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Do you want to outperform your rivals and get laser-targeted website visitors from search engines? 

Secure DoFollow Links for your website now and stands out!

Constructing DoFollow backlinks is a complex task. However, it’s comparable to getting promoted by other sites, who are expressing faith in the authenticity of your own website.

To optimize your website for search engine rankings, it’s important to understand the differences between DoFollow and NoFollow links.

 DoFollow links are the only ones that count towards SEO, while nofollow links are not taken into account by search engines at all. 

It’s essential to use the right type of link when optimizing your website for search engine ranking to get the best results.

Are you struggling to get those coveted DoFollow backlinks? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! 

We just created a step-by-step guide to make getting high-quality backlinks a breeze. So now you can keep creating amazing content And get the links you deserve.

In This article, We Will Uncover

  • What Is A DoFollow Link?
  • How To Check A DoFollow Link?
  • 5 Highly Effective Techniques To Build DoFollow Backlinks?

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What Is A DoFollow Link?

A DoFollow link is an essential backlink that passes ”link juice” to the target website, helping it to achieve a higher ranking in the SERPs. 

Search engines are adept at distinguishing between DoFollow and NoFollow links. Therefore, doFollow links are of great value to the website receiving the link juice, unlike NoFollow links, which don’t pass any link juice. 

If a link has a “rel=”nofollow” attribute, then it is a nofollow link. If there is no such attribute, then it’s a DoFollow link. 

DoFollow link is usually present in blog comments, forum posts, and other websites that allow the user to input a link, making it an engaging and useful way to boost a website’s ranking.

When a DoFollow link is present, it acts as a ‘vote’ for the target website, giving it a better chance of appearing higher in the search results. As said earlier, a DoFollow link always passes link juice. 

  • Link juice is a concept in SEO that refers to the strength of a website or page’s links. 
  • It measures how much the links on a page are worth in terms of ranking power and relevance. 
  • The term is based on the idea that links to a page act like a “juice” that passes on to other pages. 
  • The more links pointing to a page, the more “juice” it has. 
  • Link juice is important because it helps search engines determine which pages are most important and relevant to a given query. 
  • Pages with more link juice tend to rank higher in SERPs.

There are three possible ways to identify a DoFollow Link.

(i) Manual Inspection

Inspecting the HTML code is the simplest way to check if a link is DoFollow. 

  • You can do this by right-clicking the link and selecting “Inspect“. 
  • This will open up the HTML code, and you can find the link’s rel attribute. 
  • If the rel attribute is “nofollow” the link is NoFollow.
  • If the “nofollow” attribute is not present, it is a DoFollow link. 

(ii) Tool Run

This identification process is easier and faster thanks to the backlink monitoring tools. These tools allow you to monitor the link’s status and track the number of DoFollow links you have. Do some research, choose accordingly, and streamline your process. 

(iii) Chrome Extensions

Another hassle-free way of identifying a DoFollow link is capitalizing SEO extensions. One of the most prominent among them is MozBar. 

Finally, you can use Chrome extensions to check if a link is DoFollow. These extensions allow you to quickly check the link’s status and see whether it is a DoFollow or a NoFollow link.

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Being a digital marketing agency by heart, we have seen ups and downs in this space. And based on our practical expertise, 5 strategies work the most for building backlinks

1. Leverage Guest Posting

Leverage Guest Posting

By creating high-quality posts and submitting them to popular websites, you can get valuable links to your website. This helps to boost your website’s ranking in search engine results pages and increase your website’s traffic. 

First, source the perfect sites that fit your niche. They should produce content you enjoy and learn from and be topically relevant to your writing. 

Once you’ve chosen a site, do your research. Is it open to guest posts? Have they already published on the topic you want to write about?

When it comes to guest posting, it is important to create engaging and informative content. This will make the website owner more likely to accept your post and offer a DoFollow link back to your website. 

Ensure that the content you create is well-structured and properly formatted. This will do reading and understanding your post easier for the website owner. 

Additionally, you should check to ensure that the website is reputable and has a good reputation. This will help ensure that the link you get back is high quality. 

Finally, you should also follow the guidelines for the website you submit. This will help you avoid rejecting your post and ensure you include the DoFollow link. 

Remember to promote the post after it’s published. You want people to read it, including your own audience. Plus, you’ll give back traffic to the blog that accepted you!

2. Make A Big Impact With Email Outreach

Make A Big Impact With Email Outreach

Email Outreach is a fascinating way to get your content seen – even if it doesn’t lead to links. Focus on the value your content can bring to readers.

If you’ve created something of value, send a few emails to people you think may enjoy it. 

That should be easy enough. But a lot of folks have trouble with one or two things:

  • They need to recognize who to email. We’ll be addressing that in this article.
  • They need to learn how to put together great content, which is a complete article on its own. How do you figure out who to email?

The process will be different depending on who you’re trying to get in touch with, but the first step is always the same. 

Look into who is producing content similar to yours, and make it engaging and catchy. Influencer identification is a topic all in itself, but there are a few techniques you can use to get started:

  • Use Similar Sites and find out who they deem similar to you.
  • Google your niche and find the top-ranking blogs.
  • Search a site directory related to your niche.
  • Ask some of your own audience.

Once you know a few of your influencers, it’s easy to figure out who to email.

Valuable Content Attracts Links

Building DoFollow backlinks is an important part of any successful SEO strategy. Creating content that other websites are likely to link to is one of the most effective methods of doing so. This could include blog posts, infographics, videos, and other types of content that are relevant and valuable to your industry. 

  • This content should be informative, engaging, and valuable for readers. 
  • Additionally, it would help if you focused on creating content that has a unique angle or perspective that readers have not heard before. This will help to attract other websites to link to your content.
  • In addition to creating valuable and unique content, you should also focus on optimizing your content for SEO. This includes using the right keywords, optimizing the content for readability, and ensuring that the content is properly formatted. Doing this will increase the chances that other websites will find and link your content. 

By creating valuable, unique, and optimized content for SEO and building relationships with other websites in your industry, you can successfully make DoFollow link and grow your digital presence.

Competitor's Backlinks Profile Analysis

Have you ever considered what it would be like if you could view the DoFollow backlinks of all your top search engine competitors and then reach out to those sites to get links? Wouldn’t this be hugely beneficial when it comes to planning your own SEO strategy? Doing so could give you a leg up on the competition and ensure you have the best chance of success.

To Identify And Get DoFollow Backlinks From Competitors:

  • The first step is to find out who your competitors are. You can do this by researching their websites and social media accounts and performing keyword searches. 
  • Once you have identified your competitors, you can use various tools to determine which of their backlinks are DoFollows. These tools can include a backlink checker, a link analysis tool, or a link indexer. 
  • After you have identified the DoFollow backlinks, you can contact the webmaster of the website and ask to have a link to your own website added to their page. This is a great way to get quality backlinks from your competitors and help improve your own website’s rankings.

Post Backlink Identification, You Can Use A Variety Of Tactics To Get Them To Link To Your Website: 

  • One popular tactic is to reach out to the website owner and offer a guest post or to create a piece of content they can link to. 
  • Another tactic is to create a scholarship page and use it to gain backlinks from educational websites. 
  • You can also use monitoring tools to keep track of your competitor’s backlinks. This can help you identify any new backlinks and take advantage of them before your competitors do.
  • Finally, you can use link-building software to automate the process of finding and getting backlinks.
Broken Link Building

Broken link building is an effective SEO strategy that involves finding broken links on other websites and offering the website owner a replacement link.

This strategy benefits both parties in that the website owner receives a useful link, and you gain a DoFollow backlink to your website. 

To Leverage Broken Link Building For DoFollow Backlinks:

  • You first need to find broken links on other websites. Several tools are available to help with this, such as Google’s Search Console or ahrefs.
  • You can also use manual methods, such as searching for ”404 error” in Google or Bing.
  • Once you find a broken link, you need to contact the website owner and offer to replace the link with one of your own. 
  • This should be a link to a high-quality page on your websites, such as a blog post, product page, or service page. 

Your Opinion Matters!

You got the most relevant information about this space. We hope you learned what DoFollow link is and how to check a DoFollow link. Moreover, we shared 5 strategies for building a DoFollow link. 

Now it’s over to you! What do you think? Which one will work for you? 

Are you ready to start building DoFollow links?

Let us know your thoughts! 

Moreover, if you want to ask any more questions, feel free to ask.

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