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The importance of outbound links has been a topic of debate among SEOs for quite some time. Recently, a Reddit user asked about the significance of such links. The question is as follows:

In response to this question, Google’s John Muller has clarified that…

Outbound links do not have a positive impact on ranking. Here’s the exact statement on the matter:

“Nothing happens. Why should it? This has been one of those things that SEOs have claimed/hoped for literally decades.

Here’s my affiliate site about handbags – and here’s a link to CNN & Wikipedia, please take me seriously now, k?

Treat links like content. Does this link provide additional, unique value to users? Then link naturally. Is this link irrelevant to my users? Then don’t link to it. Name-dropping a dictionary doesn’t fix your spelling mistakes.”

Key Takeaways From Muller’s Statement

  • Google’s criteria for useful content: provide value, be natural, and be relevant to users.
  • Google emphasizes prioritizing user experience and quality content.
  • Linking out for the sake of nudging site quality has been ineffective since 2019.
  • External links should be accurate, relevant, and value-adding for users.
  • External links add value and depth to your content.
  • Google values posts that provide insights and engage users.
  • Links should be relevant and natural, adding value to the user’s understanding.
  • Focus on linking to specific and relevant pages rather than general topics.
  • Remove links that don’t provide any value to the reader.
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