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Combining content, outreach, and competitor analysis can help you source saas guest posting.

Before diving into the strategy, let’s first understand – why guest posting is important for SaaS companies.

How about we begin with an interesting piece of information?

Please let us know if you are familiar with this or not…

Backlinko’s research shows that the number of referring domains has the strongest correlation with rankings (compared to other factors).

Backlinks = Referring domains! However, the issue is that links are often difficult to find.

SaaS marketers often struggle to find link building and digital PR opportunities when building brand authority.

Here guest posting comes into the picture. No matter what rumour is prevalent in the online space – guest posting is best for SaaS brands.

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Why Guest Posting Makes Sense For SaaS Companies?

Why Guest Posting Makes Sense For SaaS Companies

If you’re a SaaS marketer, you know that many adversities are in your way. However, guest posting solves each of these problems and offers brilliant solutions.

🟣Problem#1 Limited Brand Exposure: SaaS guest posting allows companies to reach new audiences. Plus, it expands expand your brand exposure beyond their existing customer base.

🟣Problem#2 Low Website Traffic: With guest posting, you can easily drive targeted traffic from the host website to the SaaS site.

🟣Problem#3 Low Search Engine Rankings: Guest posting attracts high-quality backlinks. As a result, your rank soars.

🟣Problem#4 Lack Of Credibility: Publishing informative and insightful guest posts on reputable industry websites demonstrates your credibility.

🟣Problem#5 Difficulty In Lead Generation: Here you can attract readers to your SaaS website, where they can learn more about your offerings.

🟣Problem#6 Limited Industry Connections: Your SaaS company can build valuable connections by networking with industry influencers and experts.

🟣Problem#7 Negative Online Reputation: If your SaaS company has faced negative reviews or reputation challenges, guest posting can help shift the focus to positive content.

🟣Problem#8 Lack Of User Education: Guest posts can educate users about the problems, and how to use them effectively.

🟣Problem#9 Building A Brand Community: Lastly, Guest posts can spark discussions among readers and build a community around the SaaS brand.

4 Steps To Find Guest Posting Opportunities For SaaS Companies

Saas guest posting is not a knowledge problem – it’s an execution problem. This is why we will teach you four proven ways to do so!

So, let’s dive in!

1. Opt For Guest Posting Services

Opt For Guest Posting Services

SaaS companies should consider using guest posting services to find and manage guest posting opportunities. Explanation:

🟣Streamlined Connection: Firstly, Guest posting services connect SaaS companies with websites that accept guest posts. You can connect with platforms that align with your industry and target audience through their partnerships and networks.

🟣Time Efficiency: Next, Finding guest posting opportunities can be time-consuming. The guest posting service provides a curated list of potential websites that match your niche.

🟣Quality Assurance: A reputable guest posting service typically vets the websites it works with. In addition to providing value to their readers, this ensures high-quality websites. You can avoid wasting time on irrelevant or low-quality websites.

🟣Personalization: These services can handle various aspects of the guest posting process. Guest posting can be especially valuable for SaaS companies.

🟣Ease Of Management: Agencies handle various aspects of the guest posting process. Guest posting can be especially valuable for SaaS companies.

🟣Networking Opportunities: Website owners and editors may be familiar with guest posting services. It can lead to long-term partnerships and guest posting opportunities.

How To Find SaaS Guest Posting Services?

  • Research Services: Look for reputable guest posting services that have a track record of connecting businesses with relevant websites. Read reviews, ask for recommendations, and evaluate their offerings.
  • Define Your Goals: Clearly outline your objectives for guest posting. Determine your target audience, preferred niche, and the types of websites you’d like to be associated with.
  • Provide Necessary Information: Describe your SaaS company’s industry, expertise, and content preferences for the service you choose.
  • Review Opportunities: The service will present you with a list of potential guest posting opportunities. Review these opportunities and choose the ones that align with your goals.
  • Engage In The Process: Work closely with the service to craft high-quality guest posts that provide value to the host websites’ readers.

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Prospecting

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Prospecting

First thing first – those who are thinking Why LinkedIn Sales Navigator,

Here You Go:

  • Targeted Approach
  • Personalized Outreach
  • Direct Networking
  • Efficiency

In fact, LinkedIn Sales Navigator identifies potential SaaS guest posting partners.

You Can Source These Opportunities Effectively By Following These Steps:

📌To start with, access the advanced features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It offers enhanced search capabilities and filters to refine your prospecting.

📌Then, search by “Company Name“. Start by searching for companies that align with your SaaS niche and target audience. Enter relevant keywords related to your industry to generate a list of potential companies.

📌Now, you can Narrow down your search by using the “Employees” filter. This allows you to focus on companies of a certain size that are more likely to have active content marketing teams.

📌It’s time to Use the “Content” Title Search. Within the selected companies, perform a title-specific search for individuals with content creation or marketing roles. Use terms like “Content Manager,” “Content Strategist,” or “Content Marketing Specialist.”

📌Identify Content Marketing Teams. Review profiles of individuals holding content-related roles. Look for indications that they are involved in content creation, curation, or publication for their company.

📌Lastly, contact Research and Outreach. Discover the company’s publishing style, background, and interests of potential content marketing team members. You’ll be able to tailor your outreach.

3. Finding The Email Info

Finding The Email Info

At this point, you might think that this method sounds simple. Or maybe you have heard it before. So far, no one has provided an explanation for saas guest posting in this manner.

Finding email information is crucial because…

…When You Have Accurate Email And Contact Information, You Open Doors To:

  • Direct communication.
  • Eliminating barriers and ensuring your outreach reaches the intended recipients.

So, How To Do It Correctly?

🟣Initiate The Process By Utilizing Tools: Leverage email and contact information discovery tools available online. These tools assist in locating email addresses and phone numbers associated with content marketing professionals.

🟣Next, Gather Contact Details: Compile the email addresses and phone numbers of potential content marketing prospects within your target companies. These details are essential for initiating contact and outreach.

🟣Emphasize Human Communication: Prioritize genuine and personable communication. Craft emails that resonate with recipients and show that you value their time and expertise.

🟣Well, Time To Write Concise Emails: Craft succinct and engaging email messages. Clearly state your intention to explore guest posting collaborations and highlight the benefits of such partnerships.

🟣Finally, Do Not Forget To Offer Immense Value: Showcase your value to their platform through insightful and relevant content. Explain how your guest posts can cater to their audience’s needs and interests.

4. Personalized Outreach Strategy

Personalized Outreach Strategy

In this process, thorough research, genuine interest, and the ability to deliver value play pivotal roles.

🟣Customize Outreach: Approach each potential collaboration individually. Tailor your messages to suit the recipient’s context and needs. This signals your commitment to establishing a valuable connection.

🟣Thorough Prospect Research: Dive into research before reaching out. Understand your prospects’ target audience, their content preferences, and how your SaaS offering aligns with their niche.

🟣Audience Alignment: Highlight how your guest posts can resonate with their readers. Demonstrating knowledge of their audience’s pain points and interests showcases your dedication to adding value.

🟣Company Values: Investigate their company values and ethos. Incorporate these insights into your outreach, showcasing shared values that can strengthen the partnership.

🟣Avoid Templated Emails: Steer clear of generic, templated emails. These often come across as impersonal and fail to captivate the recipient’s attention.

🟣Show Genuine Interest: Express authentic interest in their work. Reference specific articles or projects they’ve undertaken, demonstrating that you’ve taken the time to understand their efforts.

🟣Show Them Benefits: Clearly communicate how your guest post can contribute to their platform. Highlight the insights, knowledge, or solutions you can provide to their audience.

And…Here Is The Final Verdict

By now, you may have got a clear idea of the saas guest posting. And most importantly…

…how can you attract those opportunities related to it.

While Starting With SaaS Guest Posting, You Need To Be Cautious About The Following:

Quality>Quantity: Focus on creating high-quality, valuable, and relevant content that resonates with the audience of the website you’re guest posting on.

Relevance: Choose websites that are related to your industry or target audience. Your content should align with the interests of your readers.

Authenticity: Avoid overly promotional content. Instead, aim to provide actionable insights, helpful tips, and informative content that genuinely helps the readers.

Long-Term Relationship: Building a long-term relationship with the publishers can lead to more guest posting opportunities in the future.

As a SaaS marketer, you may have other business-related tasks to perform. And sometimes, you may not always have the necessary time to execute what’s needed most.

Collaborating with an agency is always the optimal decision. Here BloggerOutreach comes in.

Our Structured Guest Post Services Take Care Of:

  • Outreach
  • Content
  • Negotiation
  • And whatever comes under the entire guest posting process.

Look, we do not believe in false claims. We have recently shared our client’s story. Check it and decide for yourself.

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