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Are you a SaaS marketer struggling with search engine rankings and visibility?

How can you expect to compete effectively in search results and attract organic traffic without it?

Is there anyway that establish yourself as a credible and trustworthy player in the market?

Are you seeking a strategy to gain an advantage over your competitors?


We know that being in the SaaS space is not that easy. If you can relate to the above question, it’s time to change your reality.

Link building can help you bypass the above problems and provide a sustainable solution.

When you implement the RIGHT SaaS link building strategies, you start realizing the amazing benefits in the likes of:

  • Ranking
  • Traffic
  • Referring domain (with a robust backlink profile)
  • Domain authority
  • Brand awareness
  • Moreover, boosts the online reputation

The consolidated effect of all the above factors is amazing. Isn’t it?

So, what are you waiting for? Take a pen and paper as we are going to reveal 15 SaaS link-building strategies.

But before going to the strategies, let’s teach you THIS…

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What Is SaaS Link Building

SaaS stands for Software as a Service.

SaaS link building is about getting other relevant and reputable websites to link back to your SaaS website.

These links act like referrals from one website to another. They’re important because search engines see them as recommendations. They can help improve your SaaS website’s visibility in search results.

The better the quality of the links, the better the results!

Now that you have a basic idea about SaaS link building, it’s time to teach you the hacks.

So, Here Are The 15 SaaS Link Building Strategies That You Can’t Afford To Miss

Enter the world of SaaS link building! Learn and apply these SaaS link building strategies to experience amazing results.

1. Guest Posting

Guest Posting

Guest posting is the MOST popular way to build backlinks!

The process is pretty simple – you reach out to other publishers and companies that are accepting guest contributions.

The Higher the quality of the site, the better the results. However, always remember the fact that RELEVANCE is the key!

The process starts with finding prospects!

In our agency, we call this Outreach.

Here you look for the most relevant and promising site for collaboration. When you work with us, our dedicated outreach team will find the target sites aligned with your goal.

However, when you are doing it on your own, get help from Google. Search for the SaaS brands that accept guest posts.

In this case, you can input ‘guest post + <niche>’ or similar queries.

Once you find such prospects, note them (use a spreadsheet).

Then, start sending them emails.

Here is a catch: When it comes to sending emails, we have seen most people making mistakes. Try to avoid:

  • Sending generic email (make it personalized).
  • Clearly mention what value your content can add to its readers.
  • Don’t look desperate! Wait for their response. If you haven’t received any response, follow up (but not more than once).

Next comes content creation.

We have an in-house team that creates content for our clients.

However, for those who are working without the help of any services, create high-value content.

Because content is something that will encourage their readers to your site. If they love your content, the publisher wants to collaborate with you for a longer period.

Finally, ensure in-content links.

This is where most people stumble upon it.

We have come across many clients with the same issue of not getting:

  • In content links
  • Indexed links
  • Permanent links

You won’t face such challenges if you work with a reputable agency. However, those who are not taking any help must continuously follow up.

Understood? Guest posting is by far the best SaaS link building strategies. Apply the strategies carefully, and you are good to go.

If you want to read comprehensive guidance on guest posting, read our guide.

2. Unlinked Brand Mentions

Unlinked Brand Mentions

Opportunity arises…

…when your SaaS company’s name or product is mentioned on a website without a hyperlink.

Simply reach out to the website owners and kindly request them to make them linkable.

This is one of those Saas link building strategies that give you the due credit.

Here Is How To Do It:

Identify Mentions: Use tools like Google Alerts, Mention, or Brand24 to monitor the web. Track down instances where your brand or product name is mentioned but not hyperlinked.

Prioritize Relevance: Focus on websites that are relevant to your B2B SaaS niche. Look for industry publications, blogs, news sites, and forums where your target audience is active.

Research Contact Information: Find the contact details of the website owners, editors, or content managers responsible for the unlinked mentions. LinkedIn and the website’s “Contact Us” page can be useful for this.

Craft A Personalized Outreach: Write a concise and friendly outreach email. Introduce yourself, and explain the value of your SaaS product. Then highlight the unlinked mention on their site. Politely request them to add a link to your website for proper attribution.

Explain how the link would benefit their readers by providing additional context or resources. Emphasize the value your SaaS solution brings to their audience.

Offer Value: Consider offering something in return, such as sharing their content, providing an expert quote, or suggesting collaboration opportunities. This shows your genuine interest in building a mutually beneficial relationship.

When doing so, opportunities exist after funding rounds or rebrands for obtaining links from such mentions

3. Craft Link-Worthy Posts

Craft Link-Worthy Posts

Linkable assets are treasures of your site.

  • Case Studies: Showcase real-life success stories of your customers using your SaaS product. Highlight challenges, solutions, and measurable results.
  • Original Research: Conduct studies related to your industry and share insightful findings. Unique data can attract attention and citations from other websites.
  • Tools And Lead Magnets: Develop useful tools or resources that cater to your target audience’s needs. These can include calculators, templates, or guides.
  • List Posts: Create curated lists of resources, tools, or tips relevant to your SaaS niche. These can serve as handy references for your audience.
  • Trends And Statistics: Share up-to-date industry trends and statistics. Bloggers and journalists often cite this kind of data in their articles.
  • Infographics: Visualize complex information, statistics, or processes in an engaging infographic format. Infographics tend to get shared and linked to frequently.

Remember, providing value and standing out from the crowd is key.

4. Broken Link Building

Broken Link Building

These broken links are essentially backlinks pointing to no longer existing pages (resulting in 404 errors). This presents an opportunity for SaaS companies to build valuable backlinks by offering replacement content.

Here’s how it works: SaaS companies identify websites with broken links pointing to relevant topics or resources in their niche. They then reach out to the webmasters of those sites. They inform them about the broken link issue and suggest their own high-quality content as a replacement.

In this process, SaaS companies can secure new backlinks to their own site. Consequently, it enhances their search engine visibility and authority.

This tactic leverages the existing link profile of other websites. It helps SaaS companies expand their online reach. And finally, establish themselves as authoritative sources in their industry.

5. Harness The Power Of Testimonials

Harness The Power Of Testimonials

Suggests offering software feedback to other tools for a backlink from their testimonials section.

Testimonials are highly sought-after marketing tools for SaaS bands. You can ask your existing customers to share a testimonial and leave your site link there.

If people find the testimonial authentic, they land on your site upon clicking on it.

6. Resource Page Link Building

Resource Page Link Building

To start with, resource pages are a compilation of useful links and information on specific topics. For SaaS companies, this helps in engaging with responsible editors.

Moreover, it offers you niche relevance. Getting featured on a relevant resource page can boost your credibility within that niche.

It also gives you quality backlinks. That means here, you attract a targeted audience only.

Resource pages typically have a long lifespan. Your link remains accessible over time, providing sustained value.

In summary, an effective way for SaaS companies to gain exposure is to create resource pages.

Hold on, how is the article going? Don’t go anywhere as there are more SaaS link building strategies to uncover. Simply keep reading…

7. Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search

Here the concept is quite similar to unlinked mentions.

SaaS businesses can save a lot of time through this technique.

First thing first, let’s understand the concept – Let’s assume you create an image. However, someone else has used your image without giving credit to you.

This is where the opportunity lies. You can simply reach out to the site owner and let them politely request your credit back. Though it’s your digital property (falls under copyright infringement), we suggest you do it politely.

Here Is How To Do It:

  • Google to Google or Bing image search.
  • Chrome users will click on ‘search image with Google Lens.’
  • Now, simply paste the URL and search for it.
  • Next, upload the image.

By doing so, you will find the sites that are using your image without permission. Once you find them, simply reach out.

8. Expert Roundups

Expert Roundups

Frequently, SaaS enterprises cater to distinct and specialized market segments, addressing specific issues.

This is why compilation articles represent an effective approach for SaaS firms to enhance their link network.

Crafting your own comprehensive collections is possible while showcasing insights from other authoritative specialists. This will lay the groundwork for diverse collaborative content.

Alternatively, engaging in external roundups offers an immediate avenue for securing valuable backlinks.

9. Helping A Reporter Out [HARO]

Helping A Reporter Out [HARO]

Hello, do you find the shared SaaS Link Building Strategies enjoyable? Okay, let’s read more existing ones.

HARO offers chances for SaaS companies to connect with reporters for potential features. Content featured on HARO should be original, insightful, and data-driven for better chances of inclusion.

“Help A B2B Writer” is a niche version of HARO; responding to source requests with expertise can result in valuable backlinks.

10. Skyscraper Technique

Skyscraper Technique

This is one of those SaaS link-building strategies from the house of backlinko.

The skyscraper technique involves creating exceptional content on a topic that is already popular and already has a lot of links to it. All you need is to make it even better to outshine existing content in depth, length, or examples.

Steps involved:

1. Analyze competitor backlinks for highly linked content.

2. Improve on these pieces with more examples and tactics.

3. Create high-quality content.

4. Share on social media.

5. Reach out to sites linking to competitor content, explaining why your content is better and asking for consideration.

11. Link Repositioning

Link Repositioning

SaaS Link Building Strategies like link repositioning help SaaS companies enhance SEO by redirecting links from their homepage to other relevant pages. You can redirect to blogs, landing pages, etc. This optimizes link distribution, improving SEO impact.

Steps To Use Link Repositioning:

  • Select Pages: Choose target pages for better SEO, like products or blog posts.
  • Analyze Links: Check homepage backlinks with tools like Ahrefs.
  • Pick Quality Links: Prioritize authoritative and relevant backlinks.
  • Update Anchor Text: Request relevant anchor text from link sources.
  • Implement Redirects: Use 301 redirects to move link power to target pages.
  • Notify Site Owners: Inform linking sites about the change.
  • Track and Adjust: Monitor target page performance and adjust as needed.
  • Keep Link Building: Keep getting new quality backlinks for all pages.

12. Encourage People To Review And Earn Links

Encourage others to review your products or content to enhance credibility and SEO. These strategies focus on content creation, link building, and optimizing link distribution for improved SEO and customer engagement.

Product reviews attract customers and offer backlink opportunities. Contact bloggers in your niche for SaaS product reviews. Leverage influencers and social media for wider reach.

13. Leverage Thought Leadership Articles

Leverage Thought Leadership Articles

When your articles get featured, you’ll snag a backlink to your profile, business, or both. Plus, the website will push your content through various channels and give it ongoing visibility if it ranks well on search engines.

So, what’s the process?

Suggest an article concept to a website or locate an existing one that suits your insights. Showcase your idea or quote in the article and get acknowledgement. Once approved, the website owner posts the article and spreads the word across their platforms.

14. Build Links Through Podcasting

Build Links Through Podcasting

Wait a second, how do search engines even find your website from a podcast? And what’s the deal with getting valuable backlinks? Well, here’s the surprising part: podcasts do more than just make your brand known. They’re a smart way to score strong backlinks for your SaaS.

Let’s break it down.

Picture it like this: it’s kind of like writing a guest post. A lot of podcasts have their own websites. So, when you’re a guest on one, they usually upload the episode on their site and throw in links to the sites you talk about on the show.

Odds are, your site will get linked too. Look at HubSpot, for instance. They snagged a backlink to their podcast when their VP of Growth appeared on the popular “Everyone Hates Marketers” podcast.

15. Free Tools

Free Tools

Who doesn’t enjoy getting something for free? SaaS companies can effectively attract their target customers and boost signups by offering complimentary tools. You’ll definitely notice positive outcomes if the tool genuinely benefits the user.

To employ this approach for link building, it’s not just about creating a free tool – you also have to share it with relevant communities actively.

SaaS Link Building Strategies Need The Right Execution

We hope you understand the SaaS link building strategies that skyrocket your business. More exposure will open up higher business avenues.

If at any point in time, you feel the need for guidance, do not feel overwhelmed. Quality link building services like ours will help you to scale your business.

BloggerOutreach specialises in SaaS link building through guest posting. We have a robust database of 50,000+ publishers. You can choose any website that is apt for your niche.

All Sites You Get Are Passed Through Our Robust Quality Check Based On:

  • DA
  • DR
  • Traffic
  • Spam score
  • Backlink profile

Plus, we take the burden off your shoulders. Start from outreach to price negotiation – everything will be taken care of by us.

We have specialized link building advisors, content writing experts, SEO industry specialists and outreach maestros with us.

Need proof? Check out our success stories and check yourself.

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