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Backlinks are the core of any guest posting strategy.

Quality backlinks are key to improving your online visibility and search engine rankings.

Besides ranking, guest posting can improve your credibility, brand awareness, traffic, etc.

It May Sound More Complex Than It May Sound. It Requires:

  • Finding relevant sites.
  • Checking their metrics.
  • Sending them a personalized pitch.
  • Writing quality content for them.
  • Following the guidelines.
  • Placing the links correctly.
  • Waiting for feedback and editing (if required).
  • Following up with them.

As you see, guest posting requires a hell lot of manual effort.

Let’s give you an example. Imagine you are planning a vacation. Now you will decide on the palace. Then book flight tickets, hotels, cars, etc. To complete the above process, you need to research on the web, call the services providers and then negotiate the prices. A lot of manual tasks, right? What if you hire a travel agency? They will do everything for you.

Consider the travel agency as a guest posting service provider. They are a one-stop solution for your guest posting efforts.

Hold on! Here is a catch – Only some agencies are worth considering. And this is where most people make mistakes.

Here we will embark on those mistakes. Avoid the following errors if you want to benefit from working with an agency.

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10 Mistakes You Must Avoid While Choosing A Guest Poting Agency

Wait! Before working with any agency, check whether you are making any of these mistakes.

Mistake-1: Unexpected Turnaround Time

Unexpected Turnaround Time

Mistake: Working with an agency that takes a lot of time to execute the entire process is your BIGGEST mistake.

Solution: They should understand the importance of timely delivery and will communicate clear timelines, giving you peace of mind. So, working with experts who can deliver your content promptly and publish it within a reasonable timeframe is crucial.

After all, what’s the point if you need your content on the website today, but they end up publishing it days later?

Such a delay will be of no help to you whatsoever. Finding guest posting experts who can ensure a quick turnaround time and get your content out there when needed is important.

Mistake-2: Higher Price

Higher Price

Mistake: Choosing a Guest Posting Service that charges higher prices.

Solution: Finding the right balance between cost and value is essential. You don’t want to end up paying an exorbitant price that doesn’t justify the benefits you receive. Conversely, chasing the cheapest option isn’t always the wisest choice.

Instead, prioritize quality and look for a service that offers great value for your money. Seek out providers who offer reasonable pricing while ensuring they deliver high-quality guest posting services.

Remember, it’s not just about the price tag but the overall value you’ll receive regarding expertise, professionalism, and their service’s impact on your online presence. So, focus on finding a valuable option that meets your budget and quality expectations.

Mistake-3: Offering Low-Quality Websites (Poor Metrics)

Offering Low-Quality Websites (Poor Metrics)

Mistake: The next misstep to watch out for is partnering with guest posting services that offer websites with poor site metrics.

Solution: Enquire about the publisher’s site metrics. A reputed agency will offer you sites with the following:

Higher Traffic – Having your content published on a website that attracts substantial traffic will greatly boost your brand’s exposure. So, aim for platforms offering sites with at least 10k traffic.

Higher DA (Domain Authority) – Sites with at least 35-40 DA. Websites with a high DA are generally considered trustworthy and reputable.

Mistake-4: Following Black Hat Practices

Following Black Hat Practices

Mistake: Collaborating with a guest posting service provider that engages in black hat practices is a big mistake.

Solution: It’s crucial to avoid any agency that resorts to shady techniques such as buying links, keyword stuffing, or publishing low-quality content solely to manipulate search engine rankings.

These unethical tactics can have serious consequences for your brand and online presence.

Instead, focus on working with a reputable and ethical guest posting agency that adheres to white hat practices.

Reputed Guest Blog Service Will Include The Following:

  • Quality content.
  • Organic link-building strategies.
  • Compliance with search engine guidelines.
  • No PBN – (White hat practices).

Mistake-5: Content Duplication

Content Duplication

Mistake: Working with a guest posting service provider that sends plagiarized or thin content for publishing.

Solution: Using plagiarized content can harm your brand’s reputation. Choosing a provider that guarantees original and valuable content is crucial to ensure a positive impact.

Such a company will have an in-house content team responsible for thorough research and crafting high-quality content that represents your business effectively while catering to the website’s audience.

An experienced team will also have the expertise to incorporate natural links and seamlessly maintain impeccable spelling and grammar.

Lastly, the content must be SEO-friendly and adhere to the search engines’ best practices.

Mistake-6: Ignoring Niche Relevance

Ignoring Niche Relevance

Mistake: One common mistake is choosing guest posting services that provide irrelevant websites.

Solution: Ensuring the websites align with your niche and target audience is important. Make sure your guest posts are placed on relevant websites in order to maximize their impact.

The top guest posting services offer a variety of websites spanning different niches. This allows you to select from various options and find the perfect fit for your content and target market.

With such flexibility, you can ensure that your guest posts have the maximum impact and resonate with the right audience.

Mistake-7: Doesn’t Have A Record Of Past Work

Doesn't Have A Record Of Past Work

Mistake: Another common mistake is selecting a guest posting service without considering its track record.

Solution: Choosing a guest posting agency with a proven history of successful campaigns and satisfied clients is important.

Look for testimonials, case studies, or reviews to gauge their reliability and effectiveness.

Don’t take chances with inexperienced agencies, as they may not have the expertise or resources to deliver optimal results.

Mistake-8: The Agency Is Not Following Guest Posting Guidelines

The Agency Is Not Following Guest Posting Guidelines

Mistake: Trusting a guest posting service that disregards guest posting guidelines is another crucial mistake.

Solution: You can not treat all publishers equally. Every website has its own guidelines, so make sure the agency you’re working with considers every publisher’s requirement separately.

Your guest post will likely be rejected when an agency neglects these guidelines.

These Guidelines Include The Following:

  • Tonality
  • Writing style
  • Understanding the audience
  • Word count
  • Topics covered
  • Link placement
  • Images to be used
  • Guest posting promotion

Ensure that the agency you consider these factors.

Mistake-9: Wrong Link Placement

Wrong Link Placement

Mistake: Collaborating with a guest posting service that doesn’t offer in-content links.

Solution: When choosing a guest posting expert service, make sure they prioritize link placement within the article rather than just in the author bio. This approach boosts the link’s value and increases the chances of driving valuable traffic to your business website.

By placing the link within the body of the article, it becomes more noticeable and relevant to the content, catching readers’ attention and enticing them to click on it for further information.

On the other hand, links confined to the author’s bio tend to have lower visibility and may not attract as much traffic.

So, strategic link placement is something that you look for.

Mistake-10: No-Indexed URL

No-Indexed URL

Mistake: Choosing a guest posting service that offers you a nonindexed URL.

Solution: Refrain from selecting a guest posting service that provides you with a nonindexed URL. It’s essential to ensure that the URLs where your guest posts are published are indexed by search engines.

When a URL is not indexed, search engines haven’t recognized or included it in their search results. This can severely limit the visibility and impact of your guest posts, as they won’t appear in relevant search queries.

Instead, opt for a guest posting service that guarantees indexed URLs. This ensures that your guest posts receive the visibility they deserve and have the potential to attract organic traffic from search engine users.

Avoid These 10 Mistakes – Hire BloggerOutreach!

Consider yourself fortunate if you encounter an agency that doesn’t make these mistakes!

BloggerOutreach is a highly reputable guest posting service provider that aims to surpass the competition and benefit your business. We specialize in helping businesses attract more customers and targeted website visitors.

We at BloggerOutreach take pride in the following:

  • Fastest turnaround time within the industry (24-48 hours).
  • 50,000+ websites to choose from.
  • White Label SEO Ecosystem.
  • Real websites with high metrics.
  • Competitive price.
  • 100% in-house manual outreach.
  • SEO assistance to climb search rankings.
  • 100% indexed URL.
  • The in-house content team curates niche content (100% original).
  • Robust portfolio of past work.

Sounds interesting? Avail these amazing benefits – book a free strategy call with our experts.

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