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Table Of Content

What Is ROAS?

What Is ROAS

How To Calculate ROAS? 

Why Is ROAS Important For Your Business? 

Best Practices To Improve Your ROAS

Best Practices To Improve Your ROAS

(i) Set Benchmarks

(ii) Try, Test, Learn 

(iii) Optimize Your Landing Pages

(iv) Lower The Cost Of Your Advertisement

(v) Know Your Audience

(vi) Use Predictive Analysis

Concluding Remarks

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10+ years, 32 Google Updates, 67000+ niche backlinks, 20,000+ content articles, 1200+ SEO projects, and 500+ brands later, Ejaz Ahmed can claim that he knows a thing or two about how SEO works. Now the Chief Operating Officer at BloggerOutreach, he uses his vast experience in the SEO and Content Marketing industry to advice brands, agencies and SEOs about how to put their best feet forward in front of search algorithms. PS- he is the go-to guy if you are looking at search visibility and performance online!