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You already know testimonials are a great way to build customer trust. It is also an effective tool for understanding your audience better.

🤔However, you DON’T know that you can leverage testimonials to garner links.

🔥Yes, testimonial link building is something that is often overlooked. It is a win-win situation where you praise the site with a great review, and they link back to yours.

Here Is A Catch: Collecting testimonials should be an organic process. Google loves testimonials and reviews that look natural.

❌However, Anything that focuses on manipulating the search engine is a strict no.

Likewise, you will see a positive change in your domain authority when you start building testimonial links organically. Hence, more visibility and higher rankings.

So, we thought, why not explain this topic in a detailed manner? For this reason, we have poured my heart and soul into this article. Take a momenttt to read, it, and you’re sure to enjoy it. Alright, let’s begin again from the beginning.

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What Is Testimonial Link Building

The logic is simple. When an external site link to you, you end up building a good online reputation. The search engine will consider you a strong entity.

Simply put, testimonial link building is writing positive reviews for other businesses and getting a link back to yours.

That business can be a service provider or someone who sells a product. Now the question is why testimonials are important.

Let’s share an example of testimonial link building with you:

Let’s figure it out:

Why Does Testimonial Link Building Make Sense?

Why Does Testimonial Link Building Make Sense

If you’re curious about the benefits of testimonial link building, we won’t make you wait any longer. Here they are.

1. Firstly, With Testimonials, You Are Likely To Rank Higher

The more testimonials you get for your site, the more Google sees that it’s being ✅updated regularly.

Your content is more likely to be ✅indexed and ranked if you update your website.

In addition to ranking for ✅long-tail keywords, testimonial link building helps you rank for specific phrases and terms related to your business.

Furthermore, you might discover ✅new keywords or search phrases when you analyze feedback or testimonials.

In addition, every testimonial you submit contains your business name and website, which makes your ✅brand more visible to search engines. This can strengthen your online presence and improve your ranking for those keywords.

2. Next, Trustbuilding Is Easy With Testimonials

🟣When making a purchase, 92% of people read reviews and testimonials.

🟣The trust in businesses increases by 2% if they read positive testimonials.

🟣Almost as much as personal recommendations, 88% of consumers trust testimonials.

Let’s hope these statistics helped establish the importance of testimonials in building trust.

3. Moreover, Testimonials Allows You To Build Backlinks

Your website gets more exposure and visibility by writing quality reviews. Moreover, you get unliked mentions as well.

(An unlinked mention is a textual reference to your brand on a website that doesn’t link to it. You can also call them brand mentions or fresh mentions).

Step-by-Step Plan For Testimonial Link Building

There is no rocket science behind testimonial link building. Simply open a spreadsheet. Here is the first step to getting review testimonials.

1. Create A Target List Of Relevant Products/Services

Create A Target List Of Relevant Products Services

Now, in your sheet, list sites where you can write testimonials for.

An Ideal Website Is Something That Is:

🟣Relevant to yours.

🟣Offers solutions to the readers.

🟣Have decent prominence (popularity and authoritativeness) within the industry.

🟣The products or services that you used personally.

🟣Sites that already have testimonials.

🟣Finally, check their domain authority. Higher the DA better the quality of the links. Tools like Ahref can help with this.

2. Finding Sites The Right Way

Finding Sites The Right Way

You can’t leave feedback directly on every company’s website.

Hence, Here Are The Things That You Can Start Considering:

🟣If you can’t find a review option on their site, check their contact info for an email address.

🟣Yelp and Foursquare also let you rate and review companies, but they don’t feel as personal as leaving a review on their website.

🟣Make sure you include your business name and website in your profile when using a review site.

To put it another way, you can write a blog post about your experience and share it on your website.

3. Pitch Your Testimonial Offer Via Email

Pitch Your Testimonial Offer Via Email

Next comes reaching out to the sites.

It’s often overlooked, but it’s important.

Make sure you don’t send them your testimonial right away.

Instead, propose having your testimonial on their site. You’ll save time, effort, and potential wasted work this way.

Emphasize the value you can add to their website in your email.

Here Is A Template That You Can Follow:

Your Success Deserves a Rave Review!

Hi [Recipient’s Name],

I’m [Your Name], a thrilled customer of [Their Company Name], and I’m eager to sing your praises!

You’ve made a huge difference in my life [briefly mention what you’ve done]. Sharing my experience could help others benefit from your incredible offerings too.

I believe in authentic feedback, so my testimonial will be genuine and highlight your awesome service.

By featuring my testimonial on your website, you’ll bolster your brand’s credibility and win over more prospects.

I’m flexible and happy to provide my testimonial in a format that suits you, written or video.

Let’s collaborate to showcase your excellence and inspire others to choose [Their Company Name].

Looking forward to making a positive impact together!

Best regards, [Your Name] [Your Contact Information]

4. Write The Testimonial Itself

 Write The Testimonial Itself

Build reviews that reflect your own experience. Don’t forget to sprinkle some relevant keywords in there, too.

Your brand gets more exposure online if you include keywords near your business name in your review.

💡Here’s A Creative Idea: Instead of a text review, why not make a video about how you use a software app? Your testimonial will have a unique touch (we have discussed it later)!

5. Optionally, Provide A Video To Back It Up

Optionally, Provide A Video To Back It Up

At this point, you get a hang of testimonial link building. And we hope that you understand that Sharing testimonials are great for your website’s credibility. But why stop there?

Consider using videos to back up your testimonials! Why?

💡Think About It – When real you share positive experiences with the product, it will add a personal touch and authenticity. Subsequently, people will consider the testimonial to be genuine.

Moreover, videos are highly shareable content. People love sharing interesting and informative videos. Hence, review links you even more exposure and backlinks for your website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Q1. What Is Testimonial Link Building?

A: So, testimonial link building is getting backlinks to your site by sharing testimonials or reviews for products, services, or websites. These testimonials include a link to your website, boosting SEO and credibility.

Q2. How Do I Create A Testimonial Link?

A: Find products or services in your niche, contact the owners with positive feedback, and offer to give a testimonial with your link. Ensure authenticity and relevance. Then, ask the website owner to publish the testimonial along with the link.

Annnnnnd It’s A WrapUp! 

To conclude, testimonial link building is significant in attracting niche-specific backlinks provided you do it right.

Behind every successful testimonial link building campaign there lies 5 steps (as discussed above).

So, ensure that you understood all the above pointers. Please take note of it and start working.

In case you are facing any challenges please let us know. Further, if you are looking for a team of experts to help out, find trustworthy link building services.

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