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Are you a blogger? Business owner? SEO expert? Agency owner?

Well, your site needs traffic irrespective of what you do, your site needs traffic, right?

Higher Traffic = More Leads = Better Sales 

The goal of your content marketing is to achieve this. This is where you need top-notch content writing strategies.

People Are More Like To Come To Your Website When They Find Your Content:

  • Problem-solving
  • Insightful
  • Engaging
  • Unique

Now comes the question: Do you know how to produce content that attracts traffic?

Here is the catch: 3 out of 4 people fail to garner traffic with their content.

Don’t worry! Effective Content writing strategies are here to save you.

So, if you want to know the Top content writing strategies that drive traffic, read this article.

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Table Of Content

Top 10 Content Writing Strategies To Boost Your Traffic

What do you mean by content writing strategies?

Here you go…

1. Address Pertinent Questions Revolve Around Traffic

Related questions? How to find them?

If you search for something on Google, you’ll find a section encompassing related questions about the topic. This section is entitled “People also ask”.

Perks of taking content reference from this section:

People are already asking these questions. That means they are already in demand.

So, if you can address these questions through your content, chances are higher that you will acquire traffic.

Hold on, you can also use them as H1, H2 and increase your article’s visibility.

This method is worth your shot. And I’m sure most people do not consider this part of their content writing strategies.

Okay, let’s explore more content writing strategies.

2. Understand And Align Tone With Your Audience

Understand And Align Tone With Your Audience

Casual? Formal? Engaging? Authoritative? Conventional?

Here are three different tones of writing along with examples:

Formal tone: Example: “The candidate delivered a well-researched and articulate speech, showcasing their extensive knowledge on the subject matter.”

Informal tone: Example: “Man, that candidate totally nailed it with their speech! They knew their stuff inside out and presented it like a boss!”

Playful tone: Example: “Wowza! That candidate rocked the stage with their speech! They had the audience hanging onto their every word like they were dishing out free ice cream on a scorching summer day!”

What is the most preferred tone of your audience? How do they want to hear from you?

Figure it out. And then?

Speak their language and address their needs, challenges, and interests.

Tailor your writing style, language, and tone to resonate with your target audience.

Pro tip: Please do not forget brand consistency. Make sure you keep your brand tone intact throughout your content.

Want to know more content writing strategies? Simply keep reading!

3. Utilize Storytelling

Utilize Storytelling

Why storytelling?

The story evokes emotion. It builds connections and bonds. Storytelling tempts people and leaves them hungry for more.

Plus, stories are easy to understand. It tempts people to take action.

Craft narratives that connect with your audience emotionally. Make your content more relatable and memorable.

By doing so, you improve your chances of driving more traffic.

4. Add Visual Elements

Add Visual Elements

Videos and images perform better online, averaging 94% more views.

Humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

When you live in an era where your attention span is depleting daily, visuals save you.

It helps to consume information much faster and makes it easier to digest.

When you use images and visuals, you increase

Use images, infographics, videos, and charts to enhance your content.

Visuals break up the text and make your content more appealing, shareable, and informative.

5. Revolve Your Content Around Pain Points

Revolve Your Content Around Pain Points

We consider this among the best content writing strategies. Tap into the pain points.

We don’t know how many times we have used said this – consider your content as your startup.

Just like a startup solves a problem with its business, your content must do the same.

Identify your target audience’s pain points or challenges. Then provide valuable solutions through your content.

Address their concerns and offer actionable advice or step-by-step guides to establish yourself as a trusted resource.

Wait! How to speak directly to the pain points?

The answer is simple: Create a buyer’s persona!

Here is a template for that!

Here’s a template for a buyer’s persona:

 Buyer’s Persona Template

Let’s assume a hypothetical character Mr. Alex is your ideal customer or reader. Here is how you create a persona to target them.

Personal Background:
Marital Status:
Education Level:

Income Level:
Family Size:

Interests and Hobbies:
Favourite Pastimes:

Goals and Challenges:
Primary Goal:
Secondary Goals:
Challenges and Pain Points:

Buying Behavior:
Preferred Channels of Communication:
Information Sources:
Decision-Making Factors:
Budget Constraints:

Motivations And Values:
Key Motivations:
Core Values:
Environmental/Social Causes Supported (if relevant):

Key Influencers:
Industry Influencers:

Communication Style:
Communication Preferences:
The tone of Voice:
Preferred Messaging Platforms:

Buying Triggers:
Events or Situations that Drive Purchasing Decisions:
Seasonal or Timely Factors:
Urgency Factors:

6. Write Link-Worthy Content

Write Link-Worthy Content

Are you enjoying the Content Writing Strategies shared above? Let’s focus on the next one.

Time to create content that attracts people.

Link-worthy content is like creating a viral reel. When people love reading your content (of course valuable), they will automatically share it on other platforms.

The same analogy works with content.

Below Are The Types Of Content That Garner Links:

  • Infographics
  • Long-form content (we will discuss this later)
  • Guides
  • Whitepapers
  • Data-backed topics – statistics, figures, facts (Example: 40 SEO statistics of 2023)

Pro tip:

Write high-quality content that other websites and bloggers will link to.

Original research, expert insights, and unique perspectives can achieve this.

7. Optimize For Search Engines

Optimize For Search Engines

We hope your search for ‘Content Writing Strategies’ is going well.

Let’s not forget algorithm god. Search engine algorithm – the god of ultimate visibility. When you optimize your content for searches, you are more likely to get higher traffic.

How to do it the right way?

As they say, “writer for the user, not for the search engine.” Ensure you strike the perfect balance between the user and the search engine.

Most important aspect – Understanding the search intent is pivotal. It doesn’t matter how the top of the world you have produced if it’s not aligned with search intent – it makes no sense!


  • Incorporate relevant keywords throughout your content based on keyword research.
  • Place your focus keyword strategically.
  • Write a catchy blog headline (Refer to the next point).
  • Write keyword-optimized meta title and description.
  • Include a call to action and make your content actionable.
  • Pro tip: If you need SEO content writing, refer to it.

8. Write Compelling Headlines

Write Compelling Headlines

How is the article going? Have you found these content strategies (shared above) worth the effort?

Good, it’s time for more!

Let’s start with an example. Look at the headline of this article.

We have written, “10 Content Writing Strategies That’ll Drive 5X More Traffic”.

What if we had written “10 Content Writing Strategies for Higher Traffic

Be honest. Which headline is more attractive? As a reader, which one do you notice first?

Well, the first one (“10 Content Writing Strategies That’ll Drive 5X More Traffic”.)

Because it is more result-oriented.

Take your headlines seriously, as it is the gateway to your content.

When you search for a keyword – you get plenty of search results. This is why headlines are important. They make your content noticeable and captivate the reader to click on it.

That Is Why You Must Create Attention-Grabbing Headlines By The Following Points:

  • Use POWER words
  • Numbers
  • Emotional triggers

9. Create Long-Form, Comprehensive Content

Create Long-Form, Comprehensive Content

HubSpot says articles between 2,250 and 2,500 words earn the most organic traffic.

In-depth articles or guides tend to perform well in search engines. There is no doubt that.


Long-form content is more helpful in addressing an issue.

A few weeks ago, when we created “The Ultimate Web Content Writing Checklist for SEO”

We had to make it comprehensive. This is why we have poured the knowledge we have consumed over the years. Word count? Around 2800.

Don’t assume we are telling you to create long-form content only. However, if the search intent demands the same, go for it.

Provide comprehensive and valuable information that satisfies user intent and keeps readers engaged.

10. Use Internal Linking

Use Internal Linking

Your journey to find out content writing strategies is about to end.

Last but not least – internal linking.

What is internal linking? Incorporate internal links within your content to guide readers to relevant pages on your website. One article to another, then another, and it goes on.

What is the significance of having a solid internal linking structure?

This improves navigation and enhances user experience. The more they stay on your site, the lower the bounce rate.

When you follow the same strategies, you encourage visitors to explore more of your content. As a result, you attract higher traffic.

Done with Your Content?- Promote it!

Have you liked the 10 content writing strategies shared above? You are now well-equipped to create traffic-worthy links.

How do you proceed?

Friend, your content needs more eyes. Time for some mindful promotion.

Share Your Content Across Various Channels, Including:

  • Social media
  • Email newsletters
  • Industry forums
  • Relevant online communities
  • Engage with your audience
  • Encourage discussions
  • Actively participate in relevant conversations

Be smart enough to increase your content’s visibility and reach. If you need any help regarding content writing, opt for our content writing services.

We at BloggerOutrach have an in-house content team who have written content for thousands of content worldwide. Click here to learn more about our SEO content writing service.

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