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  • If backlinks and referring domains are the same or not.
  • A tabular analysis of referring domains and backlinks.
  • What is the ratio of backlinks to referring domains?
  • What makes a referring domain authoritative?
  • Key components of a great backlink.
  • Referring domains or backlinks?
  • How to check referring domains and backlinks.
  • Best practices to build referring domains and backlinks.

Table Of Content

Are Backlinks And Referring Domains The Same

Referring Domains vs Backlinks – A Quick Analysis 

Feature Referring Domain Backlink 
Definition If Website A links to your website twice, Website A is still considered. one referring domain. The actual link from another website that points to your website. 
Number per referring domain One per website, regardless of the number of links. It can be multiple per referring domain. 
Also known asLinking domains Inbound links 
Impact on SEO Both influence SEO but having backlinks from a diverse set of referring domains is generally considered more valuable. The quality and relevance of the backlink itself also play a role in SEO. 
Example If Website A links to your website twice, Website A is still considered. one referring domain. Each of those two links from Website A is considered a separate backlink. 
TrackingSearch Console, Ahref, and Semrush Search Console, Ahref, and Semrush 

(i) Referring Domains 

(ii) Backlinks

The Importance Of Understanding The Difference 

What Is The Ratio Of Backlinks To Referring Domains? 

What Makes A Referring Domain Authoritative?

  • Adheres to your site’s overarching theme or industry.
  • Boasts its own robust array of backlinks.
  • Is seen as a paragon of virtue and relevance by the algorithmic overlords.

Key Components Of A Great Backlink 

(i) Relevance 

(ii) The Who’s Who Of Linking 

(iii) Anchor Text 

Referring Domains vs Backlinks – Clear As Day? 

Referring Domains vs Backlinks Examples 

Why Are These Differences Important? 

Referring Domains And Backlinks – Their Impact On SEO? 

How To Check Backlinks And Referring Domains 

(i) Free Methods 

(ii) Paid Methods 

  • The total number of backlinks and referring domains.
  • The quality and authority of the referring domains.
  • The anchor text is used in the backlinks.
  • Whether the links are “dofollow” or “nofollow” (dofollow links pass link juice and help with SEO, while nofollow don’t).
  • When choosing a backlink checker, consider your needs and budget. Free tools can be helpful for getting a basic understanding of your backlink profile. While paid tools offer more advanced features and insights. 
  • Be cautious of websites or tools that promise to “build backlinks” for you. These tactics can often harm your website’s SEO and reputation. Focus on acquiring natural backlinks from high-quality websites relevant to your niche. 

Best Practices For Building Referring Domains And Backlinks 

(i) Build It, And They Will Link 

  • Statistical data-driven topics.
  • Listicles.
  • How to guide.
  • Original research-backed content.
  • Expert roundups.
  • Infographics.
  • Whitepapers.
  • Thought-leadership case studies.

(ii) Branch Out With Guest Posts 

(iii) Ask And They May Receive 

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

Q1. What’s the Difference Between Backlinks and Referring Domains?

A: Picture a referral from a trusted friend (referring domain) versus a single business card from a networking event (backlink). One is the conduit to many; the other is a direct line of communication. 

Q2. How Many Backlinks Do I Need for Good SEO? 

A: It’s not about a raw number; it’s about acquiring them organically from varied, high-quality sources. 

Q3. Does Referral Traffic Affect SEO? 

A: Absolutely! Referral traffic can enhance your SEO by signalling relevance and driving organic traffic.

Final Words – Your Link-Building Journey

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