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For the last six months, the world is grappling with its biggest humanitarian and economic crisis ever. Small businesses have been the worse hit. With rising loan interest rates and low demand, many have been forced to close down operations.

Others who have managed to stay afloat are managing with fewer employees and less output. Future growth strategies of expansion, new product launches, and markets have been put on hold. While big businesses are digging deep into their financial purses, smaller businesses do not have that kind of saved capital.

However, in the midst of all despair, there is one area, which can emerge as a savior for small businesses. We are talking about the effects of digital and technology on helping small businesses during the pandemic.

In this article, we are going to look at the benefits of digital marketing for small businesses. We are also going to look at some major digital marketing strategies, which small brands can look to adopt during the pandemic.

Advantages of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Advantages of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

1. Affordable Budgets for Marketing-

When you compare the marketing spends on digital with other forms of traditional marketing, you will realize that digital is much more affordable. This helps small brands level the playing field with bigger brands and target the same potential customers.

2. ROIs can be Calculated on Digital-

In addition to affordable budgets, the best thing about digital marketing is that the strategies can be calculated. In other words, you can measure the ROIs from every single digital marketing you spend money on. From social media to SEO, everything is measurable.

3. Access to Target Audiences-

In traditional marketing where you are shooting in the dark when it comes to target audiences. Digital gives you the opportunity to reach out to potential customers in your niche. Guest posting, blogger outreach, and social media strategies can help you reach target audiences.

4. Branding and Credibility-

A good online presence helps in uplifting the status of the brand in front of audiences. No one is going to come and see how big your showroom is. Having a rich social media, fantastic eCommerce platform, and another digital real estate can be helpful in branding and exposure.

5. 24×7 Sales and Revenue Generation Opportunity-

According to Exults Marketing, unlike a physical store or showroom, which needs to be open only for a specific period, digital presence ensures that your shop is open 24×7. All your channels- website, social media, and aggregator platform presence ensured success.

How Digital Marketing for Small Brands is Evolving during the Pandemic

How Digital Marketing for Small Brands is Evolving during the Pandemic

As a field of activity, digital marketing is highly evolving and dynamic. Strategies, which work for a year might become redundant the next year. This makes it very important for small brands who are always looking to make the most out of their digital performances.

Let us look at some of the biggest changes in digital marketing during the pandemic-

The pandemic increased the time people were spending on the internet. The pandemic was also responsible for changing consumer buying patterns in different parts of the world. This coupled with the smartphone and cheap internet data meant that digital grew astronomically during the period.

Top Digital Marketing Strategies Small Brands should pursue

Top Digital Marketing Strategies Small Brands should pursue

Digital has been credited as being more affordable than traditional marketing. However, small brands need to ensure that they are following strategies that are low-cost and high returns. In this section, we will look at five digital marketing strategies, small brands can pursue.

1. Website Blogs and Inbound Marketing-

Small brands need to invest in digital assets, which will offer returns for a long time. In this case, website blogs and a solid inbound marketing strategy can be a real asset for any small brand. This will help in increasing organic reach, build credibility, and allow for better search performances.

2. Limited Social Media Push-

For a small brand, operating on five or six platforms simultaneously is not a good idea. The focus should always be placed on creating high-quality content to see some real differences in performance. This is why small brands should invest in quality asset creation and concentrate on just operating on two social platforms.

3. Niche Guest Posting and Blogger Outreach-

Guest Posting or Blogger Outreach just with the intention of building backlinks is going to ensure limited success. For these two strategies to be successful, a lot of time should be spent on doing manual outreach and creating high-quality long-format articles. The aim should be to drive targeted traffic to your website and increase sales and revenues.

4. E-commerce or Aggregator Platform Presence-

Not all small brands will have the resources to launch and compete for their eCommerce. However, it is important that small brands open up sales avenues on digital platforms. This can take place by aligning and being part of an aggregator platform like Amazon. This will allow you to open up a credible and profitable source of income for your small business.

5. Google My Business Page-

Many digital experts are commenting on how Google is evolving the GMB page especially to help small businesses during the pandemic. This means that every small business needs to have an active, updated, and verified GMB page to gain traction in the local geographical region. This helps indirectly contributing to sales and increasing revenues for small brands.

The Final Word

If you are a small business looking to succeed during the pandemic, there only one way you can do that- Digital Marketing! By following all the points in the article, you will be able to set your business up for a post-pandemic world. The use of digital and technological adoption is going to increase by many times in the near future. By making the transition early, you will be able to reap all the benefits of sales and revenues from digital marketing.

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