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Are you a busy social media marketer? Whether you’re a marketer or an influencer, you know how important it is to stay above the curve.

Today, people are looking for entertaining as well as informative posts.

If your content isn’t up to the mark, you’ll hardly receive any engagement.

So, why not create something that grabs people’s attention and stops them from scrolling?

Here planning comes in!

Have you realized a social media calendar can make a BIG difference?

Planning, creating, and posting on the same day can lead to mistakes such as typos or tone problems.

So it is better to keep things organized.

If you dedicate some time beforehand to creating a social media calendar, you’ll see that it’s much more effective.

By Doing So, You Can Allocate Specific Time To:

  • Brainstorm
  • Fine-tune
  • Double-check
  • Plan when to post your content

Here, you can avoid typical blunders and maintain your social media prowess. Let’s share 20 ideas to incorporate into your social media calendar.

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20 Ideas For Social Media Calendar

We agree that creating captivating and engaging content daily can be quite a challenge.

You obviously feel the urge to create fresh and innovative content every time.

We’ve compiled an extensive and inclusive list that you can take advantage of.

1. Blog Post

Blog Post

Blogs are time-consuming and demand a considerable amount of hard work and creativity.

When you have invested time and energy to produce your content, why not share it with your audience and get their feedback?

When you add blogs to your social media calendar, you showcase your expertise and add value to your followers.

It’s important to provide a brief overview emphasizing the main points and motivating readers to dive deeper when sharing a blog post.

Add visually compelling images or quotes from the blog to keep users engaged.

2. Create Reels

Create Reels

Reels have gained substantial moments in the recent past. We all scroll through trees and pass our time.

It is no secret that you have to add reels to your social media calendar.

Do you ever wonder if you should give your followers a sneak peek at your business or your skills?


If you’re a celebrity, you can share an inside look at your day-to-day routine.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you can show off your morning routine, daily activities.

And, If you’re a business owner, you can educate your audience through a quick tips video.

When it comes to social media calendars, why are we focusing so much on reels? The attention span has reduced, and people want to consume things quickly.

3. Share Quircky One Liner

Share Quircky One Liner

People love to hear one-liners that give the same content a fresh perspective.

Brands need to showcase their playful side. This is something that brands can leverage to entice their followers.

Sharing witty one-liners makes a lasting impression.

An Expertly Crafted One-Liner Can Go A Long Way In:

  • Showcasing your brand’s unique personality and sense of humour.
  • Grabbing your audience’s attention.
  • Appealing to their interests and preferences.

When you share clever and amusing one-liners, your brand can add a sense of joy and fun to your social media presence.

Adding this strategy to your social media calendar will strengthen your relationship with your followers.

4. Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes

Are you looking for a hack to spice up your brand’s social media posts?

Consider sharing the audience behind the scenes on your social media calendar.

This Could Mean –

  • Sharing photos or videos of your team hustling away.
  • Offering a sneak peek of new products in the pipeline.
  • Highlighting the production process.

When you give your followers a glimpse of behind-the-scenes, you can showcase your effort and dedication to creating high-quality content.

This can help you forge a more genuine and relatable relationship with your followers.

5. Promoting A Social Cause

Promoting A Social Cause

Are you a brand owner?

If yes, helping a social cause enables you to connect with your audience and make a positive impact.

Luckily, it’s not hard to do.

You Can Share Information About –

  • The cause and its impact.
  • Highlight the efforts of organizations that are making a difference.
  • Encourage followers to get involved through donations or volunteering.
  • Even share personal stories and experiences related to the cause.

When you stand for an issue, you can show your audience that you care about something beyond their bottom line.

6. Influencer Collaboration

Influencer Collaboration

Have you considered pairing up with social media influencers in your social media calendar?

It is a popular strategy for brands to enhance their visibility and credibility.

It gives your follower an inside look at your collaboration. You can share some behind-the-scenes photos and videos.

You can also work with the influencer to create a unique promotion or discount code for their followers to discover your brand.

Here it is pivotal to utilize appropriate hashtags and mention the influencer to extend your reach.

7. Showcase Industry News

Showcase Industry News

Another insightful thing is Sharing industry news on social media. Adding this to your social media calendar is an excellent approach to:

  • Keeping your followers up-to-date.
  • Highlighting your expertise in your area of work. Posting recent updates

Adding the latest research findings and new product releases in your industry can help establish you as a thought leader.

It demonstrates that you are a credible source of knowledge.

It keeps them engaged while building credibility for your brand at the same time.

8. Share Statistics

Share Statistics

People are attracted to social media posts that include statistics.

We are confident that many others feel the same way.

Sharing statistics and insights on social media is an engaging way to provide informative and thought-provoking content to your audience.

Statistics hold significant power in delivering valuable information to your followers that they might not have been aware of.

To make your post more interesting, select surprising, relevant, or particularly significant statistics for your audience.

So, it’s a smart choice to include statistics in your social media calendar.

9. Showcase Your Product In Action

Showcase Your Product In Action

The more you show your product to people, the higher the chances of staying on top of the mind of them.

You can create short videos or animated GIFs to demonstrate its unique features or share images of happy customers using your product.

Another coolest idea is to host a live Q&A session on social media.

While promoting your product, it’s crucial to emphasize its benefits and engage with your audience to establish trust and foster brand loyalty. So the next time you create social media calendar, ensure you take this into confederation.

10. Share, Pin, Or Retweet

Share, Pin, Or Retweet

Now, let’s move on to the next aspect of your social media calendar.

One effective strategy is to enhance your social media presence by sharing:

Pin or retweet industry-related content from other sources.

When you follow the same, you are much more likely to demonstrate your knowledge of the latest trends and be willing to interact with the community.

11. Testimonials

Customer testimonials establish trust and boost your credibility.

Your social media goal is to produce engaging and authentic content.

When you highlight positive feedback from satisfied customers – it reflects the value of your products or services.

Moreover, it also helps you to build a sense of community and foster stronger relationships with your followers.

The best practice is to include visuals and tag the customers who provided the testimonials.

Given the impact it has, you must include a testimonial post in your social media calendar.

12. Live


Many celebrities and influencers go live on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

If you want to create engaging social media posts, using live videos is an excellent idea.

It lets you connect with your followers more authentically and promote your brand.

Whether you’re a small business owner, a TikTok influencer, or a marketing professional, live videos help your audience interact one-on-one.

13. Share A Quick Tip Or Hack

Share A Quick Tip Or Hack

While planning your social media calendar, what is the ONE thing you must prioritize?

Value creation, right?

How about sharing some quick and helpful tips with your followers on social media?

The Content Can Come In The Form Of:

  • A short Instagram Reel.
  • A static Facebook post.
  • A carousel post.

The perk of sharing these posts is that they are highly shareable. That means it will add more exposure to your content.

These Tips Can Revolve Around The Following:

  • Saving someone’s time.
  • Cost-saving tips.
  • Some productivity hack.
  • Tips about some specific skills.

14. Share Quotation

Share Quotation

Let us offer another social media post idea. We all read quotes and share them on social media.

Basically, people relate to it. So, why not add this to your social media calendar and connect with your followers?

It Can Be Anything –

  • Motivational phrases.
  • Funny quips.
  • Heartfelt messages.
  • Anything related to your industry.

When you add this to your social media content arsenal, you start connecting with your audience and building a community.

15. Celebrate A Holiday Or Global Event

Celebrate A Holiday Or Global Event

Take advantage of every chance to celebrate and engage with your audience.

Whether it’s an international event, sports event, national celebration, thanksgiving, or Christmas, you can always find an occasion to connect with your followers.

Here you get the chance to showcase your creativity.

By targeting these events, you can target also get the opportunity to reach a broader audience.

16. Create A ‘How To’ Series

Create A ‘How To’ Series

How about starting a ‘How To Video Series’ on YouTube? 

This is a meaningful way to provide them with valuable content.

‘How To’ videos let you share your expertise and knowledge with your audience. Moreover, you get a chance to learn something new as well.

Whether you’re sharing gardening tips or some tutorial sort of videos – you will get more views and subscribers.

Gradually it will help you establish a loyal audience who will keep returning to your YouTube channel.

17. Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything

The coolest way to create user-generated content is by hosting Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions on social media.

It’s a fantastic way to connect with your followers and build stronger relationships with them.

Your audience can ask you anything through AMAs and get to know you better. It also gives you the chance to showcase your expertise and personality.

These sessions are a fun way to engage with your customers and build your brand’s presence on social media. So why not add them to your social media calendar?

18. Contest Or Giveaways

Contest Or Giveaways

Have you seen brands running a contest on social media?

According to experts, the majority of people relate to contests.

Here Are The Type Of Contests Or Giveaways That You Can Consider:

  • You can host a photo challenge or product giveaway.
  • Enticing new followers while keeping current ones engaged.

To get started, follow these simple steps: First, choose a prize that would appeal to your audience.

Then, create a post and share it on your feed or story, including clear instructions on how to enter.

Lastly, announce the winners and distribute the prizes to them. Given the impact it has, we highly recommend you add this to your social media calendar.

19. Meme Marketing

Meme Marketing

We love scrolling memes. Aren’t you?

If you want to freshen up your audience’s mood and improve your brand’s likability, consider sharing a meme!

Memes can bring joy and laughter to your friends and family, regardless of their interests.

Creating memes requires a deeper understanding of your target audience. They can add personality and humour to your content and even spark conversations or express your opinions.

20. Before-After Posts

Before-After Posts

Picture this: Let’s assume that you are a fitness consultant. Imagine one of your clients reduced their weight by 30kgs. You can share a before-after video or an image to inform people that your services provide proven results.

This is a perfect social media calendar element for brands that provide different services.

However, ensure that the photos or videos you share are of the highest quality.

Social Media Calendar Template

Date | Platform | Content Type | Description/Topic | Hashtags | Link | Image/Video

Date: Depending on how frequently you post, you can organize this column by week or day.
Platform: Only some platforms are suitable for your business. Decide the most relevant platform where most of your audience spends their time.
Content-Type: This column should specify the type of content you plan to post, such as a photo, video, blog post, infographic, etc.
Description/Topic: This column should describe the content and topic of your post. This could include a short caption, a summary of the article you’re linking to, or a description of the visual content.
Hashtags: Here, you must add relevant hashtags that you plan to use to help your content reach a wider audience.
Link: This column should include a link to any external content you’re sharing, such as a blog post, article, or landing page.
Image/Video: This column should include the file name or link to the image or video you plan to use in your post.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

It is okay to have doubts! This is why we have put together the important frequently asked questions related to the social media calendar.

Q1. Why Is It Important To Have A Social Media Calendar?

A social media calendar helps you plan, organize, and schedule your content in advance.
It allows you to maintain a consistent posting schedule, create more engaging and relevant content, and track the success of your social media campaigns.

Q2. What Are Some Common Mistakes People Make When Creating A Social Media Calendar? 

Some common mistakes people make when creating a social media calendar include:
1. Not setting realistic goals.
2. Not considering their target audience.
3. Not creating a content mix that includes different types of media and formats.
4. Not utilizing analytics to track performance.
5. Not adjusting their strategy based on their data.

Q3. How Far In Advance Should I Plan My Social Media Content?

It is recommended to plan your social media content at least a month in advance. However, some companies plan their content up to six months or a year ahead of time.
The important thing is to find a planning timeline that works best for your organization and allows you to create quality content without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

Q4. How Can I Come Up With New Content Ideas For My Social Media Calendar?

Look it is challenging to come up with endless content ideas. However, with the right approach, you plan a month’s calendar.
1. Research what your competitors are doing.
2. Know your audience. Understand what they like the most.
3. Brainstorm content that is relevant as well as engaging.

Q5. How Do I Measure The Success Of My Social Media Calendar?

The success of your social media calendar can be measured through various metrics, such as engagement rates, reach and impressions, click-through rates, conversions, and revenue generated.
Analyzing these metrics helps you tailor your content that directly speaks to your audience.

Have You Created Your Social Media Calendar Yet? 

At this point, you have 20 ideas to incorporate into your social media post calendar and a template you can count upon.

We kept our promise, and we’ve done our part. This article contains a wealth of information for someone serious enough to take action.

Over to you!

Are you ready to take action?

What is the first step that you are going to take? Let us know!

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