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SoFurry Search Engine
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Furry search engine – sounds like a quirky name, right? Well, we thought about it in a similar way when we first heard about the platform. However, we have to admit, our perspective on it has changed since we have used it.

Wait, we’ll tell you everything about our experience gradually. But, first, let us introduce you to the world of SoFurry (SF) quickly!

At first glance, SoFurry may seem like just another platform, trying to offer the same thing as its other search engine brethren. But that’s not true. Unlike most other search engines, this one focuses on anthropomorphism and furries!

So, in short, if you are interested in animals and usually imagine them having human-like traits, you’ll surely love the Furry search engine!

But how do you use this platform? Does its uniqueness only rely upon promoting the favoritism of furries? We’ve answered all of your queries in the latter section of our blog. So, let’s jump right into it!

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Furry Search Engine – A Brief Introduction

SoFurry began its journey as a furry-loving community in 2002 with the name of Yiffstar. Unlike its fellow search engine module, DuckDuckGo, this platform did not have any content regulation initially. So, you could find both generals as well as erotic artwork here.

Nevertheless, since then, the SF search engine has been relaunched twice. Hence, now, there is no more adult or unpleasant content available here. However, you can still find your regular furry art here. In addition, you may submit an artistic creation of your own here as well!

However, SoFurry isn’t a reverse video search engine. So, if you want to search for something here, you have to write its name or use a specific tag for it.

Before we go on to the next section, let us offer a friendly reminder to you. You can get the best surfing experience on the Furry search engine when you have an account there. So, if you want to be an affectionate member of the furry community, make sure to log into the platform today!

Welcome To SoFurry World

SoFurry is a completely revamped version of Yiffstar, refrained from sharing adult content. 

Let’s give you a brief for those who don’t know what Yiffstar was. Yiffstar was a website filled with erotic artwork, music, and fictional stories. 

Post the transformation of Yiffstar into SoFurry, they refrain from showcasing erotic or unpleasant content.

Now, they built a community for people who love – ‘Flurry’. 

Flurry is most filled with-Art, Music, Personal Journals, and Businesses also draw inspiration. 

In Simple Words, SoFurry Is Your Ticket To:

  • Making lasting bonds.
  • Unleashing your creativity.
  • Discovering amazing content.
  • Ensuring your furry art and stories are safe and sound!.

They have attracted artistic people from all around the world. People engage with the platform and share their creativity. 

The Salient Features Of The Furry Search Engine

Unlike everyone’s favorite, the Google search engine, SoFurry does not come with same-old, same-old features. Instead, it tries to do something more engaging for the furry enthusiasts. Here are some details that may help you out in this context –

1. Chat

Let’s start with a more common feature of the Furry search engine, “chat.” As the name implies, this section is all about conversing with other community members and creating a family of your own. First, however, you need to register to SoFurry if you want to talk with everyone.

So, once you have created an account, you can join any specific chatroom and start conversing. For example, you may talk about something more generic or discuss creative ideas.

The moderators of the platform sometimes create chatrooms to talk about future updates. Hence, if you are lucky enough to find one, you can learn many things in advance and let others know about it!

2. Creative Aspects

Contrary to the Dogpile Search Engine, SoFurry is all about being creative and sharing your artistic persona with similar-minded people. The platform lets you make your mark on the community through five different categories. These are –

  • Sharing Artworks

As mentioned before, you can show the development of your artistic facade by sharing your furry artwork on the Furry search engine. Unlike the alternative search engines, SF also lets you use a tag on your content so that enthusiasts find it almost instantly. You may also find sketches of human characters on this platform. Nonetheless, they are pretty rare.

  • Stories

If you are less of a painter and more of a writer, you can also share your stories on the SoFurry search platform. Here, you can find novels, short stories, comics, and anecdotes about furries. Some of the available genres on SoFurry are –

  • Funny
  • Romance
  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Action

So, why don’t you pick your poison and start finding your favorite furry stories right away?

Also, before we talk about the next segment, we’d like to let you know that there’s a journal section available here. In this section, you can post your daily activities, share your experience with furries, and write about other common things. Some Furry search engine users also dive deeper into their imaginary world and turn a simple-looking journal into something more engaging.

  • Photos

Aside from writing and painting, you can also post photos of furries on So Furry. There are various images of costumes, cosplays, toys, cars, etc., available in this section as well. It can be a fantastic place to find multiple furry-themed party ideas as well.

  • Music

If you are interested in listening to furry-themed songs, then SoFurry can also provide that for you. There is a dedicated section on “music” available on this platform, which will take your breath away. There are more than 1000 different sounds available here already. Also, various sound creators and music enthusiasts are creating new ones daily. So, you are never going to get bored!

3. Marketplace

The Furry search engine also allows you to earn money through your creativity. Yes, you have guessed it right. You can, indeed, sell your stuff, such as artwork, musical pieces, and journals, to others in your community. All you need to do is create an account, submit whatever you want to sell, and name its price. There is no need to worry about any fees as well. You can post all of your sellable items for free and earn money if someone buys them.

4. Groups

Like Reddit, SoFurry, too, has its own community system, which is known as “groups.” There are several subcategories or types available in the world of furries. So, if you are interested in anything specific (like arts or stories), you can join a relevant group. This way, you can meet similar-minded people and talk with them about different aspects.

However, some of these groups on the Furry search engine only feature a gallery. So, if you are only interested in checking arts, you can opt for these communities too.

5. Forums

The forum section may seem a little more boring than the other subcategories at first. However, it plays a crucial role for the whole community, as it conveys the latest news and announcements on different aspects. In addition, some of these places also conduct contests for their users. So, you may also join in one of them if you are feeling bored.

Furry Search Engine – A Step-By-Step “Getting Started” Guide

Creating a profile on the Furry search engine isn’t difficult at all. However, if you are still looking for a guide, make sure to follow this section closely.

Step – 1: Registering Yourself On SoFurry

To register yourself on SoFurry, you have to go to the platform’s homepage and click on “sign up.” Now, you will be redirected to another page where you have to fill up a form. Filling up the following fields will be necessary for this –

  • Your preferred username
  • Your email address
  • And, your birthplace

After you have written everything, you will then have to go through a Captcha system.

Step – 2: Creating Your Profile

After registering your account, you’d have to go directly to the “settings” page and set some parameters for your profile. Here are a few things that you may have to work on during the process –

  • Choose A Species

You can choose from a wide range of species, such as fox, orca, dragon, foxtaur, etc., while selecting your furry personality (fursona). If you wish to add a custom race to the SoFurry database, you can also include it for your convenience.

  • Select Your Gender

There are three genders available to go with your furry personality –

  • Female
  • Male, and
  • Herm (refers to someone with both feminine and masculine features)

However, if you don’t want to reveal your gender, you can also consider selecting N/A here!

  • Profile Text

The “profile text” is a vast paragraph area where you can write something about yourself. It will help your new friends to know you closely. Kindly do not write any vulgar words or expressions here. Otherwise, your profile might get banned.

  • Mateship Status

The “mateship status” is a simple drop-down box, which enables you to choose if your fursona is single or not. You may also make it clear if you are willing to accept a new relationship or not. However, if you don’t want to reveal anything, you may choose N/A here too!

  • Adult Profile Text

If you want to create an adult profile, make sure to add something in this section. However, if you aren’t willing to have one, we’d suggest you copy the exact text from your regular profile and paste it here. This way, if someone has an adult account, they can at least see something about you!

Step – 3: Adding An Avatar

Now, you can start finalizing your profile by adding an avatar. It is a small image, which will be displayed right next to the account creator’s username. So, to add an avatar, you have to click on the same-named link and upload any of the provided images. 

Usually, the avatars come in two different variants – adult and clean. Make sure to have at least one avatar so that people who have turned off the adult settings can see you.

Pros & Cons Of SoFurry

As every coin comes with two facets, SoFurry has advantages and disadvantages. 


  • Furry Search Engine is the ultimate destination for everything art-related. 
  • From anthropomorphic themes to exclusive categories – there’s something for everyone. 
  • Additionally, creators can connect and brainstorm new strategies in the chat groups. 


  • In-domain privacy isn’t guaranteed, putting your work at risk of theft. 
  • Keep your content safe – be aware of the risks.

Final Thoughts!

Since its inception, the Furry search engine has come a long way and garnered a huge user base. All in all, it is a pretty popular platform, which helps furry lovers can get connected and build their community.

So, do you have any offerings or services that may interest the people hovering over SoFurry? Then, the best way to promote them would be through a blog. You can create a story and submit it on various forums and communities to grab your potential client’s attention.

However, if you need any help with blogging or writing, you can contact us on BloggerOutreach. With the help of our experienced content writers, we can curate stories and articles on almost any niche. Aside from writing, we will also work on the SEO aspects of the blogs. So, if someone searches on the same topic or tag, they will get your article in the leading position.

Also, if you have any queries regarding our guide, make sure to ask us about it in the comment section. We will try to help you in any way we can!

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