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  • Even though Wikipedia Backlinks are nofollow, Every SEO Still Wants them! WHY?
  • Sharing the best method to earn permanent backlinks from Wikipedia.
  • The untapped potential of Wikipedia backlinks lies in dead links. We’ll explain how.
  • How to leverage broken link building to get Wikipedia backlinks.

Table Of Content

Even Though Wikipedia Backlinks Are Nofollow, Every SEO Still Wants Them! WHY

✅The Best Method: Add Value To The Platform – Wikipedia Will Reward You With Permanent Backlinks

(i) Open your Account

(ii) Find Your Topic 

(iii) When To Edit? 

(iv) Find The Content Gap 

  • Unique angle.
  • Adding a section.
  • Or, anything that is meaningful and adds value to the reader.

(v) Next, Write Unique Content

(vi) Along With That, The URL Comes Into The Picture

(vii) Placing The Reference Link

✅Secondly, Leverage Dead Link Opportunities The RIGHT Way 

✅Lastly, Look For Broken Links Or Citation Opportunities

  • That is, we would say that those links are not working.
  • Or their source has been completely removed. 
  • Or, that page has been deleted.

Bottom Line

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