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We are living in a digitized world of campaigns and advertisements. The business has turned out to be highly competitive today. There are numerous companies that battle in this high competition. In a market governed by stiff competition, the only way to keep floating is a potent online market strategy that will convert the leads to business development. Integrated digital marketing is a mixture of all the marketing strategies which helps you to boost your online presence.

What is the secret to arising from this cauldron?

As they call it, the secret is Integrated Digital Marketing (IDM).

In this article, we will discuss Integrated Digital Marketing and the benefit it provides to business organizations of today.

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Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated Digital Marketing is the idea of creating a unique form of expression that is easy to identify in the different channels that are used by your customers.

Integrated Digital Marketing is all about blending all your marketing tactics. Integrated Digital Marketing involves a structured marketing plan. It is all about identifying all the channels like:

  • Marketing.
  • Content Strategy.
  • Website.
  • Social.
  • Paid and Organic Marketing.

Key Elements Of Integrated Digital Marketing

You cannot plan digital marketing without a well-chalked-out digital marketing strategy.

Unlike any other business activity, Advertising Campaigns are heavily dependent on the Internet.

So the journey of evolution of a company into a brand following Integrated Digital Marketing is structured based on the important components.

So let’s have a sneak peek at the major components of Integrated Digital Marketing:

1. Creating Online Engagement

Creating Online Engagement

When you make your appearance on the social media platform, it is important you will unquestionably optimize them to your benefit. At the same time, it is really difficult to express your presence on a different website.

It is also difficult to expand the ways of utilizing social media to engage your Customer. But you have to strategically plan your online engagement to reach the customers.

2. Team Integration

Team Integration Integrated Digital Marketing

When you have employed a different digital marketing team, you will see that there are conflicting priorities. This emanates from a lack of integration among the teams involved.

And lack of Integration really works to disrupt the entire campaign. Therefore it is in the interest of the business to deconstruct the operational barriers and hierarchies existing within the company.

3. Management Of Digital Presence

Management Of Digital Presence

The success of an online presence depends to quite an extent on online visibility. Along with responsive web design, the customer’s facilitation of keeping business relations is made.

This eases a harmonious business relationship between businesses as well as the customers. So if you require a high expenditure in reshaping your website, you ought to do it.

This expenditure will be compensated in the long run with better profit generation.

4. Performance Management

Performance Management Integrated Digital Marketing

This is another key component of Integrated digital marketing. While you plan to implement a well-structured Integrated Marketing Plan, you will definitely go on to test the value of effectiveness.

So try to analyze the noticeable changes you have recently viewed in customer behavior. This helps you sharpen the digitized marketing plans you chalk out.

5. Social Media

Social Media

This is one quintessential aspect that business management teams fail to optimize. You need to have in place relevant content ties with your clients.

Therefore establishing a full-fledged program helps companies build the said rapport with the customers.

6. Landing Pages

landing page

When some customer clicks on an advertisement, you make sure they receive the right kind of message.

Landing pages offer you the opportunity to make a great first impression and deliver specific content. Therefore, you need to make sure that the landing page is extremely effective.


SOLOMO Integrated digital marketing

Social Local Mobile or SoLoMo is one of the most integrated digital Marketing elements.

Well, everyone uses Smartphones. Therefore as a company, you need to know and identify where your buyers are. Do your buyers use Cell phones? Are they stationed somewhere around?

Making your brand highly accessible before the customers unlock different market opportunities. Only then you could offer tempting offers to the customers.

Some Significant Facts That Highlights The Need For IDM

There are certain interesting facts and statistics on Integrated digital Marketing that highlights why it is a must at this point in time.

  1. According to the Episerver Digital Marketing report, 95% of the marketers address the need for a multi-channel strategy for targeting customers.
  2. According to another survey, Marketers focus on six different channels to have customer research. Consumers, on the other hand, use only two of the channels to establish relationships with the brands.
  3. Around 46% of the organization reports offering a poor customer experience that disrupts the business relationship between both the consumers and the company.
  4. A collaborative study between Econsultance and IBM Marketing cloud found out that the marketers don’t really give enough focus and attention to Cross Channel data.
  5. Around 84% of the Agencies and 75% of the Clients believe that sales and revenue are effective indicators of cross-channel marketing. 

Every marketing effort meets with a fatal end because of a lack of coordination between email, meeting sales, and Paid Campaigns.

It could therefore be found from the coordination among the main components that decide the success of Integrated Digital Marketing efforts.

Why Your Business Needs to be Integrated Digital Marketing

Here are certain reasons why you need integrated Digital Marketing. Integrated Digital Marketing offers you certain benefits sure

Let’s find out why you need Integrated Digital Marketing.

1. Strategic Goals And Follow-Ups

Strategic Goals And Follow-Ups

You have adhered to a multichannel approach to marketing. You need to have a strategy in place.

Once you have a current strategy or roadmap in place, you will realize and understand the direction you are going.

Following a strategic goal and objective, you can seek the feedback of the stakeholder and, at the same time, ensure that your marketing plans are going to work.

A well-formulated strategy in place enables you to succeed at a lower cost with lesser time.

2. Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness integrated-digital-marketing

When marketers are able to integrate the means of communication, they easily build brand awareness.

Raising brand awareness is one important aspect of digital marketing. Your business will be on social media, email, google, and other platforms at the same time.

This way, an integrated approach could be leveraged to succeed. Using Integrated Digital Marketing, companies are able to create better brand awareness. If you want to create brand awareness, you could make use of Blogger Outreach to leverage benefits.

3. Conversions

Conversions Integrated digital marketing

Any business cannot attain success unless it is able to convert the leads into brands. By following the Integrated approach, you are able to enhance your conversion rates with an integrated plan in place.

Integrate your market efforts in such a manner that points in one single direction. This goes on to increase the chances of success.

4. Creating Trust And Authority With The Customers

Creating Trust And Authority With The Customers

A poor integrated marketing strategy- and that too based on narrow experience thwarts the efforts of your marketing team.

Remember, your marketing needs to be channelized in such a manner that wins Customer Trust And Authority. In order to create Trust and Authority with the customers, you need to understand the target audience.

In order to achieve it, you need to create backlinks using authoritative websites. In that case, you could use the service of Blogger Outreach to gain the benefits.

  • Do you know exactly where your customers actually are?
  • Do you know what are the keywords that are actually performing presently?
  • Do you need to focus on organic content?

These are the questions that you need to know in order to create Trust and Authority with the customers.

5. Saving Time, Money, And Resources

Saving Time, Money, And Resources

Remember that money speaks ultimately when you are investing your resources. Here is one myth regarding online marketing: SEO and content marketing are free.

No, it is not really so.

Google is really nice enough to offer you a Google Business profile page. That’s not free. You employ a content writing team and a content marketing team, and that adds to the cost.

If you work with an integrated marketing strategy, it can stop unnecessary spending and ensure a high return on marketing investment.

Through Integrated Digital Marketing, you are going to save time, money, and resources.

6. ROI 

ROI Integrated digital marketing

A consistent marketing plan is necessary for achieving a higher and faster rate of Investments.

If you successfully make use of an Integrated Digital Marketing Plan, your enterprise will be rewarded with increased revenue and continuous business growth.

7. Encouraging Brand Culture And Sharing

Encouraging Brand Culture And Sharing

Always remember that consumers trust brands that are authentic. One way through which you could position yourself is to earn the trust of the customers.

While you are using an Integrated Digital Marketing campaign, you are able to send a clear and consistent message.

Through paid advertisement, you could drive people to your brand. If you thoroughly fail in this will not be able to create much of an awareness of your brand as well as your Culture.


It could therefore be said that businesses are drawing success using an Integrated Strategy.

An integrated strategy goes on to help businesses reap benefits so far as developing brand awareness, and driving sales are concerned.

Whatever might be the budget, business goals, and objectives, the performance of a business organization depends quite an extent upon an integrated marketing effort.

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