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  • One of the main reasons is that Semrush provides a larger keyword database with over 20 billion search phrases.
  • In terms of the total number of features, Semrush also comes out on top when compared to SE Ranking.
  • Additionally, Semrush allows you to connect with all major social media platforms, while SE Ranking only supports Facebook and Instagram. 

Table Of Content

A Quick Comparison Of SE Ranking vs Semrush 

ParametersSE RankingSemrush 
Traffic Insights and AnalyticsNo Yes
Keyword Database7.3 billions25.4 billions
Integrated Content Marketing ToolsNoYes
Local SEO It does not have many features Sophisticated features to improve and optimize local SEO 
InterfaceEasy accessibilityVery high-level interface with a learning curve. Might be overwhelming for beginners. 
PricingStarts at $44.00/monthStarts at $129/month
API AccessYesYes
PPC AnalysisNoYes
Mobile AppYesNo
Keyword cannibalization reportNoYes
Competitor’s ResearchYesYes
Rank TrackingLanguage-specific geo-targetingRank tracking with keywords
Writing AssistantYesYes (Optimized for mobile as well)
On-Page SEOYesYes
Backlinks AnalysisYesYes
Website TrackingYesYes
Content Marketing ToolsNoYes
Customizable ReportsYesYes 
Google Data Studio integrationYesYes
Historical Data AccessYesYes

Pricing Plans

Exploring Semrush Features

Exploring Semrush Features

Pros And Cons Of Semrush 

  • Pros: The Semrush customer service is as responsive and seasoned as any first mate could wish for. The robust instruments and reporting dashboards that dissect data are the sextants and telescopes any digital navigator would long to possess. The tools also provide insights into ‘owned’ featured snippets and new conquests. And, last but not least, its organic research analysis is a paragon of SEO virtue. 
  • Cons: While Semrush offers an impressive suite of features, it’s not without its limitations. Some users find its dashboards complex, and there’s a notable absence of budget-friendly plans tailored for freelancers. Additionally, the tool restricts usage to one user at a time. 

Comprehensive Review of SE Ranking in 2024

Features Of SE Ranking

Features Of SE Ranking
(i) Competitor Analysis 
(ii) Website Audit 
(iii) Backlink Monitoring 
(iv) Keyword Rank Tracker 
(v) SEO/PPC Competitor Research 
(vi) On-Page Checker 

Marketing Plan 

(i) Pricing Options 
(ii) Essential Plan ($55/month) 
(iii) Pro Plan ($109/month) 
(iv) Business Plan ($239/month) 

Pros Of Using SE Ranking 

Comprehensive Features 

(i) Real-Time Ranking Tracking 
(ii) Intuitive User Interface 
(iii) Competitive Pricing 
(iv) Depth Of Features 

Cons Of Using SE Ranking

(i) Complexity For Beginners
(ii) Occasional Glitches

Limited Social Media Metrics 

(i) User Reviews 
(ii) Positive Feedback 
(iii) Negative Feedback 

SE Ranking vs Semrush – Differences That Matters! 

User Experience: SE Ranking Excels For Beginners 

Keyword Research: Semrush Leads With Data 

Off-page SEO: Semrush Takes The Lead

On-page SEO: Both are Comparable

Local SEO: Semrush Dominates

Reporting: SE Ranking Offers More Visual Representation

Analytics: SE Ranking is More User-friendly

Additional Tools: Unique Offerings

Customer Support: Semrush Wins The Round

Pricing: SE Ranking For Budget-Conscious, Semrush For Enterprises

Which is Better Semrush or SE Ranking? (Final Verdict)

Whereas, choose Semrush if you are a large-scale agency or business that needs advanced keyword research, in-depth backlink analysis, and a comprehensive suite of SEO and content marketing tools.

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