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When it comes to promoting your business, then social media marketing could serve the purpose best. The reason why most of us are using social media for marketing is that it pays a lot. To ensure you are surpassing the ever competition, then you can utilize social media automation tools to ensure your consistency.

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How do you then use social media automation?

social media automation

a) Time is right 

When you think of increasing your social media engagement, it is essential. First, you determine the time your audience is most active. When you post your content during these times, you will be sure of sharing and views.

b) Use analytics

Measuring the performance of your account is very important. There are usually several social media analytics tools that can allow you to measure your post’s performances. What you need to pay attention to is the metrics that relate to the objectives of your efforts.

These metrics could include sales metrics, lead generation metrics, sharing metrics, and consumption metrics. Therefore analytics will really understand what is not working and what is working for your business. It gives you the best ideas for improving your social media marketing strategies.

c) Keep the schedule flexible

There are usually some updates that will always come up. Therefore leave room for these updates. There are often some social media automation tools that can help you in sharing the essential and viral content that might arise. It does not matter the case; know that it is vital to do ad-hoc posts on your automated schedule.

d) Reasons Why You Should Use Social Media Automation

There are usually some reasons why you need to get started with social media automation and create media content calendar for the success of your campaigns.

e) Content and its shares 

With social media automation tools, you can be able to determine how you balance the numerous materials you are posting all over social media. You do not have to leave your audience hanging, and you can always guide them to what you are thinking is the best.

More so, with the use of social media automation tools, you can spread the right amounts of content. You can prepare your updates the whole day, thus avoiding tiring your audience with too much content.

f) It is real and offers consistency 

 When you engage in social media marketing, it is essential to ensure your subscribers are in tune with your postings. You need it becomes much annoying when you feed them with lots of content in a day.

Therefore with the social media automation tools, you can automate your posts and set the exact time you share. It will always give the audience predictability and the urge to see what you are updating. It increases the chances of the audiences looking forward to looking at your posts.

g) The relevance of Social Media Automation

With the use of social media automation tools, it is possible to take one or two hours or a day to lay out plans for the entire week’s posts. The good thing about the use of social media automation tools is that you do not have to publish anything manually hurriedly.

Social media automation thus gives you the time to gather ideas and use them in making a brand image. You can come up with content that is simple, appealing, and captivating.

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h) Extended and Full proof

When you schedule your content, then it is much possible to communicate with all people around the world. With the use of social media automation tools, you can analyze your audience and find out the best times you can share your posts.

Through social media automation, you will always have the time to plan your posts automatically. With this, you can go through and rectify the errors. Thus it is a full proof plan that aids you in getting rid of the distressing mistakes before posing.   

Top ten social media automation tools: 

1. Buffer:


It is well known for its comprehensive analytics. These social media automation tools helps you know how your social media strategy is working. With these tools, it keeps on upgrading regularly. There are some things this tool can help;

  • it can enable you to work on the dedicated campaign right from its dedicated interface
  • besides automatically posting your content, it suggests the best time to post
  • it has its analytics section that you can use in several different ways
  • The tool usually generates customized links to ensure it analyses posts with the same content separately.

2. Hootsuite:


It is the most commonly used social media automation tool. It gives you the ability to keep track of the various social media channels at once. More so, it helps you know when your brand gets mentioned and what the consumers write about it instantly. It can also help you monitor your’ brand’s performance with its real-time updates.

  • the tool enables you to search for influencers
  • It has inbuilt analytics that will help you in determining the best time for content posting and even also generate in-depth reports.
  • it can support all the leading social media platforms with an easy to use a post scheduler
  • It has advances search which comes with tons of features such as location-based search, sentiment analysis.
  • With the use of this tool, you can be able to check your brand mentions, post content, and even do much more under one roof.

3. Crowd fire:

Crowd fire

Crowd fire was a tool that was mainly being used in the management of Instagram and twitter followers. But in recent days, the devices have upgraded to be among the more advanced social media automation tools in 2018.

With crowd fire, it does not matter if you plan to boost the reach of your content or manage your brand’s presence it does so. The other good thing when you use this tool is that t can help you find the inactive followers and unfollow them if you wish.

More so, it can help you in analyzing which other users are following with its feature known as the copy follower’s features. Its curated post feature can as well as find the best content for you to share with your target audience.

Additionally, this tool can always perform an automatic cross-platform posting. More to it suggesting the right time for you to do your assignments.

4. Agora Pulse:

Agora Pulse

It is possibly the most all-inclusive feature set out of these social media automation tools. With the device, you can track your performance, set up an evergreen sharing schedule for reposting content from time to time.

You can also collaborate with your team and also plan and schedule content across six different social networks. You can track the power of your social content with smart analytics, and also republish timeless content on a recurring and never-ending schedule basing on the topic categories.

More so, Agora plus will enable you to engage with prospects and followers all from one place. Also, it can help you in publishing social media content according to your schedule across LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Google +, Twitter, and Facebook.

5. CoSchedule:


It is another highly useful tool for content marketers. Just as the name suggests, this tool is mainly used in scheduling your posts on various social media platforms. It helps you in the management of multiple different accounts under one roof.

When you use the Coschedule tool, over sixty posts can be scheduled at once with the use of the interactive interface. With these social media automation tools, you can respond to queries directly or make your social media calendar.

  • the device can as well perform customer support efficiently
  • when it comes to its use, and it is cost-effective and easy to use when compared to the other options
  • It has a wide range of features in it, the Word press compatibility, re-queue, staff management.
  • , the tool can help in the analysis of contents that worked best in the past, and you can republish the content again.

6. Socialert:


Most marketers are complaining these days about how much social media is becoming noisy. Therefore for you to ensure keyword analysis and brand monitoring, the marketers have to spend a lot of their effort and time.

But with the socialist tool, this can play an important role. Since this tool has some added features, it will make social media listening effortless. Socialist tools help you track the keywords and hashtags on a real-time basis.

When this is done, this tool will always let you know when specific keywords are mentioned for you to keep being active and never miss conversations. Through this tool, you can easily collect user-generated content, look for industry-related influencers, and even perform brand monitoring.

These social media automation tools can as well help you quantifying the impressions and the reach of your content. Results can be filtered based on sentiment, location, and time. This tool thus provides an in-depth report that you can export in a CSV format.

7. Social Pilot:

Social Pilot

The device has the capability of bringing all your social media platforms under one single roof. It also provides an easy way you can collaborate with an entire team to work on a dedicated campaign. The social pilot tool can support a maximum of two hundred social media accounts with shares of five hundred posts.

What makes this social media automation tool great for the future is its ability to upload bulk content and maintenance of a social media calendar.

  • It has a browser extension for Safari, Firefox, and Chrome and mobile Android and iOS, apps as well.
  • The tool provides you an easy way to work with your team collaborating with different users.
  • Its custom Facebook branding feature can help you in configuring your account with ease.

8. Scoop. it


With Scoop.it. Content directors, you can curate content from the other sources and share your opinions. You can share your posts across all the social media platforms with the push of a button. With the relevant keywords, you can look for trending topics.

Therefore scoop.it is the best tool to look for new ideas. It can help in the integration with WordPress, websites, and blogs. This tool has a smart content calendar that can always help you in the publishing of your posts with much ease.

9. BuzzSumo:


This is one of the ways you can discover the most trending topics and those posts that are relating to your domain. This social media automation tool helps you know the trending posts that relate to your field.

What you need to do when using this tool is to ensure you use relevant keywords to make your search automatic. The device is usually expensive compared to the other tools, but the good thing is that it is worth every penny.

  • you can filter results on platform, domain, and location
  • it has tons of other features like question, content and Facebook analyzer
  • With the tool, you can always look for influencers, thus building your relationships with them.
  • It tracks various platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook to quantify the overall reach of content.

10. pocket:


This tool is like Pinterest for content. It helps in saving content. With the tool, you can always place here any information and easily access it any time you wish and anywhere.

It is a lightweight tool that is freely available. It is integrated with over 1500 platforms like Flipboard, Pulse, and twitter, to name a few. Besides the chrome extension, the tool has the Android and the iOS, app. thus, you can easily access the content you save as per your requirements.


Social media automation has played a significant role in marketing. The social media automation tools can now make one plan out updates for important events in advance. With these tools, they help you not to contemplate whether the content you have is enough in line with your brand’s marketing plans.

For a successful business, then you need to automate your trades using social media automation tools. [email protected] will give you the best insights and recommendations on social media automation tools. Feel free to drop your comments, suggestions, or questions about this post here.

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