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  • Who are Primelis?
  • Important highlights about the company.
  • Their history.
  • Certifications they have.
  • Range of services they offer.
  • Tools they use.
  • Top clients and link to their case studies.
  • Why should you opt for them?
  • Moreover, finally, our opinion on whether to choose them or not.

Table Of Content

Who Is SEO Company Primelis?

Who Is SEO Company Primelis

Highlights About SEO Company Primelis

Highlights About SEO Company Primelis
  • In 2009, Primelis began its operations in France. In other words, they’ve been doing this for 15 years
  • Total Funding: $12.1M over 1 round. 
  • Although they have a prowess in data, social media, and display, they are mostly known for SEO. 
  • As of 2023, their international revenue accounts for 25% of their overall revenue share.
  • The company has generated 35 million dollars in turnover. 
  • Currently, they have a team of 150 people and 300 active customers
  • Apart from France, currently, they are also operating in the USA
  • They have earned awards for staying up to date with the latest trends and providing excellent results. 
  • Businesses prefer Primelis for expertise, comprehensive services, custom solutions, clear reporting, and proven results.

History Of Best SEO Company Primelis

History Of Best SEO Company Primelis

Top Certifications Make Them A Credible Digital Partner 

  • Amazon advertising
  • Campaign manager 
  • Meta Business Partner
  • Google Marketing Platform
  • Google Partner
  • Microsoft Advertising
  • TikTok: Marketing partners 

Services Offered By Best SEO Company Primelis

Services they offer

1. Search

(i) SEO

(ii) PPC

  • Detailed Strategic Audits.
  • Manages PPC campaigns with precision.
  • Provides insightful Training.

(iii) Shopping

2. Data

  • Building qualified and useful data pipelines.
  • Advanced monitoring of results through Analytics/Tracking.
  • Providing comprehensive Reporting for a clear understanding of campaign performance.
  • Offering Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

3. Social

  • Meta advertising solutions.
  • Leveraging the professional network on LinkedIn.

Tools They Leverage…

Tools They Leverage...

(i) Occurs

(ii) Cross-Brand

(iii) Primelis.AI

  • SEA
  • SEO
  • Social Ads
  • Data Analytics processes.

(iv) Predictive Search Optimization

(v) Live Media Monitoring

(vi) Post-Click Experience


  • American Express: Multinational financial services company, American Express provides credit cards, travel, and business solutions.
  • CITADIUM: French fashion retailer CITADIUM focuses on urban style and streetwear, offering clothing, accessories, and home décor.
  • CHRISTOFLE: Parisian goldsmith CHRISTOFLE has created exceptional tableware, jewellery, silver flatware, and home accessories since 1830.
  • Chefclub: Culinary brand Chefclub transforms kitchens into spaces of sharing and fun with inspirational and accessible content, products, and services.
  • Celio: French men’s clothing retailer Celio produces stylish, sustainable clothing with a focus on social responsibility.
  • Don’t Call Me Jennyfer: DCM Jennyfer is a boutique with a curated selection of women’s clothing, accessories, and home décor, emphasizing timeless style and quality.
  • DEGRENNE: Lifestyle brand DEGRENNE designs and produces stylish, comfortable women’s clothing with a focus on sustainability and social responsibility.
  • Edenred: The fashion brand Edenred offers unique, high-quality women’s clothing and accessories with a focus on design and craftsmanship.
  • Habitat: Global nonprofit Habitat for Humanity provides affordable housing solutions, offering homes, home repair, and financial education services.
  • Go Sport: Leading French sporting goods retailer Go Sport offers a wide range of sportswear, footwear, sports equipment, and accessories.
  • Salesforce: Leading CRM platform, Salesforce helps businesses manage customer data, sales, and marketing efforts with a suite of applications.
  • Certina: Global watch brand Certina offers premium quality watches with a unique design and exceptional craftsmanship.
  • La Prairie: Luxury lifestyle brand La Prairie focuses on high-quality, stylish apparel, accessories, and home décor with a commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship.
  • Just Eat: Online food ordering platform Just Eat connects customers with their favourite restaurants, making it easy to order food for takeout or delivery.
  • Fitness Park: Full-service health club chain Fitness Park provides a variety of fitness programs, classes, and wellness services to help people achieve their fitness goals.

Case Studies

10 Compelling Reasons To Choose Best SEO Company Primelis

  • 15 Years Of Experience: Primelis has been dominating this SEO space since 2009, refining skills and becoming a reliable SEO leader.
  • Results-Driven Focus: Primelis delivers measurable results, enhancing websites and increasing online presence through data-driven techniques.
  • All-Inclusive Services: Beyond the basics, Primelis offers a full range of SEO services, customized for each client’s unique needs.
  • Expert Team: Primelis has a team of seasoned SEO experts staying current with industry trends.
  • Tailored Approaches: Recognizing every business is unique, Primelis crafts custom strategies for each project.
  • On-time Reporting: Primelis values transparency, providing regular updates on SEO progress with key indicators like traffic and rankings.
  • Transparent Pricing: Regarding pricing, they do not keep you in the dark. Depending on the scope and complexity of the project, they quote you in advance.
  • Innovation For Growth: Expert team constantly seeking innovative methods to enhance SEO operations. In fact, they push clients towards online success.
  • Global Presence: With locations in France and the US, Primelis offers a global perspective, crucial for businesses operating internationally.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best SEO Company Primelis

Q1. How Long Has Primelis Been In SEO?

A: They have thrived in SEO for 14+ years, aiding clients across industries.

Q2. What’s The Pricing For Primelis’ SEO?

A: They don’t disclose the process on their website. Basically, every business comes with different requirements. Therefore, Primelis tailors pricing based on client needs, offering unique packages for varied requirements.

Q3. Does Primelis Offer More Than SEO?

A: Primarily focuses on SEO but provides additional services like social media marketing and data services.

Q4. What Sets Primelis Apart In SEO?

A: Their team excels with expertise, results-driven focus, skilled team, and client-centric strategies.

Q5. Who Benefits From Primelis’ SEO?

A: Starting from small startups to large corporations, Primelis ensures online success for businesses of any scale.

Q6. How Does Primelis Ensure Ethical SEO?

A: Primelis follows white hat practices, ensuring ethical SEO is aligned with search engine guidelines.

Q7. How Does Primelis Approach SEO?

A: Quite popular for customizing strategies, and using data-driven tactics for higher online visibility, traffic, and conversions.

Q8. What Results Can Businesses Expect?

A: A world-class team delivers increased online visibility, higher traffic, and conversions, backed by detailed progress reports.

Q9. How To Start With Primelis’ SEO?

A: Begin with Primelis by contacting them directly via their website or phone. A consultation follows, presenting a tailored proposal.

Our Verdict – Should You Choose Primelis As Your SEO Partner?

  • Are they reliable? Brands like Allianz and American Express have chosen Primelis as their SEO partner. We hope you got the ANSWER.
  • Secondly, do they have the experience and expertise? Promelis have been there since 2009 and their robust portfolio is a testament to their SEO competency.
  • Do you get the desired results? Hundreds of top brands got their dream results with Primelis. Why not you? However, your success will also depend on how persistent you are.
  • What is unique about them? Backed on their in-house build digital marketing tools they provide faster solutions.
  • Do they follow a clear pricing and communication structure? As they are among the top-tier SEO agencies, they are bound to keep everything fair and transparent.
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