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As a blogger myself, I know how important Google Search Console is to improve your blog content. So, if you are not using search console insights, you are missing out on something very essential. You may think that you are writing great content, which should be enough to attract your audience, but you are wrong. Great content comes in various forms, which is why you need the search console insights to improve your blog content.

If you want to understand better what content resonates with your audience, the search console insights can help you. When you combine the Google Search Console data and Google Analytics, you can understand your content’s performance better. That’s why in this article, we will share some trending blog content ideas with you.

But, before we dive into that, let’s take a look at what search console insight is.

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What Is Google Search Console Insights? Why Should We Use It?

If you want to know how to promote blog content you must use Google Search Console insights. With search console insights, you can get a deeper analysis of your web pages. So, this analytic tool provides users a straightforward and accurate way to analyze the top-performing content in the search console.

The more effective your blog content strategy will be, the better chances you’ll have in getting a loyal set of audience. So, the search console insights will help your brand create engaging content while positioning your brand as an authority niche.

Some Important Features Of Search Console Are;

  • Search Appearance: This feature will show you how your website appears in the search results.
  • Google Index: This feature gives you information on individual URLs that are enlisted in your website.
  • Search Traffic: This option will show you how your site performs when it appears in search results.
  • Crawl: This option will show you what the search bots find when they crawl through your site.
  • Data Highlighter: This intuitive tool will enable you to add structured data to your site. Depending on the content, you can also add several tags to make it more relevant.
  • HTML Improvement Tool: This feature will show you what is wrong with your website and offer you suggestions to fix them.
  • Remove URLs: This option will let you hide some popular URLs so that Google can find your content quickly and rank it higher.

How To Improve Blog Content Using Search Console Insights?

If you want to know how to improve blog content and increase blog traffic fast, you have to use the search console insights as a part of your blog content calendar. So, let’s get on with ways to push your ranking in the search engine result pages.

1: It Helps You Build A Solid Network Of Internal Links

The search console insight can help you find which blog posts are performing the best on your site. Thus, you can build a more robust internal link on your website. Once you find the blog content generating the most traffic, you can add relevant internal links there.

The top-performing blog content and the top sales-generating content won’t necessarily be the same. However, you can add internal links to one of these blog contents and figure out how to get the audience for blogs. Once you funnel organic traffic more profound into your website, you can increase your website engagement rate, CTR, and help the crawlers better understand the topic of your article.

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2: It Helps You Create Different Contents On Same Topics

If you have used the search console for quite some time now, you can find out the most popular topics for blog content ideas. Now, your readers may like a wider variety of blog formats, but a blog niche will dictate which one of them is the most popular.

There’s an option of most popular content present on the search console dashboard. Once you click on it, you can find the most popular topics. So, you can create different blogs on that same topic. Thus, you’ll be able to produce engaging content for your blog’s readers and establish a loyal audience base.

3: It Assists You In Making The Blog Content Keyword Optimized

If you want to make your blog attractive, you must complete the blog content keyword-optimized. The Google Search Report will show you what the keywords people used to find your content are. Then, simply use the top keywords that will make a noticeable improvement in your blog content strategy.

You have to do more once you find out the most-searched queries and add the most relevant keywords. Then, you can add more images featuring those relevant keywords so that your blog content can rank higher. You can also optimize your on-page SEO with this strategy.

4: It Aids You Networking With Referring Websites

Search console insights can help you network better, and the stronger your network is, the better chance you have in achieving a higher rank. In addition, you can generate many links for your blog content by pitching your idea to other site owners. But,  the trouble begins when it comes to retaining that relationship for the long term.

When you use referral links from other websites, you can find the links already generating traffic. Once you see these influencers, you must reach them and ask if they can give you free backlinks for your blog. It will add notable improvements to your blog content calendar.

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5: It Assists You In Identifying The Best Social Media Channels

Every social media channel does not have the same benefits, so you must find out which one of them works for your business. For example, if you want to promote healthcare devices to elderly patients, you won’t choose Instagram, right?

So, if you want to know how to increase blog traffic for free, and target the right audience, you must figure out which social media channel to use. The search console insights will help you collect social media reports, and you can use the one that you find the most engaging among them.

6: It Helps You Find New Content With Lower Engagement Rate

Search console insights don’t only help you in finding the top-performing content, but they also help you find the least-performing content. You need to look for pages with a high volume but low average page-view/duration.

When you find these pages, you can find your underperforming content. Then, you can apply the earlier mentioned blog content ideas to improve those contents. Thus, your on-page SEO rank will potentially increase.

7: It Helps In Reducing Server Errors

Search Console helps you monitor the site performance and enables you to resolve server errors. If you want to improve the performance of your blog content, you must fix the server errors. Then, just make the necessary adjustments to your site, which will increase the chance of your content ranking higher.

No matter how good the content you have written, it won’t capture much audience attention if your website faces loading issues. So, reduce the server errors with the help of search console insights, and grab a new direction in your blog content strategy.


If you want to know how much traffic is good for a blog, make sure you use the BloggerOutreach.io tool. This tool will give you the best content marketing, guest posting, and link-building suggestions to improve the quality of your blog content. Therefore, make full use of the search console insights besides the blogger outreach tool to get the maximum traffic to your website.

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