Get Seen On ‘People Also Search For’ With These 6 Proven Strategies

People Also Search For
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What Is People Also Search For (PASF)?

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Below are the search results When it Appears What it Shows How it Helps Users Focus 
People Also Search For (PASF) After clicking a result and then returning to the search results page (desktop) or scrolling down the results page (mobile) Related search queries Helps users refine their search and explore different aspects of a topic Search Intent 
People Also Ask (PAA) Below are the search results Questions and answers related to the search query Provides immediate answers to common questions about a topic Understanding & Knowledge 
Related Searches At the bottom of the search results page Broader search queries and sometimes even images or featured snippets Offers additional search options and can spark new ideas Exploration & Discovery 
Autocomplete As you type your search query Predicted search queries based on real-time user searches and content Speeds up search by suggesting relevant options and helps refine search terms Efficiency & Discovery 

People Also Search For – The Working Principle

Benefits Of People Also Search For

(i) For Searchers

(ii) For Website Owners

How Do You Find ‘People Also Search For’ Keywords?

(ii) Google Autocomplete

(iv) Google Keyword Planner

How To Optimize Your Content For Goolge’s People Also Search For And Rank For These Keywords?

How To Optimize Your Content For Goolge’s People Also Search For And Rank For These Keywords

1. Understand The Search Intent

2. Use PASF To Find Long-tail Keywords

  • Start with your core topics: Brainstorm a list of broad topics relevant to your niche. 
  • Then, conduct a search: Use these topics as focus keywords and perform a Google search. 
  • Analyze the PASF section: Pay close attention to the keywords and phrases that appear in the “People Also Search For” section. These are valuable indicators of what users search for after encountering your main topic. 
  • Add the PASF keywords: Include these relevant keywords and phrases from the PASF section into your overall keyword list. 
  • Consider long-tail variations: Look for opportunities to create long-tail variations of the PASF keywords. Users might use more specific phrases further down the research funnel. 
  • Use keyword research tools: Use Ahrefs, Semrus, or any other tool to estimate the true potential of these PASF keywords.

3. Creating Content That Answers “People Also Search For” (PASF) Questions

  • Don’t: Briefly mention a few hiking essentials in your main content. 
  • Optimize your outline: Outline is your map. So, create an outline that is fully optimized for this type of keyword.
  • Do: Add an “Essential Gear for Beginner Hikers” section to your main content or create a separate blog post. Here, list and explain the different types of gear a beginner might need (incorporate links to buying guides or reviews). 
  • Natural Language: Avoid overly technical jargon or complex sentence structures. Write in a way that is easy for a general audience to understand. 
  • Conciseness is Key: PASF answers should be to the point. Aim for bite-sized pieces of information that directly address the question.
  • Structure: Consider using bullet points, numbered lists, or short paragraphs to make your answers easy to scan and digest. 
  • Informational pieces for early research. 
  • Comparison guides for mid-funnel users. 
  • Transaction-focused content for those ready to buy. 

4. Consider Using PASF Queries As FAQs

5. Nail Your On-Page SEO With People Also Search For Keywords

6. Create A Knowledge Graph Through Robust Internal Linking

Bottom Line 

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