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Building backlinks isn’t important – it matters when the word backlink is preceded by the word ‘permanent’.

The word permanent takes two other factors into consideration – relevance and valuable.

Put simply, a permanent backlink is an inbound link that directs to your website and stays active for a long time. The beauty of having permanent backlinks is that pass “link juice”. As a result, your authority and ranking increase.

In this regard, here is a Backlinko research that you may find interesting

More backlinks mean higher rankings on Google. The top result usually has 3.8x more backlinks than positions 2-10.

Let Us Begin With Some Elementary Questions Before We Go Straight To The Article-

  • Are you familiar with the advantages of backlinks for your website?
  • Do you know how you can drive maximum traffic and improve metrics from link building?
  • Have you ever tried innovative digital marketing strategies like blogger outreach services or guest posting services?
  • Will you be able to differentiate between black hat and white hat SEO services strategies?
  • Are you intrigued about exploring and trying new ways to build your brand online?

There are many reasons why a brand would want to build permanent backlinks for its website. In the SEO services industry, a link building strategy is both, frowned upon and respected at the same time.

The best SEO services agencies have a very strong link building component built into their SEO strategy. If you ask some of the leading SEO experts, SEO is all about building quality backlinks.

The more backlinks your website has, the higher the chances of it ranking for your industry keyword!

It sounds simple, right? However, executing a proper backlink strategy is where most brands and agencies lose their steam.

In this article, we will help brands and agencies with 7 ways to get permanent backlinks for their brand website.

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Permanent Backlinks- Why Are They Important For Your Brand Website

In order to understand backlinks, it is important to understand what Google thinks of them.

Google is the biggest search engine, enjoying more than 80% share of all searches that are happening in the world. This means every website needs to put its best foot forward on Google.

You can think of high-quality permanent backlinks as the most attractive quality, Google looks for in websites. For Google, every backlink is a signifier of your reputation. It acts as a source of credibility and trust.

Whenever any authority website puts your link on their website pages, Google starts appreciating you more. It starts with valuing the content that you are putting out there. It also improves your site’s metrics and search rankings.

Guess what, Better search rankings equals more clicks; more clicks equals more queries and sales!

SEO experts like to disagree with one another on everything related to SEO services. We think it is quite fashionable and humorous to see two people going at it on a forum.

However, they agree on one thing- the value and importance of permanent backlinks for your website. Securing permanent backlinks is highly advantageous for brands-

  • It helps climb Google’s search rankings.
  • Backlinks help attract website traffic and flow.
  • They also help in improving the metrics and authority of the website.
  • In addition, they create credibility and establish your brand as an authoritative voice.
  • You can also create high ROI Lead Generation and Sales Conversion Campaigns.

In the later sections, we will also talk about some specific benefits of permanent backlinks.

White Hat And Black Hat Link Building Strategies

When you were a child, did you hear about a story about the ‘Two Roads Of Life’?

It goes like this-

At a particular juncture of your life, you will stand in front of two roads.

The first road is difficult, but the right one. Initially, you will face hardships, adversities, and problems. This road is the morally righteous road. Once you overcome all the challenges, you will be successful in a fulfilling, life-long kind of way.

The other road displays all the same success but within a fraction of the time. It does not have hardships and challenges to success. However, this path is morally compromised. It is not righteous and makes us use some corrupt and wrong strategies.

We are sorry, but we could not use a better analogy to describe White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO Services. We are sure you have understood that the first road is the White Hat one; the second one is the Black hat one.

Black Hat Link Building is expected to give you immediate results.

Most agencies, that practice black hat SEO, place your backlinks into spammy websites with low authority. They trick Google into believing that your content and links are great.

However, you cannot outthink Google and its bots, no matter if you are Neil Patel!

Like Liam Neeson from Taken I

(Let us all agree, it was the best-taken movie), Google is going to find you!

It is also going to penalize you by decreasing your search rankings. It might also de-index your website. (No one ever recovers from deindexing, no matter what anyone says).

White Hat Link Building is the preferred choice of building backlinks the right way. Industry authority sites, high metrics, great quality content!

That is the recipe for success.

1. Guest Posting Services

Guest Posting Services

No matter what Matt Cutts said, guest posting services are not dead at all! In fact, guest posting is one of the top white hat link building strategies. If your website is new, it is always better to create high-quality content for some industry-authorised site.

Do not panic, please hear me out. Publishers are always looking for stellar content. If you are able to pitch them something of value, they will publish it on their site. In exchange, they will give you a do-follow or no-follow link (depending on the publisher).

The best SEO services agencies excel at quality guest posting. Even if you do not go the paid way, you can be successful at guest posting. All you need is someone who can craft high-value content.

2. Blogger Outreach Services

Blogger Outreach Services

In addition to guest posting, blogger outreach services have emerged as a strong link building strategy. This involves establishing relationships with the top bloggers in the industry. It also involves requesting them to publish your sponsored content on their platform.

A good blogger enjoys high volume traffic on his site at all times. In exchange for his reviews, you can exchange monetary compensation, products, or services. This is a highly effective strategy for link building.

However, what makes this strategy truly white hat, is the emphasis on great quality content. No blogger who is of repute is going to entertain you if your content is poor. It doesn’t matter, what you are offering, they are not going to soil their website’s reputation under any circumstances.

3. Pursue Quora And LinkedIn Publishing Aggressively

Pursue Quora And LinkedIn Publishing Aggressively

Not many of you know this out there, but according to experts, one article shared is equivalent to a permanent backlink. This means that if your post on Quora, which has a backlink is shared by someone, it means that you get a permanent backlink. Kudos!

Sometime back, We met an SEO expert at a conference in Moscow. He told me that the most underrated of all backlink building tools is LinkedIn Publishing. He told me that LinkedIn articles have a 5x higher click rate than any other social platform.

Also, he told me that placing links in your article helps a lot. The number of times anyone shares your article, the better your link profile. We found this fascinating and tried this for a B2B client of mine. In three months, We could see the difference. The client got 3x times more web traffic than before.

4. Create Attractive Infographics And Request Publishers To Use It

Create Attractive Infographics And Request Publishers To Use It

The only thing publishers love more than money is high-quality infographics. Do a simple exercise, just search for ‘SEO Guide’ on Google. You will come across millions of search results. Create an Excel with the high metric sites and save it for later.

All you need to do is create an attractive infographic enumerating the steps, details, and ways of the SEO Guide. Once you have created something of value, reach out to the publishers and ask them whether they would want to use it.

If your infographic is good enough, you will hear a yes from 6 out of 10 people you ask. In exchange, ask them to give you a backlink on the image source. You will be amazed to see how many backlinks you can get by investing in just one infographic.

5. Write Testimonials And Reviews

Write Testimonials And Reviews

You might find this strategy of securing permanent backlinks, cheap and insecure, but it works! Every business needs new commendations and positive reviews from industry voices. That helps build their credibility. This strategy also helps you improve your networking prowess.

Most websites are also professional enough to help you with your website link, just beside your name. This strategy cannot be your number one strategy. It needs to be fifth or sixth on the list. By writing 3 testimonials/reviews, you will be building more than 36 backlinks doing nothing.

If we could do that instead of buying backlinks for hundreds and thousands of dollars, We would definitely do it. In fact, we have already done it! There is no shame or disrespect attached to this strategy. Sometimes it becomes more than just getting backlinks. It is also about networking, helping people out, and expecting great things from this newfound relationship.

6. Leveraging Social Media The Right Way

Leveraging Social Media The Right Way

If you are not linking your social media to your SEO strategy, you are living under a rock! Sometimes it is social media platforms that will be informing Google of how active and dynamic your website is. You should always try to drive traffic from your social pages to your website.

This is where most brands fail to maximize success. In addition to displaying your products and services on social pages and linking them back to the website, you should also share blog articles. Blogs help people click on the website link and go to your website.

This also helps decrease the bounce rate of your website. If Google is not paying attention to your website, Facebook and Instagram will tell Google that this site is active, has great content and is attracting a lot of traffic. This becomes particularly helpful when you are looking to increase Google’s crawl and indexing rate.

Fixing Broken Links In Exchange Of Permanent Links 

No publisher wants broken links on his or her website. However, they are not going to accept any low-quality article against that backlink. They would need a long format, high quality and keyword-friendly article for the link.

Your first challenge is to hunt for broken backlinks on authority sites. In all earnestness, you are not going to find broken backlinks on great sites. However, you might find them on average sites (DA- 30 to 45). The aim is to bring the broken link to the attention of the publisher.

The next step involves pitching an article to the publisher for the backlink. If your content is good and makes sense for the publisher, you will get your coveted backlink without any issues.

Please bear in mind that the quality of the content is all that matters, especially when it comes to broken link building. It is also a win-win for everyone. The publisher gets his content and you get the broken backlink.

Should I Buy Backlinks?

Should I Buy Backlinks

Yes, buying backlinks can significantly help you given you know the right approach. No matter what opinions spread around the web, backlinks are still one of the ranking factors.

Buying backlinks can be effective and relatively SAFE and get you permanent backlinks (if done properly). However, not many people know the art of doing the same.

Hence, here are a few key points on outreach-based link building:

1. Go for a legit website

  • Evaluate if the website appears trustworthy and has quality content. For instance, check if the website is up to date and has detailed and accurate information from reliable sources.
  • Signs of a less-than-legit site: poor design, no content links, no images, vague author bios. For instance, a website without any author or contact information could be a sign of a less reliable source.

2. Judge the Site Based on Traffic

  • Check if the website receives consistent organic search traffic.
  • Use tools like Ahrefs’ Overview report to assess organic search traffic.
  • Be cautious of recent traffic fluctuations due to Google updates.
  • Monitor the site’s organic traffic history over time to gauge its performance.

3. Fluctuation is a Red Flag

  • Examine historical traffic data to identify major traffic drops.

You can overlay Google update timelines to see how updates affect traffic.

Final Verdict – The Easiest Way To Get Permanent Backlinks

As you know Google is quite strict with the quality of backlinks…

…so, anything intended to manipulate the algorithm is a BIG NO.

Due to this reason, they keep a close eye on websites that rely on black hat link building practices. On detection, they penalize the site.

This is where white hat link building services come into the picture.

Let’s be honest with you. There are very few agencies that stay 100% white hats all the time. And you know what? If you find such an agency, find yourself to be lucky.

Leading SEO service agency like BloggerOutreach takes a holistic approach.

They Provide You With:

  • Blogger outreach services.
  • Guest posting services.
  • And, content writing services.

So, in conclusion, going with a reputable SEO agency like BloggerOutreach is the best and easiest option. Because they take the burden off your shoulder and provides you with comprehensive assistance.

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