog section.

If you are unable to make the outreach manually, you can take help from an SEO services agency. Guest Posting has many advantages when done in the right fashion. You can see a huge spike in your traffic, once you start doing guest posting.

3. Blogger Outreach Services:

Blogger Outreach

Along with guest posting, blogger outreach is very important when it comes to link building for lawyers.

Blogger outreach involves contacting the right bloggers or influencers in your industry and request them to cover your brand.

They can do this either on their website, social media, forums, and other platforms.

If you are able to establish a good connect with a blogger, you will become part of the community.

This means that being a legal service provider; you will be accepted in the online legal community. This will be huge for your business, as you will be able to network with the right audiences at all times.

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4. Local SEO and Google My Business:

Local SEO

For businesses that are keen to attract customers within a geographical area. Local SEO is very important. Your SEO services agency will be able to help you set your local SEO campaign.

A brand’s presence on platforms like Google My Business (GMB), Yelp, and other directories are critical when attracting local audiences. Google uses geographical locations and connects users who are searching for services to service providers in the area.

This means that you have to keep an active presence on GMB and other directories if you want to get local leads.

Being active means regularly posting content on these platforms and encouraging customers to write reviews. Brands with higher reviews tend to rank higher on local SEO.

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5. Review Sites Like Quora:

Link building and attracting traffic through Quora is the perfect strategy for lawyers.

The nature and personality of Quora as a platform necessitates the promotion of quality content.

You need to find legal threads and engage with the conversation that is going on. Give your best advice free.

The aim is to build your Quora profile and credibility for some time. Once you have answered at least 50 questions and become an authority, you can push your backlinks in the articles or the comments.

If you are able to strategically answer the question on legal issues and then place your brand’s backlinks as a problem solver, you will see a lot of traffic flow.

People want experts to answer complicated questions and guide them on Quora.

Establishing your identity as a legal expert on Quora will help you get a number of no-follow links for your brand website.

6. Create Internship and Scholarship Programs:

As compared to other businesses, a legal firm is a stronger part of a local community. Once you are able to initiate internship programs and scholarships, you will get access to-

  1. Schools in the district
  2. Colleges in the district
  3. Community Centres
  4. Universities
  5. Professional Groups

Most educational institutions have a .edu URL. A .edu URL always ranks higher than a .com or a .org. If you are able to build backlinks in .edu websites, you can expect a huge boost to your SEO scores.

However, I have always seen how local communities have spread businesses through word-of-mouth. It is not only the students, which will get to be aware of this. Parents, who face many legal problems, will also get an introduction to your business.

7. Set up a Credible and High-Quality Blog Section:

No one likes to be pushed products and services at all times. People on the internet want credible information.

By maintaining an active and high-quality blog, you will be helping to establish your credibility in the industry.

A blog can also be used as a repository of keyword rich articles, which will help you, rank higher.

It will also encourage other legal entities to quote you as a source, which will boost your SEO score.

Google likes websites, which are active.

It is not possible for brands to keep changing their website content often. In such an event updating a new article to your blog, once a day can be very beneficial.

I keep emphasizing that the nature of content creation is critical to success. The blog should be of very high quality and deliver on all fronts.

8. Social Media Link Building:

Social Media

No business, whatever the nature of their industry can ignore social media.

Social platforms are not all about being glitzy and glamorous. They have evolved into community forums that are engaging and strong voices that represent society.

Every lawyer or law firm should be very active on social media. This involves-

  1. Being a part of legal communities and groups.
  2. Engaging with legal posts and offering great solutions.
  3. Starting threads and asking people for suggestions and answers.
  4. Posting regularly on the pages.
  5. Taking help from advertising spends to increase reach and followers.

By strategically integrating your business into your personal profile, you will be able to generate a lot of traffic and queries.

For many brands, social media generates more organic queries that a brand website!

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9. Specific Legal Directories and Forums:

The legal industry is a highly organized industry that maintains a lot of structure and organization. The industry is also a tightly knit unit.

This means that the legal community maintains several directories and bodies. Most of them are registered with government institutions and offer registration and licenses for lawyers and legal firms.

Some of the best Legal Directories are-

  • Justia
  • com
  • org
  • com
  • Avvo
  • Law Info

It is essential that you register yourself and your business on such legal directories. This will give you a lot of exposure in a specific industry niche. Your aim should be to create the best profile of your brand.

10. Hire an Expert SEO Services Agency:


If you have to make the outreach manually every time, you will not be able to concentrate on your daily work.

Making outreach, establishing relations, negotiating prices can all become all too difficult.

If you are able to hire an expert agency that offers SEO services which includes link building for lawyers, you will solve this problem.

Link building for lawyers is different as compared to standard link building for brands.

The approach and strategy need to be altered and tweaked to make it work for lawyers and legal firms.

By signing up an SEO services agency, you can rest assured that your link building activities will be successful.


The nature of link building for lawyers requires a different approach by SEO services agencies. It would be best if you could ask your prospective SEO services agency whether they have worked with lawyers and legal firms before.

Link building is highly beneficial for lawyers and legal firms if it is done in a structured and strategic manner. You should always aim to follow White Hat Link Building strategies and avoid Black Hat and Grey Hat ones.

If you need specific solutions with regard to link building for lawyers, please feel free to reach out to us.

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