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One of the most widely used practices in the modern world of advertisement is influencer or blogger engagement. Nearly everyone out there is turning to blogger outreach as a way of gaining more traffic. However, social marketers, SEO professionals, PR agencies, and other business professionals make several blogger outreach mistakes.

However, there are some people who are doing quite well when it comes to blogger outreach. It is good to learn some of the secrets that your competitors are using to succeed. The most important thing is approaching your blogging efforts with an open mind.

Very few marketers and bloggers can write a post on blogger outreach mistakes. It is not easy to get to a point where other brands are willing to work with you. The truth of the matter is that it takes a lot of effort and patience to become an authority figure in any niche.

The good thing about blogger outreach mistakes is that we learn from them. Any successful blogger will tell you that he made several mistakes before attaining the new heights. These tips come from an expert who also made several mistakes in blogger outreach.

It is good to hear from a person who works with bloggers and marketers on a daily basis. As a blogger, my whole livelihood depends on blogging. Therefore, if I get marked as a trouble maker or get blacklisted, I cannot survive the following day. Thus, I am extremely careful when it comes to making blogger outreach mistakes.

In this article, we will be sharing practical examples on some of the mistakes that people make during blogging. One funny thing is that even people who have been blogging for several years still make mistakes. Some of the emails that authority figures get come from people who have been blogging in the niche long enough.

You cannot succeed in blogging if you are not using the right approach. Here are some of the common blogger outreach mistakes that you need to avoid. You can learn from these mistakes and become a better blogger in the long run.

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How to Avoid Common Blogger Outreach Mistakes:

1. Choosing a Cheap Web Hosting Service:

Web Hosting Service

So many bloggers who are starting commit this mistake. Making this error is common especially because we have a long list of cheap hosting services in the market. Most people who are new to blogging are reluctant to invest in their blogs for one reason or another.

You can choose a cheap service to save money but it will be so costly in the long run. Cheap hosting services will increase your vulnerability to hacks and attacks. It can also slow down the running of your blog.

You need to understand that cheap packages provide unreliable and unsecured web hosting that can hinder the growth of your blog. No blogger will want to go through such an experience. You cannot succeed in blogging unless you have a fast-loading website.

Therefore, you need to pay close attention to the hosting services that you are using. You need a platform that is secure, fast, and reliable so that it can serve you in the long run. It is one of the blogger outreach mistakes that you need to avoid from the onset.

2. Expecting Something in Return for Nothing:

Blogger Outreach

You cannot ask without giving and expect to succeed as a blogger. As a blogger, you should be knowing the value of quality posts citing your website. Therefore, if you want to catch the attention of these people, you need to link to one or more of their posts.

Make sure you inform them in good time through their email that you have linked out to their posts. Don’t mention to them your true intention of receiving a link in return. The thing that you need to focus on is making a great impression.

The best strategy would be creating a roundup post. You can link this article to other prospective blogs and useful resources. It will take you a lot of energy, time, and money to develop a great post.

Therefore, you have all the reasons to make sure that you are creating great content. Only link out to high authority sites that are relevant to your industry. The content should be relevant to their followers because you can benefit from their traffic.

Did you know that some of your prospects can choose to ignore your email even if it is beneficial? Your outbound links will create a positive impact on your website as long as you choose your targets wisely. It will help your SEO efforts as well as readers.

Some of the prospects will respond by appreciating your email and mentioning your post. Those who are wise enough will begin linking back their content to your website. It is one of the best approaches to setting up a link-building strategy.

Therefore, blogging is all about to give and take. Therefore, you should link out to other websites and you will receive quality links in return.

3. Choosing the Wrong Niche:

Making the wrong niche choice is among the worst blogger outreach mistakes that you can make. The repercussions are as worst as choosing the wrong hosting platform.

For example, if you choose a niche that you have no passion about, or has a limited revenue growth, your blogging interests will begin to perish.  Do a lot of research in your niche and align it to your interests. The best niche should also have long-term market demand.

A topic like ‘making money online’ will remain to be ever-green in the blogging world. However, don’t choose this subject if you have no passion for the topic. A good topic will also provide some backup or proof to validate what you are talking about on your niche.

4. Hitting Send the Soonest You Can:

If you are running a typical blogger outreach campaign, you will be sending dozens of emails every day. The truth of the matter is that some marketers use a template to increase the speed of writing. However, you will still need to personalize every email manually so as to match the intention of the audience.

As a result of this, you can commit several blogger outreach mistakes like spelling the name of the blogger wrongly, forgetting to include links, and crediting the wrong author.

With this in mind, try to go through the whole email at least once. You can even think about reading out loud before you hit the send button. Proofreading will help you to identify some of the common spelling and grammar mistakes in your email.

Some people will tell you that small typos make the blogger outreach process more authentic. However, if there are several spelling and grammatical mistakes in your writing, you cannot convince your prospects that your blog offers high-quality content.

The other strategy of correcting these blogger outreach mistakes is using a tool like Grammarly to check for these errors in your writing. The beauty of this solution is that it works on all browsers perfectly. Hitting send before reading through your work is among the most costly blogger outreach mistakes that you need to avoid.

5. Creating Boring, Text-Based and Linear Content That Has No Visuals:

Technological advancement has changed the way human beings engage with online content. You will not succeed if you concentrate on creating text-based content. You have to diversify and include infographics, images, and videos in your content.

Including 2 to 3 images in your blog post will work well. The images should be shareable on various platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Including images is one of the best ways to make your content viral.

6. Pitching Content The Other Bloggers Already Have:


Are you trying to propose a guest blog? Pitching something that these bloggers already have is a waste of your precious time. It will tell them that you have never taken the time to visit their website.

This can be the case if you have been relying on content research tools such as BuzzSumo in locating their website. Wrong pitching is among the common blogger outreach mistakes that you need to avoid.

The beauty about most blogs is that they come with in-built search tools that allow users to scan the website for specific content. You can use this to your advantage so that you won’t pitch the content that they already have.

With this in mind, you have to ensure that your content provides higher value from various repurposing strategies. Some of them include;

Creating Infographics: You can improve the value of your content by translating your information into infographics. If you are creative enough, you can create your own infographics. Some of the tools that you can use to create these designs are Vusual.ly and Canva.

Use the Skyscraper Technique: You can create killer skyscraper content to obtain links from sources that are already linking to your content. However, you can use it to pitch guest posts by making a few modifications to your email outreach.

Change Perspectives: The other resort is revising your entire content by exploring your topic from a new angle. For instance, if you’re original content is talking about Facebook advertisement tools, you can decide to compare the top two tools. Also, you can transform your content to the “how-to” and then add a step-by-step guide together with screenshots.

7. Being Informal:

Being informal is one of the worst blogger outreach mistakes that you can make. No one will take you seriously if you are not using the right language to pass across your image.

One thing you need to understand is that there is a fine line between being informal and being conversational. As you craft your outreach emails, a friendly tone will make it authentic and approachable. However, make sure that you are also using a professional language in your approach.

Once you personalize your emails, you will prevent them from being overly generic and boring. The use of inappropriate words in your blogging outreach emails may put off some of the serious bloggers. As a rule of thumb, try to focus on the values that you wish to deliver and remain brief.

8. Lack of Follow-Up:


Bloggers are among people who lead a very busy lifestyle on planet earth. As a blogger, you will be dealing with tonnes of emails each day. If a blogger did not respond to the initial proposal you sent to him, there is a high possibility that he overlooked because of having a cluttered inbox.

Therefore, it is crucial to send only one follow-up email. The challenge of sending a reminder two or more times is that it can annoy the blogger and may lose interest in your forever.

There is nothing fancy that you need as you create follow up emails. All you need to do is be upfront about the process and avoid being over-assertive.

The last thing you need to do here is to include the name of the blogger in the subject line of the email. Statistics show that including the name of the recipient on the subject line will boost the opening rate significantly. It is one of the strategies that will help you to get the most from your blogger outreach campaigns.


It is good to understand that SEO keeps on changing and has several moving parts. The challenge we have as bloggers is that search engines keep on rolling new updates with no prior notice. Blogger outreach has stood the test of time when it comes to online marketing efforts.

In this post, you should be able to learn some of the common blogger outreach mistakes that people are making outside there. The good news is that we also provide solutions that you can use to take your blogging initiative to the next level.

The next thing that you can do is to implement backlink and keyword tracking strategy to make your efforts more effective. You will be on the right path of success once you avoid some of these common blogger outreach mistakes.

Would you like to carry out blogger outreach in the right way? Call [email protected] for the best way forward.

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