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With the current and the developed technology all over, it’s the best thing to have an ideal backlink profile.


Well, to begin with, it helps one to be able to have a thorough analysis regarding all links that are linked to your site. Besides, you can also keep an eye on the broken links on your site and fix them whenever possible.

It’s imperative then to keep in mind that a backlink analysis goes hand in hand with the backlink checker tools. This is in a bid to understand the competitor analysis and work to become an outstanding business entrepreneur in the industry.

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What Are Some Of The Reasons For Conducting A Backlink Analysis?

Backlink analysis is a strategy meant to open wide your eyes in this digital era and be able to come up with issues such as:

  1. Understand your weaknesses when comparing to other entrepreneurs in the same industry and be able to offer quality services. For instance, when visiting the competitor’s site, you are in a position to know the quality of the information in their sites and emulate them and even work towards becoming better than them.
  2. Able to gauge who are the competitors through research and do a thorough analysis of how their performance is. With this kind of information, one can add more links to their site and gain more traffic which will increase profitability at the end of the day.
  3. Once you have a backlink analysis, it is easy to be able to emulate other entrepreneurs who are doing better and as such join the league of the shining stars in the industry.

10 Best Backlink Checker Tool

Here below is an analysis of the Best Backlink Checker Tools that you can’t miss to use.

1. Google Alerts And Search Console:

Google Search Console - Best Backlink Checker Tools

From time immemorial, Google has become one of the most popular tools that one gets to know. Even a learner in the digital world happens to understand how to search for words using google and as such, whenever a competitor mentions, google alerts are the first thing that hits someone’s mind.

One can easily access information about the said competitor with ease and subscribe for any alerts regarding the competitor.

With the Google search engine, it becomes straightforward to get all search results that are on the web and be able to positively identify the ones that comfortably relate to the information you could be looking for.

It’s, therefore, a great webmaster & backlink checker tool that will be on top of issues when it comes to monitoring the competitors around.

2. SEMRush:

SEMRush - Best Backlink Checker Tools

This is one of the most powerful and competitive online marketing tools when it comes to SEO. With over 3 million professionals who are using this backlink checker, it is viewed as the most profitable checker regarding keyword research and can uncover the competitor’s secrets on the paid search engine. This is a great mileage to persons venturing into highly profitable projects as it will help them research easily and get to know ways to maneuver to become competitive at all times.

Some of the features that make SEMRush a great backlink checker include-

  1. Ability to convert information into a PDF document for later reference.
  2. Able to compare information in different tabs by customizing the page and making sure that one corner has details of all the links that you need. By doing this, it saves a lot of time from opening each link at a time.
  3. Able to open detect to the SEMRush Homepage.

Most importantly, before deciding on buying any backlink checker tools, this tool has a free trial of up to 30 days to give an opportune time for deciding to enjoy the benefits.

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3. Majestic SEO:

MAJESTIC SEO - Best Backlink Checker Tools

This is one of the widely used search engines by a wide range of entrepreneurs who include developers, Media analysts, entrepreneurs, and most importantly the SEO experts.

Going by the name, it offers a majestic experience to all its users. For instance, SEO experts can comfortably pitch for their clients, manage their portfolio in place at ease and at the end of the day, and account for all the activities for reporting comfortably.

This is something that is always in the entrepreneur’s diary- accountability.

Majestic SEO happens to have the largest number of database links that have been collected from all sorts of entrepreneurs all over the world.

The reason as to why it has been preferred most is because of the flexibility to freely download the competitor’s profile giving the entrepreneur first hand in every step that the competitor undertakes and as such be able to know how to strategize and overcome any challenge that is posed upon them.

They also have great pricing ranging from free subscriptions to paid subscriptions depending on the level of the backlink you need. Their flexibility increases the chance of gathering more traffic and becoming more popular on a day-to-day basis.

4. Ahrefs:

Ahrefs - Best Backlink Checker Tools

Ahrefs is a market leader when it comes to backlinks checking tools. Having been widely established by offering quality data flows, it has excelled beyond boundaries.

The customer feedback analysis shows that it is fully detailed and customer friendly such that even after the three months of free trial on it.

The beauty with Ahrefs is that all the live backlinks can be viewed upon clicking a button and then you can move further to click on the specific link that you wish to work on.

Come to think of it how fast it can crawl web pages. Research has it that every 24 hours, 4 Billion pages are extracted, and at the same time, they are updated for 15 minutes. This, in turn, proves that Ahref runs the largest index of live backlinks in the entire world.

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5. Moz – Open Site Explorer:

Moz - Open Site Explorer- Best Backlink Checker Tools

This is another awesome backlink checker tool that is powered by Mozscape that is used to discover the best site backlink profile and get to know the trend of the competitor analysis and at the same time, analyze the potentially damaging links and avoid the use of such sites.

For the first time logging, it is completely free. However, one has to pay charges for the same after the trial period is over. After the expiry of the trial period, one has to open an account to get access to the advanced features and operate the search engine effectively.

This search engine is important because it helps one to discover the links around and get to know your competitors or friends who are linking to your site. One can decide on whether to give back to those relating to your site by helping them create traffic and raise any email alerts in case of more information.

6. Serpstat:

Serpstat - Best Backlink Checker Tools

Serpstat is a great SEO tool, and it seeks to support various activities such as backlink analysis, keyword search, and it was originally developed in Ukraine.

It’s mostly used in the Marketing and advertising industries due to the nature of its platform. It can reveal the tactics of the competitors and their SEO platform so that you as an entrepreneur can think outside the box and come up with better tactics to beat their competitive trends.

Since competitors will always hide away their information, and secrets it’s important to know how to handle them and keep an ear wide open like a private detective officer. Serpstat will help out with such issues and will help search for any missing keywords through an In-depth URL- analysis.

To add to this, Serpstat can perfectly identify and update any existing databases and features of the links available at any given time.

Therefore, go for Superstar, and this will be a sure game changer when it comes to competitor analysis, understanding niches, and any upcoming businesses globally.

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SEOVALLEY - Best Backlink Checker Tools

SEOVALLEY is an upcoming tool that is doing far much better than Magic SEO and the Ahrefs. It has been proved to provide great results regarding backlink research and a wide range of SEO tasks.

Some of the functions that SEOVALLEY have been very successful include;

  1. Creating eye-catching backlink results which are the ultimate need for every entrepreneur.
  2. It’s able to detect any backlink that is pointing to any website that it comes across.
  3. Has one of the most advanced features such that your links cannot be tampered with and you are also able to know who is trying to tamper with your links. Once such a mischievous act is detected and reported, the originator of the wrongful act may be blocked permanently from accessing the SEO links.
  4. Its flexibility and customization can build more traffic than any other backlink checker tool.
  5. It’s able to spy the secrets of your competitor and as such one can know the route to take to outgrow them and become a market leader in the business.

However, it has a limitation on how it runs. This is because it is not web-based and as such is only able to run through the desktop and open all links during that time only.

Still, with the current updates of over 15 Billion Indexed links, there is no other giant that is as powerful as the SEOVALLEY currently.

8. Rank Signals:

Rank Signals - Best Backlink Checker Tools

Rank Signals offers plenty of information required from the web. It’s able to provide a great number of external links as per one’s wish. It still helps one to know the number of followers in your link and also be able to follow them back.

In as much as the tool is free, it is mandatory to open an account to be able to use its services and features.

To be able to rank the signals perfectly, you need to have several other backlinks from other sites and this gives them the motivation to look for ways to improve your ranking due to the several highly rated links that are on the competitor analysis trend.

Being a user-friendly site, Rank signals can generate massive traffic which helps a business person to build confidence in their services over time, and within a short while, the site goes viral and revenue increases beyond the breakeven point. This is the perfect wish for every entrepreneur.

It is commonly known as the Alex Traffic rank whose main focus is based on keyword search, website ranking, and competitor analysis.

9. Backlink Watch:

Backlink Watch - Best Backlink Checker Tools

This is one of the amazing and easy backlink checker tools to use, for one, bearing in mind that it uses the Ahrefs API which is among the most trusted site. With this information, it has the upper hand in analyzing any backlink portfolio due to the confidence of its support.

This backlink-free backlink checker tool can pool all the available links pointing to your website and as such one can determine who is viewing their sites and also able to view a wide range of links that are of the same group. Based on this information, it’s essential to be able to make a decision based on the research done.

Some of the amazing features in Backlink watch include;

  1. Ability to view inbound links for the website that has been set up.
  2. Can provide all the relevant information about other existing domains.
  3. Checking inbound links and being able to refer websites to your main domain. This is a competitive advantage if used wisely and can take the business to higher levels.

10. Open link Profiler:

Open Link Profiler - Best Backlink Checker Tools

Open link Profiler is a favorite backlink checker to many because it can check all sorts of backlinks on any website and it is free of charge. This helps all domains whether new or old to be able to check who is searching the links with no additional costs, make any comments and subscribe for alerts reasonably. Being a promotional tool, it helps entrepreneurs to get everything they desire to be ranked highly on Google just by the tap of a button.

Since it likes to have the most updated information, all links are given 90 days and are deleted, and as such one is expected to keep updating and upgrading any information on their links to ensure that they remain relevant.

Having analyzed the backlink Checker tools, it’s imperative to put into practice each one of them from time to time and enroll for the free trials. These will help you to have an experience of what works great for your business and what information is required to become the market leader in terms of profitability. It also opens wide your thinking capacity and creates a wide range of networks to help you pull through in life which is the most important factor. The law of becoming a better you on a daily basis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Backlink Checker 

1. How Do I Check Backlinks? 

The procedure of checking backlinks is pretty easy. Here are a few steps that you need to follow to work upon it – 

  • Navigate to the homepage of a link explorer tool. 
  • Now, enter the URL of your competitor. 
  • After that, you can navigate to the tab called “Inbound Links.”
  • Export the available backlink data into .csv files. 
  • Compile backlink .csv results from all of your competitors. 
  • Sort all of your backlinks by Page Authority. 
  • Review the linking sites for getting link opportunities. 

2. What Is The Best Backlink Checker?

If you are looking for a backlink checker for your website, you can use any of the following – 

  • SEMrush 
  • Google Search Console 
  • Moz Pro 
  • Ubersuggest 
  • LinkMiner 
  • OpenLinkProfiler 
  • BuzzSumo 

Aside from this, you can also use Ahrefs, Serpstat, and Rank Signals for your purpose! 

3. What Is A Free Tool Backlink? 

When talking about the best free backlink checker tool, the first name that comes to mind is Google Search Console. However, you can only use it on the websites that you own.


So, these are a few backlink checker tools that you can use for improving your or checking someone else’s website. However, using these programs can be a little difficult, especially if you are a novice in this regard. 

So, what’s the solution? 

Well, you can always opt for our expertise to find the backlink issues of your’s or your rival’s website. With our expertise, we can follow through with your links properly and ensure that your website’s in excellent condition.

Therefore, if you need any assistance in this aspect, make sure to contact us here

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