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What Is Gray Hat Link Building In SEO
  • It goes against Google Webmaster Guidelines.
  • This results in being penalized by Google.
  • Purchasing backlinks can be very expensive (the average cost of purchasing a link is around $300).

(ii) Don’t Stuff Unnecessary Keywords

  • Create quality, comprehensive content where keywords are added organically.
  • Write in-depth posts, which makes it easier for writers to incorporate long-tail keywords or key terms your readers might be looking for.
  • Conduct in-depth research to find subtopics for the content on the same topics. Check the “people also search for” sections, then add these topics to your post.

(iii) Damaging SEO

  • Assess the top-ranking pages on SERP to find out the search intent for users. Check for the content type, format, and angle, then match the user’s search intent and create content based on what’s ranking in Google.
  • Build backlinks to rank on SERPs.

(iv) Don’t Use AI-Generated Or Spun Content

  • Employ the Perspective Method.

(v) Don’t Use PBNs

  • Build high-quality links.

Final Thoughts

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