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Articles with images get 94% more viewership.

Sounds like that common saying (“A picture is worth thousands of words”)?

Yes, captivating images not only help in presenting your information attractively…

…but also in attracting the target audience.

Now, imagine if image-aided content gets the most readership; it is obvious that…

…it will rank higher.

As you know, SERP’s first-ranked article gets 3.8X more backlinks than the rest.

The above explanation indicates that images are great for link building (image link building). That means you have to think differently in terms of presenting your content. Specifically, visual re[presentation is the key here.

So, what is image link building?

This is where this article comes in. In this article, we shed light on image link building:

  • Importance
  • Strategies
  • Best practices

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

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What Is Image Link Building

So, image link building is about getting backlinks to your website using images. It’s like when someone uses a picture from your site and links back to you.

For example, if you have an awesome infographic about healthy recipes…

…and a food blogger puts it on their site with a link to your recipe page – that’s image link building in action.

These links help boost your site’s authority and improve its ranking on search engines. Cool, right?

Why Is Image Link Building Important?

Why Is Image Link Building Important

Image link building is a vital SEO strategy. It involves getting backlinks through images instead of text links. Here’s why it matters:

1. More Engagement

Posts with images and text get 605% more engagement than text-only posts. Compelling images get shared, leading to more visibility. The prime factor is to create useful images. Doing so, you‘ll start attracting natural links.

2. Better User Experience – Higher Ranking

Engaging images improves how users interact with your site. Additionally, Linked images add depth to your content’s context. Now, if you see through the eyes of Google, Nothing is more important than the user experience. Hence, you get elevated rankings.

3. Visual Search

Search engines focus on images and boosting your visibility. To put it simply, search engine loves what is lived by people. Hence, posts with images are optimum for visual search.

4. Natural Backlinks

Useful images attract links from others naturally. All you need is to create an image with high-quality content. The link will automatically come- you don’t need to go anywhere.

5. Long-lasting Results

Images stay relevant, providing lasting value. They come with sustainable results. These linked images boost your brand’s credibility.

Proven Strategies Of Image Link Building

Proven Strategies Of Image Link Building

By now, you have understood that images can also be worth thousands of backlinks.

Let’s delve into these strategies that can help you secure those coveted backlinks.

1. The Power Of Infographics

Imagine turning mundane data into engaging visual narratives. That’s exactly what infographics can do for your website. These visually appealing creations are more captivating than plain text. And it can increase website traffic by a whopping 12%.

The cherry on top? Infographics have the potential to earn your site high-quality backlinks. When people find valuable information presented visually appealing, they’re more likely to share it with their audience. This will generate those all-important links back to your site.

2. Brand Logo And Badges: Consistency Pays Off

Your brand’s logo is more than just a symbol; it’s a representation of your identity. The use of your brand logo across various platforms strengthens your brand recognition. Hence, you start attracting backlink opportunities. Consider incorporating badges into your strategy as well.

These small but impactful visual elements can add a touch of variety to your backlink profile. This makes it more appealing to diverse audiences. And don’t overlook the effectiveness of banner ads with eye-catching images. They have a knack for capturing attention and driving clicks.

3. Showcasing High-Quality Product Photos For Image Link Building

When it comes to your products, a picture can truly be worth a thousand backlinks. High-quality product photos that effectively represent your offerings can become link magnets.

Think about it: Websites and blogs that are reviewing or featuring products will often link back to your site’s product pages to provide their audience with more information.

Ensure your product photos are top-notch and stand out, enhancing the user experience and encouraging others to share and link to your content.

4. Enhancing With Visual Statistic Graphs

Numbers and data might not be the most exciting read, but they become instantly more engaging….WHEN…

…you transform them into visual statistic graphs.

Incorporating data from reputable sources enhances your content’s credibility. Then, it positions your website as an authoritative source of information. To take this strategy a step further, ensure that you link back to the original source of the data.

This strengthens your content’s credibility and can drive additional traffic to your page. WHY?

Because people seek to explore the data in depth.

5. Navigating Image SEO With Keyword Research

❌Don’t assume that images are exempt from the world of keywords and SEO.

However, many people make this mistake. Keyword research specifically for images can significantly boost your image’s search visibility.

So, stay on top of trending topics in your niche using tools like Google Trends. You will be able to create relevant and timely image content. This increases your chances of being shared and mentioned.

6. Fine-Tuning With Targeted Keyword Research

In your quest for effective image link-building, precision matters. Tools like AnswerThePublic and KeywordTool.io can be your guiding lights.

By using these resources for focused keyword research. You can align your image content with the exact queries your target audience is searching for.

This strategy enhances the likelihood of your images appearing in relevant search results. Hence driving organic traffic and potential link-building opportunities.

Image Link Building: Considerations And The Best Practices

Image Link Building Considerations And The Best Practices

Come on!!! Because we’re about to dive into the realm of link building like never before.

1. Resource Revelation – The Power Of The Right Tools

When it comes to sourcing images, look no further than the likes of Pexels, Pixabay, StockSnap, and Unsplash. These free image repositories are your go-to for visuals that resonate with your audience.

But that’s not all – elevate your game with Canva, where templates pave the way to stunning graphics. And hey, consider dabbling in AdobeSpark, Fotor, and Pixlr for that extra flair when editing your visuals.

Remember, the right resources lead to resounding results.

2. Infographics: The Irresistible Link Magnets

Prepare to witness the transformation of information into captivating eye candy. Infographics aren’t just pretty pictures; they’re a powerhouse of engagement.

Think about it – these visual delights capture attention like nothing else.

Platforms like Piktochart, Venngage, and Visme empower you to craft interactive layouts that mesmerize your audience.

Say goodbye to text-heavy monotony and embrace the allure of infographics.

3. Unveiling Discoverability: Where Images Find Their Spotlight

Imagine your images basking in the spotlight of search engines and social media. Achieving this requires a pinch of strategy and a sprinkle of optimization.

Describe your images aptly so search engines can’t help but notice. Dive into the world of visibility options – hashtags and keywords on social media platforms are your secret weapons. Let your images dazzle where they’re meant to shine.

4. Tracking The Results

Ever wondered who’s embracing your images and where they’re taking them? It’s time to unravel this mystery. Keeping track of your image usage is the key to a winning marketing strategy.

Google Image Search, TinEye, and ImageRaider are your accomplices in unveiling unauthorized image hijinks.

Spot alterations and unapproved use like a digital detective. And when you catch those culprits, remember to call them out – contact administrators, claim your credit, or demand the removal of ill-gotten visuals.

5. Instagram And Pinterest Play Their Tune

In the orchestra of social media, Instagram and Pinterest emerge as soloists worth noticing. Instagram dazzles with multi-channel engagement, tantalizing ads, and a promising ROI landscape.

On the flip side, Pinterest is the maestro of swift and efficient lead conversion.

Don’t let their melodies go unheard – leverage their power for a harmonious marketing melody.

Oh, and those social media management tools? They’re like your trusty conductors, ensuring every note is on point.

6. Analyze Your Competitors

In the world of link-building, a bit of friendly stalking goes a long way. It’s not about shadowing them but observing your competition’s every move.

Follow their trails incognito, absorbing their strategies like a sponge. Understand the content that beckons engagement and fuels their digital engine.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

How was the article? Have you found it meaningful? We have given you everything you need to get links through images.

Image link building works wonders. However, it is a drop of water in the Link building ocean.

Link Building is an umbrella term and has many facets to it. As a team of experts, we are responsible for guiding this SEO community.

In fact, we are on a mission to provide accurate information regarding link building.

(This SEO space is filled with fake gurus spreading false hopes.)

So, agency owners and SEOs! You do not need to worry. All of our articles will be spreading awareness regarding link building.

Moreover, if you want to seek help from our expert link-building team, feel free to do so. It’s completely upto you.

See you in the next article. Till then, happy link-building.

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