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Why Cold Email Outreach?

Why Cold Email Outreach
  • Affordable: It saves money by eliminating the cost of executing and sending out printed pamphlets. You can send messages to 100 contacts with a single click, and it won’t cost you much.
  • Efficient: Email is time-efficient, hence easy to scale up and optimize.
  • Appeal: The Written word is far more appealing than the spoken word. The freedom to attach documents, pictures, memes, links, and more makes messages more lucrative and lively.
  • Targeted Audience: A major advantage of emails is that they can be automated. This makes them particularly more fruitful when targeting a specific group. You can specify the target audience based on different factors like age, geography, income, and job.
  • Interactive: Emails can be tailored to your target’s needs using graphics, videos, pictures, quizzes e.t.c. They are more interactive compared to waiting for prospects to find your website.

What Are Your Goals?

  • Boost engagement with content.
  • Welcome new subscribers and build a relationship with them.
  • Segment subscribers and create more targeted campaigns.
  • Drive sales and promote new products.
  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • Re-engage subscribers who have been inactive.
  • Nurture existing readers by providing value.

Identify The Right Email Marketing Platforms

(i) GetResponse

(ii) MailChimp

(iii) ActiveCampaign

Identify And Segment The Right Prospects

  • Ecommerce Platform: Your ecommerce platform will have information about existing customers. Depending on the platform, the method of exporting that information will vary. Check whether your email marketing solution allows you to integrate your ecommerce platform.
  • Email Accounts: Another place to look for contacts would be your current and former email accounts. A Webmail account makes it pretty easy to export contacts in CSV format.
  • Contact Management System: Contact management applications often sync with your mobile devices and social media, allowing you to get all contacts in one fell swoop.
  • CRM: Fairly popular CRM integrates with email marketing services, making the exportation of contacts in CSV format easy.

Build An Email Marketing List From Scratch For Email Outreach Campaign

  • Make Subscription Easy: Including a call to action at the bottom makes it more convenient for visitors to subscribe, especially if they are coming from promoted content or targeted ads.
  • Post Compelling Content: Creating relevant content and posting it on your site can go a long way towards building an email list. It is a slow way to build a subscription, but those who sign up have an invested interest in your email campaigns.
  • Facebook Call To Action: Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. It has a call to action button that allows prospects to sign up for an email list. This feature is available for company profiles only and appears at the top of the page, alongside the like button.
  • Relevant And Gated Assets: This is particularly effective for B2B email campaigns. You can make assets like white papers, research reports, case studies, and more for prospects who provide an email address.
  • Promotions For Subscriptions: New subscribers can get discounts on their next purchase or free shipping. You can choose any promotion to build a list and drive sales at the same time.
  • Firmographics: These refer to company characteristics like headquarters, number of employees, and industry revenue. They are particularly handy when it comes to sales or B2B marketing.
  • Demographics: These include data points that are specific to individuals like age, background, title, gender, and language.
  • Amount Spent: Customers who hit a certain threshold get benefits or discounts.
  • Time Since Last Purchase: A good way to win past customers before they go cold is to offer them incentives. You can also preview upcoming sales or announce new merchandise.
  • Email Engagement: Send abbreviated bi-weekly newsletters to your subscribers, with news of what has been trending during that period.

Set Up Your Campaign

(i) Header

(ii) Body

Automate Email Outreach With Autoresponders

How To Create An Effective Autoresponder Series

(i) Goal For Autoresponder

  • Welcome Sequence For New Subscribers: The most common use for transponders is sending new subscribers a welcome message. An email could contain a thank you for subscribing, a free download, and a call to action to read popular posts.
  • Promote Upsells And Cross-Sells: You can set an autoresponder sequence for when customers make a purchase. For instance, you can offer tripods and lenses to customers who buy a camera. If you sell perishable or disposable products, you can send offers for new items when they are due for another purchase.
  • Make Sales On Autopilot: This is common among information marketers, software companies, and service providers. It may involve a sequence of free educational emails with invites to webinars, education videos, and follow-ups to sell product information.

(ii) Map Out An Autoresponder Sequence

(iii) Write Emails That Convert

  • Focus On Readers: The emails should address your subscribers’ problems and offer solutions. Marketers make the mistake of just talking about how great their products are, and this is not enough to elicit clicks or purchases.
  • Spend a significant amount of time polishing your subject lines, and ensure they spark curiosity.
  • Personalization Is Important: Personalizing autoresponder emails makes them more valuable to your readers. In addition to inserting the subscriber’s first name, you need to tailor the content to their actual needs.

(iv) Track And Improve

5 Actionable Email Outreach Templates

1. Cold Outreach For Sales

Cold Outreach For Sales

2. Follow-Up Email

Follow-Up Email

3. Content Sharing Email

Content Sharing Email

4. Request For Feedback

Request For Feedback

5. Referral Request Email

Referral Request Email


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