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Table Of Content

What Is Link Baiting

(i) Improving Search Engine Optimization And Rankings

(ii) Developing Trust And Authority For Your Brand

(iii) Generating Traffic From Referrals 

(iv) Assisting With Content Marketing Initiatives 

(v) Improving Sales And Lead Generation 

(vi) Long-Term Business Growth 

  • Informative Content: Detailed resource lists, tutorials, and how-to instructions work wonders at drawing in links. Because such pieces provide readers substantial value, other websites hoping to supply their audiences with useful content are likely to share and mention them. 
  • Visual Content: Infographics, charts, and photos are very shareable because they make difficult data easier to understand and show in an interesting way. Visual content is preferred for sharing on social media and blogs because it is simple to read and frequently more visually attractive than text-heavy publications. 
  • Interactive Content: Calculators, tests, and other tools can hold users’ attention longer than static content. By encouraging visitors to share their results and spend more time on your website, interactive components increase the likelihood that your content will be linked. 
  • Controversial Content: Publications with a strong or provocative viewpoint can potentially provoke controversy and discussion. Although there may be negative reactions to this strategy, it may also draw a lot of attention and connections from people who agree with or disagree with your points of view.
  • Research And Data: Case studies, original research, and reports on data analysis are all very helpful. If your content contains unique, high-quality facts that people will want to reference as authoritative information, it will become the go-to source in your business.
Best Practices For Link Bait

(i) Putting Linkbait Into Practice 

(ii) Make Your Content Opinionated

(iii) It Needs To Make News 

(iv) It Should Be Emotional 

(v) Make Your Content Visually Appealing 

(vi) Tell A Story In Your Link Bait


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Dipaly Banerjee, a cinephile and horror enthusiast, channels her love for storytelling into her work as a senior content writer. With four years of experience, she enjoys writing marketing, educational, fashion, and entertainment articles. When not immersed in writing, Dipaly enjoys travelling and spending time with her furry friend, Lilith!