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The SaaS market is expected to reach 232 billion US dollars by 2024! (Statista)

So, how can you stand out in this highly competitive market?

This is why Link building has taken on a whole new level of importance for SaaS brands.

Imagine it like this: A well-executed link building strategy can send your visibility to new heights. But here’s the twist – when it comes to SaaS link building – it isn’t a cakewalk. Hence, It’s got its own unique flavour.

We’re diving into the realm of SaaS link building, uncovering how it sets itself apart from other industries.

We’ll also be tackling head-on the specific hurdles it throws your way while also shining a light on the opportunities it opens up.

Also, as if that wasn’t enough, we’re wrapping things up with a step-by-step game plan.

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be empowered with the insights you need to make ace your link-building.

But remember, every skyscraper needs a solid foundation. So, let’s start from the very beginning.

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Do you know…Google’s top result attracts 3.8 times of backlinks compared to other search results. And guess what? Backlinks hold a massive sway over the signals that determine your ranking.

Higher backlinks are equivalent to better rankings!

Now, the question is how SaaS Link Building fits into the context.

While link building benefits various types of companies, SaaS businesses have a special edge. The reason? The SaaS industry has exploded recently, with investments soaring to unprecedented heights by 2024.

As the SaaS landscape gets crowded, these companies need fresh tactics to gather potential customers. That’s where a SaaS link building strategy shines.

But what’s the essence of SaaS link building? SaaS companies can follow the link building principles as other companies.

However, before moving forward, let’s see the challenges they might face.

Problems Associated With SaaS Link Building

Problems Associated With SaaS Link Building

Developing a robust link profile can be difficult in B2B SaaS industries. So, let’s take a closer look at a couple of the key roadblocks:

(i) Firstly, In-Depth Knowledge: Creating link-worthy content on intricate technical topics is hard. Often, both content creation and link-building efforts require topic matter experts.

(ii) Next, Reaching Niche Audiences: It’s tough to find online communities and discussions relevant to SaaS because it’s often targeted at a very specific audience. The key is to craft topics and outreach tactics that resonate with this audience.

(iii) Finally, Finding Difficulty In Grabbing Linking Opportunities: Generally, the narrower the niche, the harder it is to build links. While this can be a major hurdle. SaaS enterprises need to broaden their content scope to attract diverse websites.

Well, do not get disheartened! There is ONE way that works well for getting relevant links. We really love THIS. And believe us; we have helped thousands of clients with this hack.

If you are our regular reader, you already know it. If not, let’s figure it out.

The #1 SaaS Link Building Tactic

The #1 SaaS Link Building Tactic

Guest posting is the best SaaS link building strategies out there. We know that some of you might be thinking that this statement comes from our specialized knowledge in guest posting. Okay, let’s see what the research has to say.

According to AuthorityHackers, 64.9% of SEOs leverage guest posting to build links.

Wait wait. There is more to share with you. Now, we will be sharing a SaaS client’s success story. In this case study, you will see how our guest posting and strategic link building strategy helped them to boost their online visibility.

How We Helped Saas Client to Boost Their Ranking, Traffic, And Visibility

How We Helped Saas Client to Boost  Their Ranking, Traffic, And Visibility

Who? Pawns.app

About the client? Basically, Pawns.app is an inventive online platform that provides online earning opportunities globally.

Problem? During our initial conversation, we identified that they struggled to get online visibility.

Requirement: In their collaboration, they requested us to solve the problem; they wanted better digital footprints in terms of:

  • Ranking keywords.
  • Organic keywords.
  • Higher traffic.

Moreover, There Were Specific Link Placement Requests For The Publisher Site:

  • Domain Rating (DR) over 45.
  • Organic Traffic exceeding 20,000.
  • Targeted Locations: USA, Australia, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, UK, Poland.

After understanding their problem, we proposed a four-step strategy for SaaS backlinks:

Here you go:

(i) Smart Link Acquisition: We used our vast database to pinpoint and secure top-notch backlinks from credible websites.

(ii) Keyword Strategy: By diving deep into keyword research, BloggerOutreach identified the juiciest product-specific keywords.

(iii) Crafting Compelling Content: Our in-house content team crafted content that wasn’t just informative but captivating too.

(iv) Unveiling Link Opportunities: BloggerOutreach conducted a thorough evaluation of Pawns.app’s current backlink lineup.

Now, It’s Time To See The Results…

Pawns.app experienced a 200% growth in terms of traffic.

Plus, they increased the number of referring domains by 2X.

Additionally, they experienced a noticeable improvement in their metrics.

Finally, they have added 1500+ ranking keywords to their bucket.

It’s just a drop of the ocean. We have thousands of SaaS clients who benefit from our guest posting services.

The point is that…

…guest posting works really well.

But there is a catch: Not all guest posts get the same results. There are numerous factors associated with this, like – relevance, quality, value addition, anchor text, and more.

So, let’s teach you this…

Guest Posting For SaaS Link Building That Truly Brings Results

Let’s start with understanding how guest posting can work in SaaS. Here is an example.

Imagine you’re promoting cutting-edge project management software. You tap into their established audience by crafting an insightful guest post for a renowned SaaS publication. Hence, you receive a valuable backlink. This backlink directs traffic and signals search engines that your website is credible and relevant.

1. Initiate The Process By Looking For Relevant Publisher

Initiate The Process By Looking For Relevant Publisher

Finding the right publishers for your guest posts is akin to scouting for treasure in the vast digital landscape.

For SaaS link building, you must target publishers with commendable Domain Authority (DA), Domain Rating (DR), and substantial traffic. These metrics substantiate the publisher’s credibility and potential to amplify your content’s reach.

Tools like Moz and Ahrefs can be your compass in this expedition, helping you identify publishers that align with your SaaS niche.

2. Personalized Pitches: The Heart Of Guest Posting

Personalized Pitches The Heart Of Guest Posting

Think of your pitch as your initial handshake with the publisher. Generic pitches won’t cut it.

Craft personalized pitches that highlight the benefits your content brings to their audience.

Outline how your insights can solve their readers’ problems or spark their interests. This approach exhibits your genuine interest in their platform and boosts your pitch’s likelihood of acceptance.

3. Crafting Content That Resonates With The Audience

Crafting Content That Resonates With The Audience

As they say, ‘Content is king’. This holds true even in the realm of guest posting.

When creating your guest post, remember that you’re not just appeasing search engines but captivating human readers. This becomes more important Helpful Content System comes into effect. Google is prioritizing people-first content over anything else!

So, the content should be tailored to cater to the publisher’s audience.

So, think of actionable tips, unique insights, and engaging storytelling.

Align your content with the publisher’s tone and style while subtly integrating your SaaS offering.

4. Anchor Text Optimization (The Art Of Natural Integration)

Anchor Text Optimization (The Art Of Natural Integration)

Anchor text plays a crucial role in link building. For SaaS link building, opt for organic anchor texts seamlessly blending with the context. Instead of force-fitting keywords, focus on offering additional value to the reader. A natural anchor text enhances user experience and appeases search engine algorithms.

5. Strive For In-Content Links That Comes With 100% Indexation Rate

Strive For In-Content Links That Comes With 100% Indexation Rate

The placement of your links within the content matters just as much as the quality of the content itself.

Aim for in-content links strategically positioned where they naturally make sense. Having such integration ensures a seamless user experience.

Additionally, prioritize publishers that offer a high indexation rate – this ensures that search engines recognize and value your backlinks.

Let’s Do It Practically

By now, you understand that guest posting is the best way to SaaS link building. There are a lot of people who talk about other strategies. However, our innate nature is to strive for the best.

Every time you rely on guest posting (the right way) – it will give you results.

However, the problem lies in knowledge and execution. We have seen a lot of people possessing a lack of understanding regarding guest posts. Plus, guest posting requires time and effort.

This is why smart SaaS owners opt for guest posting services. SaaS marketers have other tasks to accomplish. Therefore, working with a reputed agency is a SMART move.

We at BloggerOutreach take pride in becoming the leading B2B SEO agency specializing in link building.

Want to know more about how we function?

Book a strategy call with our Link building experts and ask anything you are unsure about.

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